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  1. That's not what I meant. And why would I want people in my life they're either worst than me or leave.
  2. Jokes on you I was already ruined before vocaloid.
  3. Why do I only listen to vocaloid songs?
  4. I'm pretty sure that Takumi would love to be hugged by Camilla.
  5. Thank you! I hope you have with your videogames!
  6. My birthday was okay! This week has been shit.
  7. My computer is shit. Anyway hi Haru!
  8. To each their own. But yeah Tsubaki is cool.
  9. I haven't finished it yet. I'm waiting to have money for the cool classes dlcs.
  10. I never did because I love the Hoshidan siblings too much.
  11. I am the only one who never finished Conquest? And not because of it being hard?
  12. Summer will kill me.

    1. ___


      Hang in there!

  13. Guess who's back? For like five minutes.
  14. They're magical flames! That shall clean the world of all evil!
  15. It's totally wrong! It should be indigo not orange!
  16. I can't wait to set fire on everything in the new Zelda game!
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