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  1. I saw a girl so cute I started crying.

  2. I only found it on the internet cause I wanted to do a theme with Femui. This was the only one I found... Sorry.
  3. My heart says yes! But my anxiety says no...
  4. I finally got internet at home! How is everyone?
  5. 1-I really don't have one? It's so hard to pick...2-I don't know! Pizza is one of them. 3-I'm terrible. 4-Nope. 5-Buying a huge bottle of soda and drinking it all in under half an hour. 6-I don't really watch a lot of Bond movies.7-Lilo and Stich I guess! 8-Hamlet is good... 9-Don't stop me now. I think you're very nice!
  6. 10-I've read The Hobbit! 11-I really like anything related to Greek mythology but I can't thing of a favourite right now. 12-A passive ruler. 13-Forgiveness. 14-I'm neutral good so legal naturalism. Trevenant.
  7. 6-Yes I am. 7-I love mythology! 8-England. 9-First:nice but kinda of a nerd, current:huge nerd and really nice.
  8. I love water so I'm just really excited especially since it's like almost summer!
  9. It's big and there's a pool! So very nice.
  10. Yo! The boxes are helping us out with moving! But they're everywhere right now.
  11. My house is being invaded by boxes.
  12. I named my Kamui "Chicken" for the sake of a joke.
  13. 1-Yes. 2-Yes. 3-Yes. 4-Chocolate cake. I'll lift it. 1-Excel Saga.2-Not yet. 3-The Hand. I would love to have it as my stand. Sukusuku! 6-Owen and the Witch!7-I like the winter cause it looks pretty! 8-I like it a lot! It's relaxing~ 1-Hello dude!2-It's meh. 3-I know nothing about it I wish I did but I don't. 4-Maybe. 5-First:meh, current:that theme is great.
  14. Touch Detective is also a good one. It even has a sequel! Misao is another game I like it's a free pc horror game and it's pretty good! 1-I played FE4 and I'm thinking about playing a few earlier ones! 2-A bit. 3-Not really. 4-Yes. 5-Listening to music!
  15. 1-Bunies for sure! 2-I like bats! They're adorable! 3-Mudkip. 4-Phoenix. Saved my ass so many times. 1-I'm good! 2-Dirty Deed Done Dirt Cheap, Kami no Manami and Cool for the Summer. 3-Femui, Gon and Percy Jackson. I think we can make it. 4-It's been pretty good! 5-To become a famous author! 1-Banette all the way! 2-Either FE4's or Path of Radiance's. 3-Kellam! 4-Blue Valentine. 5-I think it's a cute pokémon! 1-Hi dude! 2-You seem cool and nice! 3-I don't succ. 1-They're cool. 2-Almond pretzel. 3-Orange. 4-It's a natural thing for ships to do. 5-Not anymore. 1-Number one is Beowulf/Lachesis the other nine I can't decide. 2-What's so funny? 3-Probably yes. 4-The punk girl for sure! 1-A bit boring. 2-You're nice and funny! 3-It's very difficult! 1-Probably Animal Parade. 2-I'm going to marry Klaus in my girl file and Elise in my boy file. 3-Of course! 4-Well obviously! 5-Befriending the characters and yelling at plants! 1-A Sonic one for the gameboy. 2-High Voltage! 3-In a futuristic age. 1-Yaoi. 2-I just really like the story,the characters and the music too! 3-The mechanics are a bit hard and I seem to forget were items are cause the maps are really big. You're my senpai and you're super nice and smart and great! 1-I got a 20 out of 20 in a writing assigment in english! 2-Play Ghost Trick! It's a very good game! 3-I don't. 4-I've used been to Lisbon! 5-I think two? 1-No. 2-Can't choose. 3-I don't really know? I guess my 16th birthday. 4-Not really. 5-A dog.
  16. 1-That one time I ran into Serenes Forest.2-Ghost Trick, Pokémon Fire Red, Pokémon X, Pokémon Alpha Sapphire, Pokémon Emerald, Final Fantasy 6 gameboy version, Fire Emblem Genealogy of the Holy War, Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask, Dragon Age Inquisitionand Ib. 3-Yo-kay Watch! It seems really cute! 4-I still need money.
  17. I got both but Conquest will only be given to me on my birthday. So I'm playng Birthright right now!
  18. I got Fates and I'm just like dying right now because I'm so happy.
  19. I can't believe I read back all that shitposting. I should have yelled less at plants.
  20. Sometimes I forget I'm 16 and how weird is must be for me to call characters my age or older my children.
  21. I actually named my character Jolyne!
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