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  1. Autodesk sketchbook used to cost money but now they're offering it for free. I don't really like the layout but it's free so I think it's worth just trying out to see if it's your thing. https://sketchbook.com/ If you're willing to fork over some money, Clip Studio Paint was my program while I did art. It's got a lot of features https://www.clipstudio.net/en It goes on sale a lot if you're willing to wait for the sales. Plus it's got a free trial if you just want to test it.
  2. happy 16 month anniversary of disappearance

  3. Ryan and Gordin definitely, but especially Rickard chief's been outshining you since nes days
  4. I like it for the new art and different artists it has brought to the series (new and past artists).
  5. I have never finished Sacred Stones I blame Nintendo for wiping my near endgame data
  6. Anna looks really cute! Marth's sword looks pretty big though (but maybe I'm just too used to tiny rapiers)
  7. Hey it's Cordelia with some realistic anatomy Glad she keeps her Pegasus and isn't just made a foot unit. Hopefully the whitewings and Caeda will make it in or anyone in Akaneia besides Marth
  8. 1. Julian 2. Ryan (The cooler Gordin and my fe12 mvp) 3. Feena Honorable mentions to Xane, Tiki, Linde, Maria, Yumina and Minerva
  9. In heroes I really want Julian (bonus if Sachiko Wada draws him again)
  10. I really like the Limstella you did, the pose has a really nice flow to it. I think she looks kinda like Ayra with those shoulder pauldrons/hair
  11. I think we should keep the unit archetypes. However I wouldn't be against ditching some of the character archetypes (like most manaketes being thousand year old little girls, not including Bantu/Xane)
  12. Invoke was a lot more helpful than I thought it would be. They saved my team on multiple occasions and are great bait for the AI. The HP cost is pretty fair and it's been way more useful than the 1 turn amiibo art.
  13. It's not as bad as you might think. The costs aren't that drastic, it's only 1-3ish HP depending on the spell (there are more expensive ones that cost 4-8 I think). It's pretty easy to heal up with food (which is pretty abundant). There are also rings and skills that can be learned that heal per turn later on.
  14. To be fair, she's more commonly known as Feena (pre CYL translation)
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