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  1. The Limited Edition is up on Gamestop.de as well https://www.gamestop.de/Platform/Games/43464 Glad I was able to preorder there, since I missed it on amazon.de
  2. Both amazon.de and computeruniverse.net specifically state that it's the german version. Maybe they had to split the languages for the SE because the cartridge couldn't handle 3 games x 5 language settings. I really hope that's not the case, but it might be.
  3. Oddly enough, the first thing that came to my mind when I heard Nishiki's voice was "Vic Mignogna". On the other hand I don't consider myself to be good at remembering voices, so Idk. But overall I'm fine with most of the english voices. the names not so much
  4. My FC is 1091-8513-1365 Please send me a PM if you add me. (I won't be getting Fates until the european release though.)
  5. I highly doubt they'd use the original names. The only exceptions might be Subaki and Beruka, whose japanese names are way more pronounceable (at least in german). Most name changes will probably be minor ones like Awakening's. (e.g. Lon'qu to Lon'zu) But tbh I hope they'll get rid of names like Niles, Mozu and Kaze. Especially since the latter two are really prone to mispronounciations. For example the german pronounciation for "Kaze" is really close to "Katze" (cat), so it's likely to get changed. For Mozu I'll predict something like "Mosu" or "Mosume". I'm not sure if those changes will be better or worse though.
  6. Why not FlannelxSilas But seriously, as a mulitshipper I had a hard time picking my favourites. In the end I settled for F!KamuixFlannel (because I'm going to pair them in my first Nohr run) and M!KamuixSilas (because I'm also gonna pair F!Kamui with Silas in my first Hoshido run, but didn't want to vote for F!Kamui twice). Some of my other favourites are FlannelxCamilla, FlannelxFelicia and SilasxHinoka. Also here are Flannel!Kinu and Nishiki!Velour just because:
  7. Not sure what their names could change into but Brady would definitely have Rod Knight (because Butler Brady) and Priest as a reclass option. Kjelle would have Knight (obviously) and maybe Samurai.
  8. For the sake of filling the support log I'll have to leave everyone behind at some point. But for my first few (male) playthroughs I'll rather "lose" some of the female children, so at least the second-gen has an even number to pair up. Hoshido: Mitama Nohr: Eponine Invisible Kingdom: Syalla
  9. Wait... Females can't get the Grandmaster class? That's unfortunate. And oddly unbalanced
  10. Are you okay with the additional romantic and platonic supports each character gets on the 3rd route? Or are there supports you would've liked to see as well/instead? Maybe due to certain classes a character could get, stat and/or hair colour inheritance for the children or just because it would be cute/interesting/funny? Personally I would've liked to see more supports for the royal siblings like Hinoka/Zero (mostly because Eponine would look great with her hair), Takumi/Luna, Xander/Kagerou, Leo/Oboro or Ryoma/Charlotte. I'm also slightly disappointed that Zero/Orochi isn't a thing.
  11. It may suit Soleil, Ophelia and Kisaragi, but if all else fails you could marry her to Nishiki or Flannel.
  12. Instead of banning "broken" skills completely you could also: Limit certain skills (like Lethality) to one unit per team Ban certain skill combos on units (e.g. Vengeance + Vantage)
  13. Just as in Awakening I'd like to complete the support log and with this many siblings around this time, i'd rather avoid marrying two units that are related to each other. However, I noticed that unlike the other children that will be related depending on their mother, Grey and Midoriko are always cousins. So my question is: Does anybody know if their S-support is just as romantic as the others? Or is it more ambiguous like Lucina and Owain's support? Also do you think they will change the support in the western release?
  14. Since it is confirmed that Odin shouldn't he
  15. Wow I was literally searching for those skinship images a few hours ago, without any luck. Anyway thank you for providing them!
  16. I already planned the pairs for my first Hoshido and Nohr playthrough with FeMU: (minus the children) Planning for MaMU on the other hand is pretty hard, since there aren‘t enough female characters and I would end up with one child less... (which is unacceptable)
  17. Are some character's supports limited like Sumia's? And do some characters have supports with the Avatar only (like Anna and Tiki)? If so, which ones?
  18. I'm one of those persons who really likes to play around with Avatar customizations. Luckily I stumbled across a photoshop tutorial for creating your own Avatar even if you don't own the game: http://imgur.com/a/I28vi (Spoiler warning, because the files contain ALL character portraits) You can share your creations in this topic. Enjoy! Here are some of mine:
  19. Is it confirmed yet that Kamui can S-rank Ryouma and Hinoka as well? So far I've only seen that it's the case with Sakura, who probably is "just" their half-sister, since Kamui's father died when he was still young and Sakura wasn't even born. They would share their mother but not the father. I know it doesn't make it any less awkward and weird, but it's apparently enough to be "okay" in Japan? But seriously my inner completionist is in conflict with the fact that I don't want to marry Kamui to Sakura
  20. What if Kamui lacks A+ supports because Kanna is somehow plot-relevant? Anyway I'm glad they added an alternative to heterosexual S-supports.
  21. I'm expecting a name change for most of the Hoshido characters (expect for maybe Sakura) and I really hope they change Lazward's name (I'd be okay with something like Lapis) Edit: I've been hoping they would keep Cyrus' name, but he's Silas now and I'm not okay with it
  22. Err... Garon and Mikoto are available on both paths? Or am I misinterpreting something? Also it seems we are getting info on supports.
  23. I would've been surprised if they hadn't changed Marx' name. Xander is quite different from the original, I would've expected and preferred some slight variation like Marc or Markus. But I'll probably get used to it eventually. On the other hand I'm glad to see that they kept the japanese names for most other Nohr characters. The english names for the Hoshidans are alright as well, since the changes are mostly for easier pronunciation. The only thing that bothers me is the castles name. Krakenburg? A term with german origin seems pretty off in an italian/roman inspired country, but that might just be me and my german mother tongue.
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