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  1. Thank you so much! I've been waiting for pretty much any feedback. I agree that the map design in the first chapter is a bit awkward. I was trying to make it a "defend the throne" chapter akin to how FE7's Ostia chapter functioned but I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to program the fortress gate tile and to make the enemy target it. It would make it so you couldn't just hide in a corner or move as a blob. The whole flank on the western part of the river was therefore going to be more threatening since it's so close to the fortress. If you've got any tips on how to make that functional I would very much appreciate the information. I do think looking at how other people do river chapters would be beneficial. I've actually hit the snag of not knowing how to work around the world map events. I probably should've done more research before I started, but I enabled the skip world map fix but have no idea how to actually disable the world map with it. *shrug* I might import what I have into an FE7 hack to just not deal with it but I still wanted to do branching promotion and skills so it's a bit of a loss. Again, thank you for the feedback!
  2. Longtime lurker and novice hacker here. I've decided to make my first FE hack using the FEBuilderGBA tool, FE8. The Hack as it stands: Title: Undecided Current Length: Chapter 1 UPS Patch: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1voZC9xeNSymjCJRL6-mtLK8CfDobxQry/view?usp=sharing Gameplay Footage: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAWmnAj0jCMSYhUzjQKBVNk4dGveqDpN6 ^ The link is to an unlisted playlist of my progress in terms of gameplay. Includes various chapter situations like death quotes, battle quotes, cutscenes, events, talk conversations/recruitment, etc. As seen in the footage I'm using the basic assets found in the game, while using photoshop to edit some pre-existing art such as making Merlinus a wyvern rider wearing a recolored version of Heath's armor, from FE7. The main characters are Tethys and Forde at the moment. Their likenesses are stand ins until I get around to creating unique art for all the characters. I've kept people's names the same for that reason as well. I felt those two characters' pre-existing personalities were a rough mold for what I intend to go for. Prologue Story: Ludinia is a nation being invaded by Kalisia. Prologue: Eirika is a general in service to Ludina, she is deployed to Fort Vedan to repel an attack from Kalisia. She take command of a group of nameless (and disposable) soldiers for a 10 turn defend map. Gerik is recruited by the villagers to take to the field and can be recruited by Eirika for a price (disclosed in their talk conversation). Visiting houses gives some goodies like a vulnerary and a heavy spear, useful for the many armor knights of Kalisia. The village conversation prompts Vanessa to show up on turn 3 as a green unit, being pursued by a small contingent of Kalisian troops. Eirika has to move quickly to recruit her. In the houses is also Colm as his default thief class, but a bit more vulgar personality. Vanessa can recruit him by talking. If Eirika is felled early the chapter ends with the soldiers surrendering; on Turn 7 the enemy general in the form of Seth appears with a ludicrous number of soldiers to overwhelm Eirika's forces. If you manage to keep Eirika alive until turn 10 she will surrender as more troops arrive to the fray. All named units: Eirika, Gerik, Vanessa, and Colm will be recruitable in the future if they survived the map. Tip: Colm is assumed dead if his house is not visited. Vanessa will be assumed dead if the village event is not triggered and her arrival therefore prevented. If Eirika dies, she will not be recruitable later. Vision: This chapter is meant to be difficult. If Eirika dies it doesn't trigger the game over, but instead a hasty end scene directly into Chapter 1's opening. There is meant to be pressure as the odds quickly shift from Ludinia's favor into Kalisia as more and more enemies arrive. To recruit Vanessa is a venture in haste as she arrives on turn 3 with a sizable group of enemies and on turn 7 it is unexpected for the player to continue pushing across the bridge to save her. Colm can only be recruited by Vanessa and will stand around like an idiot and die if not recruited. The idea is that the player rushes the river after visiting the villages to secure Vanessa a safe area to be recruited before retreating to safety and trying to keep everyone alive until the end of the 10 turns. The player is meant to understand the situation dissolves rapidly and that Ludinia's plight is urgent going into Chapter 1. Chapter 1 Story: Queen Tethys receives news of Eirika's failure to hold the river and holds a war counsel. Generic formalities and all that; the counsel is made up of Dozla the chief of military affairs, Pent,Duke of Orlanis, Gilliam Count of Tenpa and Lute, Commander of the Mage Core; and presumably some other characters I may retcon into the story later. The Kalisian army led by Seth is targeting Orlanis and Tenpa with a rapid march and the plan is to dispatch a force to delay the immanent attacks. After the counsel Tethys shares a tender moment with Forde in which she is reassured their allies in Norba are arranging a relief army. It is implied that Forde, the prince-consort, is married to Tethys as part of a political alliance; Tethys being Queen of Ludinia and Forde being one of the royal princes of Norba. Chapter 1: Gustav (discount Merlinus) is deployed to Tenpa valley to intercept the Kalisian advance. He is accompanied by, you guessed is, faceless disposable soldiers. On turn 2, Forde will appear with his two courtiers Christina and Justin (My sister and her boyfriend, both avid FE fans and wanted to cameo with their personalities i have lovingly paired up to pink haired child Guinevere and blue haired Innes). They manage to fight their way through a pretty large "scouting" party to defeat Baguette (Breguet, reclassed to trainee amelia). Upon defeat the chapter closes with some banter between our named units and the arrival of Seth in the valley. Forde & co. make their retreat. Vision Chapter 1: On turn 1 it is very likely that at least one of Gustav's fliers gets picked off by one of the two archers positioned early. Archers + Fog is a really rough situation. Forde showing up on turn 2, with his infantry effective ax to take out the armor knight on the fortress is supposed to ease some of the burden. Christina is a mage so she's pretty useful against armor as well and can counter 1-2 range. I've also given her access to staves; in the footage she has a torch i have since replaced with a torch staff. Justin will prove useful against the many spear users in this chapter; pegasi from the east edge and soldiers as reinforcements. By the time the player makes it to the midpoint of the chapter just beyond the second fort/wooded area the player will have gained a few levels for one, but also have two solid axe users in Forde and Justin, a decent magic user in Christina, and Gustav + 2-3 surviving wyverns to scout the fog. The nameless guys are disposable for a reason; to scout with. They can tank the Mercenaries that only move when in range that hide in the fog; as well as the myrmadon reinforcements that appeared earlier. They do not lack vulneraries or forts to recover on either. When in range of Baguette he calls on some final reinforcements which are easily taken out by Forde's weapon. Archers arrived though to pick off presumably the final few nameless guys. Defeat boss is the goal so the player could either stick around to route the last enemies or finish off a very very weak Baguette. That concludes my progress as far as gameplay. Conceptually I am a bit further but I would like to receive some feedback from the community. Chapter 3 will feature Tenpa, guarded by Gilliam and some faceless allies. Chapter 4 will feature Orlanis, guarded by Pent and some more faceless allies. These two chapters are happening in tandem. The events that unfold in chapter 3 are therefore unbeknownst to the units in chapter 4. There are some plot twists in these chapters i will not spoil just yet. From chapter 5 on, the two main lords Forde and Tethys will feature leading up to the route divergence which I intend to implement. Norban reinforcements will show up at some point in there to fill out the cast some more. Tethys will have some courtiers of her own join. By the time of the route divergence nameless allies will be relegated to Green units if they're needed. Names and artwork, like I said, are placeholders until I get around to making my own or hire someone else to work on it for me. Battle animations for Eirika are a bit funny since the female hero uses the male hero animations. Forde will get unique animations for his unique Prince class; and Tethys for her Queen class when she appears.
  3. Aye aye Captain. It was meant to be a general discussion on immersion in Fire Emblem so I saw "general" and posted here. My apologies. As for beating a dead horse, I didn't realize Fates had gotten that much flak since I haven't been on the forums in a while. I think it's a pretty good game, but wanted to rationalize why I wasn't getting into it.
  4. Good Evening to those that clicked on my uninspired title card; I really couldn't think of anything else to title this. To start off I want to make clear the intentions of this post, or rather what inspired it -- I'll make it short and sweet before I get into my thoughts: 1) I've been a long time fan of the FE series. 2) My interest in the series has been waning with the years. 3) I struggled to pin down why I was feeling the way I was. There will be no spoilers posted in this first post for those who have not played any of the FE games -- I don't think it should be an issue, but just making that clear up here that no worries if you haven't played any of them. I only reference mechanics pertaining to a few. And now into the long winded monologue you were promised! My intentions are for this to spark some conversation about the preferences of the fans, So as I started above I've been torn over the fact that Fates hasn't been interesting me the way the series did when I was first introduced to it in 2004 with the introduction of Blazing Sword to the West (I know it was released in 2003, but I didn't find it until 2004). This could be attributed to a number of things, of course like age, or the fact it's not "new" anymore, but I just didn't think that could be the reason as I still enjoy the old games a lot -- which also could be added up to nostalgic value. So I decided to pick it apart by comparing Fates and Blazing Sword; what are these two games to me as a Fire Emblem fan, exactly? My internal investigate began with Fates -- my initial conclusion was it must be something wrong with the game in terms of Fire Emblem-ness. This was simply false, however. The game(s) have a decent story of kingdoms torn by war and differing ideals as is customary for the series, they sported fully realized characters with distinct tastes and cliches which is also typical of what we've seen through the years, and plenty of waifus; can't forget those. You've got the mystical stuff about dragons, on their own they're pretty good games. Drawing a blank I looked to Blazing Sword instead. And my analysis was basically the same type of deal; good story, realized characters, epic battles, etc. I even replayed the game to try to get a handle on this whole ordeal -- if you could call it that. I came to a conclusion about what I felt made this game more Fire Emblem to me than Fates. It comes down to the role of the player in the world of the story. Just how much power did I hold over the events unfolding before. This is kind of an awkward gripe to have, when the main gimmick of Fates was that you had full control over the (initial) outcome of the story. Birthright or Conquest. Let's back pedal for a second, though. The Role of the Player in Blazing Sword is that of the ally army's tactician -- You make only sprite appearances and are spoken to by the characters of the game but outside of this your only role is to command the army. On paper it sounds rather, well, boring right. Maybe, but I feel it sells the game to its audience quite impressively. The events of the game are unfolding before you as opposed to happening to you and so you are able to suspend your disbelief. I feel that Blazing Sword has a high immersion factor in this regard. So Fates has a branching path, so what? Well that's were things get a bit dicey. I'm going to reference, instead, Sacred Stones and why I had no problems with the branching paths featured in that installation of the series. It goes back to what I mentioned about events unfolding before you. In Sacred Stones the events are already laid out, go with Eirika or Ephraim, you simply have to choose which events you wish to observe. This differs from Fates since the events in Fates are happening to you, the avatar or MU. Why is this such an issue? We've always wanted to be the main protagonist of a Fire Emblem game after all, right?! For me, this event broke my immersion and I couldn't regain it and here's why: The decision brought to us in Fates gives us 2 options from the beginning. Hoshido or Nohr. But it's more than that. For me, my decision was torn between "What story do i want to play now?" and "What would this character ACTUALLY do in this situation?" and by extension, "What would I actually do in this situation?" Up until this point in the story I am capable of being immersed in the narrative being delivered to me by the game, MU has a personality of its own, more or less and the story is caring on like a typical game. Being the main protagonist didn't affect the story in that right. As soon as the narrative pulled me aside and thrust the weight of what my character would actually do onto me it became a bit of a stretch. This isn't the first case of FE using these "weight of the world" decisions to throw the player for a loop. The best example of which comes from Awakening after what I would describe as the beginning segment of the game. Chrom is faced with a devastating choice and it is the players job, as Chrom's friend Robin, to urge him one way or another. How is this any different from what Fates did? Simply, the choice is made in spite of Chrom and it exudes the powerlessness of the situation and the player to prevent events from occurring in the narrative. When I first played the game this moment through me for a loop and it did pull me out of my immersion -- I actually spent about 10 minutes considering each of the options only to be mocked by the game in a twist of fates (pun intended) by my presumptuousness and my immersion was restored because, Yes, this is exactly what would have occurred regardless. By now I hope I'm shedding light on the dilemma that Fates branching paths affects immersion. In the end I decided that Conquest was the route the MU would most likely take, but it isn't the path that I would most likely take and so playing through the story I broke the immersion for myself essentially. Playing through Birthright, which was what I would have done, felt a bit forced for the MU. It's a bit of a me problem to be honest. Soooo, discussion? Did you have any problems with immersion regarding Fates? What do you think the MU would most likely have chosen (between Hoshido and Nohr)? Who's your all time waifu? (cause why not.)
  5. I have 10 days to complete this costume, ahhh!~ *freaks out*

    1. Melissa
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      Crimson Mors

      Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, needs to be done by August 5th x.x And then Tsukasa from .hack//sign needs to be done by October 25th.

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      One for a convention,the other for Halloween?

  6. Happy 'Murika is Free Day. Time to blow sh*t up.

  7. When you can't figure out what to say when you put a food order in the window after asking 50 times; you should probably look for a new line of work. #trainer problems

  8. Welcome to the Forest, Blizzia. Denmark huh, never met anyone from there before so that's pretty neat for me! And that's pretty impressive, swordfighting competition huh. I considered taking up Fencing or HEMA before. That sounds pretty awesome even if it is embarassing XD Welcome to the nerd club I suppose. I have a bit of a history with Blazing Sword myself. I used to wake up early every morning before school to play a chapter of it when i was in the fifth grade. Such a great game. Anyway, i've rambled on enough. Enjoy your stay here! (Come say hello the public chat sometime, I'm often there)
  9. If I had to choose between one of the Oracle games I'd choose Ages, simply because I found it not only to have more depth to it, but also the right amount of challenge. Seasons was also really good though, so I'd likely get both while you're at it. As for Etrian Odyssey, i think Untold is a good place to start what with the Story Mode. It's the remake of the first game -- though I don't think that matters too much. The plot of Etrian Odyssey is make a team and go as far as you can, in that sense all the games are more or less equal.
  10. Finally getting my own place, prepare for nerd decorations!

  11. Of the anime in the currently airing season, my favorite so far is the adaption of Unlimited Blade Works (UBW). I'm also really enjoying Kekkai Sensen, Owari no Seraph and Arslan Senki. I'm really looking forward to the movie adaption of Fate's Heaven's Field route, super stoked. Stuff that's already been aired, i just finished Chrome Shelled Regios, it was decent enough. All hail Haruhi. But seriously, they made a spin-off for what would've happened if Kyon hadn't decided to change everything back at the end of Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya. It's cute if you let yourself get into it X3 So who here has seen the Fire Emblem anime from the mid 90's? So bad, but so great.
  12. Thinking about starting a blog, but I'm too lazy and not cool enough.

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      tumblr requires no effort :p

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