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  1. For my f!avatar run: For my m!avatar run: This was fun and very helpful! Thank you!
  2. Ikr, I'm so curious to see him!
  3. Mage class... so Dark Mage or Spellcaster!
  4. Nope, I'm doing the same. I should go to sleep.
  5. Nope, I ship TakumixLeon too! x°D
  6. I will try to stay far away from story spoilers but I will probably get a glimpse of the mechanics and why not, characters personalities.
  7. Yes, I will. I always do a playthrough with my opposite gender. It's fun.
  8. Uhm as a f!kamui maybe: Hoshido: Nishiki, Cyrus/Silas, Joker/Jakob and (if possible, if we're not siblings <w<") Takumi. Nohr: Wolfshapeshifterguy, Cyrus/Silas, Joker/Jakob and (if possible, if we're not siblings <w<") Leon . As a m!kamui: Hoshido: Rinka, Kagerou, Setsuna or Aqua/Azura. Nohr: Nyx, Belka or Aqua/Azura. This is fun.
  9. By schedule it says that is FE:Fates' turn in about 10 minutes!
  10. I'm speechless. L-let's see when more info are released.
  11. The italian amazon pre-order page actually states that there are two versions of the game (dubbed, i think for now, Hoshino and Norh)... but there is nothing more than the basic plot. I'll not pre-orden the game for now, I'll wait for more information.
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