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  1. This. I immediately thought of Trails of Cold Steel. Then again, I am currently playing that, so...
  2. Corrin is also a half dragon, so his DNA may be kinda messed up. Also, anime haircolors rarely follow logic and genetic rules
  3. In addition to the fact that this is Morgan's default color, there is also the fact that this shade of black isn't thbe same as Tharja's. Tharja's hair has a brown tint to it. The Morgans have a purple tint to it. Its a shade Morgan can never actually get in Awakening. In fact, the hair color is the same as Validar's, so the Morgans have their grandfather's hair color. But simply put, there are no canon pairings. As much as each of use would love our own favorite pairings to be canon, it will never happen. Pointless thread is pointless. Moving on.
  4. This. If they do an anime of Awakening, it being the story of the 2ed gens prior to going back in time would be the best way to do it. Have it end with them traveling back im time, avoid mentioning who their fathers are and you're set
  5. I think IS knows she only won due to multipliers.
  6. I am torn. On one hand I am horrified and disgusted that Camilia beat Lyn. On the other hand, I enjoy the sweet sweet irony aimed at the more toxic (minority) of Lyn voters who were bragging about how Lyn winning round 1 proved that the 3DS era of games sucked only to lose to a character embodying some of the worst aspects of said era.
  7. When counting the 5000ish votes Masked!Lucina got in the CYL poll, Lyn only had about 4% more votes than Lucina.. So while yes, Lyn won that, not exactly a "whomping" Also the ike split
  8. I would like to see Arts replace the skill% activation skills. So these skills would still come from your class and need to be equipped in skill slots, but would then be activated manually and either cost HP or perhaps a new resource (SP) that could be based on your skill stat.
  9. Okay, I have to interject: we have no confirmation that any of Naga's remains where used at all in the creation of Grima. Yes, it would make sense given the location, but considering its never mentioned, this is purly speculation with no concrete evidence. The only evidence is circumstantial at best. Or Grima was created using cells from a undead earth dragon or something. I mean, there were undead dragons in there, which I'd assume were other of Forneus' experiments. It would make sense if he used an earth dragon as the base, modifying and growing it using alchemy and then infusing it with divine dragon blood.
  10. If degeneration is indeed caused be dragons' power, perhaps Tiki is aware that using her power would risk driving herself crazy?
  11. It didn't even have to be a thing due to choice. I mean, when your entire species is functionally immortal (only dying due to outside causes), overpopulation could be a big problem. Thus they could just naturally have had a very low birthrate to begin with, where its very hard for dragons to conceive children, thus ensuring a balance between their low rate of death (which would only happen due to violence or perhaps rarely disease). My best guess to explain Nowi's existence would be that while full degeneration results in infertility, the dragons who became manaketes early enough in their degeneration could still have children, just perhaps at an ever more reduced rate than before I would argue that it was most likely due to their vast power, considering their solution to the problem was to become Manaketes and seal away their power in dragonstones. Also explains evidence we have in Awakening in the form of Nah that suggests that when entering dragon form, they become more feral and animalistic. Which would make sense in this regard: as tapping into that power would cause them to to grow a bit more feral. So it may very well be that dragons were simply so powerful that long term their minds could not handle their own power. And when I say long term, I really mean long term. Evidence from Echoes suggests that degeneration was actually a very long process, given that Duma was banished and he and Mila arrived in Valentia at least 1600 years (almost certainly longer, as that was just when the accords were made) prior to the war between the Divine and Earth tribes. Given Naga gave him Falchion incase they went crazy, it seems like degeneration was a thing that at least innitally progressed very very very slowly, taking centuries if not millennia to fully run its course. I mean, we have at least 1600 years between a time when it was already a known problem and when Naga was desperate enough to force all of them to become mortal. Furthermore, Mila and Duma held on for over 3000 years before going crazy, though this could have also been due to the two of them perhaps being younger dragons at the time of their banishment. Their actions at least strike me as younger dragons who believes they knew better than their leaders
  12. At this point this entire argument regarding the gemstones is really pointless, since both you and Hardin's views are equally valid at this point due to the complete lack of evidence pointing either way. On one hand, yes, you are correct, the game never gives an indication that the Gemstones holding Naga's power was a change that happened and very well might be a retcon Awakening made to the series. On the other hand, Hardin is right in that it would make complete sense if when the Fire Emblem was re purposed for the Awakening ritual Naga also heavily modified to the gemstones, perhaps infusing them with more of her personal power. Point is, until we actually get official answers on this, both views are purely speculation, since in the end of the day, the actual "canon" answer is "fucked if we know" Problem with this: Nowi. She is only 1000 years old and had two dragon parents. Thus its likely that only completely degenerated dragons are infertile. Also, its entirely possible that dragons always had a super low fertility rate to begin with: as before they were functionally immortal. Becoming mortal as Manaketes could have easily meant that now their death rate outpaces their l birth rate. In fact, this seems to be very much a retcon made regarding the old lore Granted, as with the whole gemstone thing, we literally have no idea if Awakening era Falchion is actually stronger or weaker than Shadow Dragon era Falchion, since in the end of the day there is no official word on that. That said, I am of the belief that the Awakening era Falchion is stronger, simply due to the fact the Awakening ritual was devised at all. Seems like it makes most sense if Grima was basically so strong that just using Falchion to kill him and the Fire Emblem to seal him after wasn't going to cut it, so the ritual was devised as a way to super charge Falchion. Thus the Exalted Falchion's power would be closer to the power of normal Falchion plus the power of the Fire Emblem. So it is entire possible for Falchion < Book of Naga < Falchion + Fire Emblem to be true. Then again it might not be, because once again the canon answer is "we have no goddamned idea"
  13. My point was really more at this point I think the whole argument about this is rather stupid, since there are no concrete answers on this topic beyond intentions of a creator no longer working on the game, meaning that its possible for IS to do basically anything regarding it at this point and really we just need to wait and see. Its been going back and forward with no answers to be had for god knows how many posts now, and just... in the end of the day we don't know.
  14. So, as another Awakening fanboy (admitted, I mean look at my profile pic for god's sake), I have to agree that you do have some solid point here. In regards to Grima's resurrection I agree fully: the actions of himself and his servants only make sense if he needs fellbloods to stick around. Otherwise the narrative would completely fall apart and nothing would make any sense. I also agree in regard to Duma's powers not being the same as a Earth Dragon. While on the surface they seem similar, Duma's powers more seem to be a perversion of life magic (fitting into his overall visual theme of decay and death: very fitting for a corrupted Divine Dragon) and normal magic just like that of humans. Granted, as a powerful dragon, his magic seems to be far far far more powerful than a human's, but that doesn't seem to be at all because he inherently has those powers. The whole bit of the Fire Emblem changing is something I must admit that Omega is correct in that it is "technically" possible that it was reforged. However, considering Falchion's blade has changed shape as well between designed (which unlike the hilt and guard, which Awakening supported mentioned have been reforged, they specifically point out that the blade itself has never changed) that is more likely to be chalked up to design changes. Yes, its possible, but with zero evidence other than an art change, this idea is entirely an "Its possible I guess, but there is no evidence to support it" As for the whole dragon tribes thing, and the which ones did what and when, I honestly think this is something we will need to a remake of FE4 to clear up. A lot of this right now it left ambigous with stuff like the tribes of the members at the Miracle of Darna being left up in the air. I can see it going either way when it comes to Forseti at the very least. While yes, I do agree that originally he was likely intended to be a Wind Dragon, I wouldn't put it past a remake just to make him a Divine Dragon rather than explain there being another never mentioned tribe.
  15. Worst case scenario is they decide remakes are not profitable enough. Which would be sad, since I really want to see a remake of Genealogy
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