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  1. On JD's request, a new post here to notify we've got another chapter up. We're terribly sorry with how long these are taking . I know JD has already stated it but it's really quite true that her life has only gotten worse, not better. It seems to do everything possible to knock her down and myself, personally? I'm just a forgetful obasan who has to be reminded when it's my turn to clean things. Seriously I have the memory and attention span of a ferret. When I'm lucky.
  2. Oh man I guess I should get to work on the next one soon then. Oosawa has so many spreads lately it's just killing me. Oosawa why are you like this.
  3. Yes the new chapter is finally up. Reasons for the delay on this one? Well, real life decided to get busy + Stormblood (FFXIV) came out ;) ALSO THERE ARE A LOT OF DOUBLE SPREADS IN THIS CHAPTER. WHY DO YOU DO THIS, OOSAWA. WHY. but yes, enjoy! :)
  4. The face of young Leaf shall refresh everyone's souls. Seriously, he's adorable. If you read for anything read it for small Leaf.
  5. New chapter is up! Please look forward to it, and as usual let us know if you find any errors. And JD will never be satisfied with the old chapters. She shall be re-editing til the end of time.
  6. Chapter 58 is now up! I'm working on and off on 59 as well in hopes to get it out before Anime Boston, we'll see what I can manage :)
  7. Holy crap it's been a while but yeah. New chapter is up. We're not dead yet, but someone else is ;)
  8. Say, how much do you know about female hyenas~? Actually I'll stop that joke before it gets too tasteless :3c Time for my adorable baby Celice. He's so precious. Look at how great my son is.
  9. I remember reading a month ago how powerful a (nuclear) explosion would have to be in order to completely vaporize a person to ash like what happened to Sigurd here The answer is very. Sigurd wouldn't have felt a thing. He wouldn't have even been remotely aware of it. At the height of Alvis' emotions he unleashed Falaflame and Sigurd was gone. At least he died thinking it'd be alright, rather than hating Alvis. Also Tyrfing's magical dragon properties are super strong given it survived that... but I can see why he wouldn't want Dia touching it after that! It would have probably been hot enough to burn her arm to ashes! What's really impressive is how localized the blast was, but we'll chalk that up to ~*magic*~ (Final Fantasy 14 pulled this as well in one of their recent lore sidestories in which a character totally vaporizes another with flames in the same way, armor and all). As for anti-climatic... well, that's been basically every actual death thus far. Oosawa doesn't draw a lot of death. Yied was even more disappointing in that aspect. You know, aside of how Oosawa made Trabant a lovesick puppy being an even bigger disappointment. :/
  10. I don't pay attention to the thread for a bit and not only does JD lovingly call me an idiot she goes full yandere over Alvis. Sorry TE I'll get her under control again. Maybe. Honestly I'm not even sure if I can anymore. You know what I'll just get popcorn instead. :)
  11. I'm just going to focus on getting my new tablet to work with photoshop's pressure sensitivity now so we can finish Gen1 quickly but in the meantime.... I still have the best husband. Sorry, JD. (not sorry)
  12. Plus I'll probably get back to work soon since the swelling is way down and each chapter only takes me a couple hours. :) This one is just particularly bad because Oosawa LOVES two-page spreads which is a personal headache for me because it's tons of extra work. We do want to get the rest of Gen1 done by around the end of next month... hopefully :x
  13. Fortunately I only cracked the bone, I didn't break anything. Unfortunately my home work space is not suitable for a person who has to put their leg up on a cushion to draw at. orz
  14. The current chapter is experiencing a slight delay for a pretty hilarious (imo) reason: I injured myself while cleaning it. No, not my wrist. I was sitting on my foot and it fell asleep, when I went to stand up I stood on it funny and cracked a minor bone in my foot. My entire ankle and calf is swollen! Barhara Casualty Toll: 1 klutz dragon knight
  15. One of the running themes of FE4 is also 'this character, had they been born elsewhere, might have been truly good'. Alvis is a good man born into circumstances beyond his control and forced into a situation he does not want. While he did a lot of awful things and allowed a lot more, it was because there weren't any other options. Remember, his rule was a fair and just one until the Lopt Sect finally revived Loptous through Yurius and things started to fall apart. I feel he is honestly a sympathetic character. He did everything he could to ensure Tyrfing returned to its proper bloodline and to curb the child hunts under the Sects' nose. Trabant is the same... he is a man with the best intentions for his country and people born into a situation where he feels the only way out is through awful actions. In the eyes of Thracians he was a good and just ruler - until the Lopt Sect wormed its way into Thracia via the Empire. Their manipulation turned him from an idealist to yet another pawn. And this is shown throughout the series with many of the rulers. Many of them had good intentions but found themselves as pawns in a greater game and this isn't broken until the children are able to rise up and, with no strings attached to them, take back the future. Even Manfloy is, at his core, a victim of circumstance. He wanted to make a world where people of his bloodline were no longer persecuted, hunted down and slaughtered. He went about this in the worst possible way and set up the downfall of everyone else in the process, but that's the tragedy in this story. Everyone is a victim of their circumstance and bloodline and people who would otherwise be heroes become villains.
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