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  1. Does anyone know where to find low turn count records for this game? I started playing again, but I have no idea how well I'm doing, comparatively.
  2. Part 4: 4 Turns I know this game hates me. I know it to the depths of my soul. Prep: My first clue is when Kieren started off in the square farthest from Oliver. I'm almost positive I could have shaved a turn if I got to choose his starting position. Turn 1: My good buddy Kieren moves as far as he can toward that annoying swampy gap between the trees while Titania and Gatrie team up to kill a caviler. Boyd and Tormod head over to support Kieren's charge toward Oliver while Ike distracts the fighter so Tormod doesn't get an axe in the face. The enemy phase mostly consists of a few dudes ineffectually whacking Gatrie and a Mage actually managing to do damage to him. The majority of Oliver's Army mobilizes toward everyone's favorite red armored knight but doesn't actually manage to get far enough to actually attack him. The only one who gets close is the mage who misses Boyd. Turn 2: Boyd ganks a caviler and Kieren murders a mage so he can advance to the edge of the swamp. Tormod, Gatrie, and Titania all pick a dude on the eastern side of the swamp and kill him. Ike continues sparing with the fighter he distracted last turn. This continues onto the enemy phase, when the poor idiot dies on Ike's sword. Of course, the fighter comes out looking like a genius compared to the legion of knights and cavilers that suicide onto Kieren and Titania. The only other action of note was taken by Meteor Mage, who managed to miss on every turn of the level. Turn 3: Boyd, Tormod, Gatrie, and Tits all kill a dude. Ike moves downward so the possible reinforcements can't reach him during the enemy phase next turn. Kieren charges toward Oliver and equips the handaxe, so that four dudes can suicide into him on the enemy phase. Another few move up and attack Boyd, who had equiped himself with a bow for some points toward B rank so he can eventually use the Brave Bow if I ever need ridiculous overkill. Turn 4: Tormod and Boyd both get a kill, as does Gatrie, except Gatrie manages to promote from his. Then Kieren murders Oliver with a hand-axe. This was the time consuming part of this level. I had about a 30% chance of succeeding on the player phase, and around 70% of succeeding by the end of the enemy phase. Nevertheless this took me six tries. Fat prick. Anyway, my Wii spitzed out after that, so I called it a night. More later this week. Total Turns so Far: 102
  3. I am still doing this. Slowly, but it's still a thing that's happening. Part 2: 5 Turns This is the saga a Kieren getting stuck in the mud. It takes him two full turns to clear it, which hurts my turn count more than I would like. The rest of the team kills things on the other path while I wait. Ike hits level twenty here, but nothing else of note happens. Part 3: 10 Turns It's a survive mission. I kept Ike out of combat and killed everything on the map for EXP. Tormod and Gatrie both ended up partway through level nine. Total Turns so Far: 98
  4. Chapter Thirteen - A Guiding Wind: 7 Turns I lost the write up for this one. :( I also did this a week ago, so my memory is a little too fuzzy for the play-by-play. I do remember being frustrated at having to reset frequently. Astrid died five times, I missed a necessary ninty percent, one of the soldiers drew a crow onto my ship, Kieren ate a critical, and on and on. Eventually I was able to make the ravens retreat my opening all of the chests but one by turn six, killing the one raven that stayed and having Titania kill the last Halbridier. Chapter Fourteen - Training: 3 Turns Preparation: Titania got the torch for this one. Kieren got the BEXP. I forged Gatrie a steel lance, gave him his BEXP levels and had him eat the speedwing. Turn 1: Boyd moved forward and shot the first brigand in the back, Ike moved up and failed to cut down the second. Kieren finished for him and canto'd northwards. Titania galloped to the space north of him and started trading stuff around until they both had their hand axe's equiped. Then she lit the torch. Gatrie plodded over to Calil's house and grabbed the Spirit Dust. On the enemy phase an archer and a mage killed themselves on Kieren, and the reaming brigand ran away. Some more enemies moved around in the fog. Turn 2: Titania moved up, avoiding the idiot with the poleaxe on the bridge and used her torch again. Boyd killed the idiot with the poleaxe. Ike took the opportunity to rush off after the bandit and stab him in the back, because why not. Kieren moved forward and used a vulnerary. Gatrie started moving northeast. The enemies attacked Kieren and Titania, who managed to kill nothing and no one. I found that sad. Turn 3: Boyd moved up and shot Titania a way through the wall of dudes that had surrounded her while Ike kept moving west and stabbing people in the face. Kieren went around and killed the archer that had the Laguz Bow. Titania attacked the boss for slightly less than half his health. His attack hit as well, despite only displaying thirty percent accuracy. At the last minute I remembered Gatrie and had him stab a guy for a few EXP. On the enemy phase Galashima attacked Titania and hit again! This time she activated counter though, dealing him just enough damage that her counterattack finished him off. This took a few tries, mostly because Titania had to either crit or counter. And Galashima critted her on two different occasions. Otherwise it was pretty simple. Chapter Fifteen - The Feral Frontier: 5 Turns Prep: I give Boyd two arms scrolls to boost his Bow rank up to C and equip him with the Killer Bow and a new steel forge. Kieren gets the BEXP and the Laguz Axe. Ike takes the laguzslayer out of storage. I deploy Boyd in the square closest to the boss, with Gatrie right behind him. Volke and Sothe are deployed as amateur archaeologists. Turn 1: Gatrie shoves Boyd. This is the only important thing Gatrie will do this level. Boyd then moves a whole three spaces closer to the boss. Sothe grabs the guard scroll while Volke stays under Ike's protection as they move north. Kieren heads east. Titania tries her luck at finding the coin. Amazingly she manages to actually find it. On the enemy phase a cat attacks Kieren. He smacks it back, putting the poor creature down to three hit points. Turn 2: Boyd moves another three squares towards Muarium. This puts him next to an untransformed laguz. It only takes one hit. Sothe runs away from the untransformed raven that followed him, moving next to Gatrie. Kieren kills the cat and moves two spaces farther east. Ike and Volke continue their slow advance toward the boots. One the enemy phase Ike kills a Tiger and Boyd murders a hawk. The untransformed raven keeps following Sothe, while a transformed cat tries to get close to Kieren. Turn 3: Gatrie kills the dumb bird, accomplishing very little other than gaining himself some EXP. Ike and Volke advance. I misplace Volke here. I was trying to have him grab the Physic but I put him one space to the west of where it is. I have to compensate for this by having Sothe make a run at it. He won't reach it this turn though. Kieren moves within one space of the cat. He could attack it with a hand-axe, but I have him leave the laguz axe equipped. Boyd takes another three steps toward Muarium, and drinks a vulnerary. This is probably unnessary, but Boyd is good about following Griel's advise about little wounds. Several Laguz use their enemy phase to kill themselves on Boyd and Ike. Another almost manages to die on Kieren, but he can't quite double cats. Turn 4: He can still two-shot them though, and he does. Ike and Volke go a little further north, Volke staying in Ike's shadow the whole time. Sothe grabs the Physic. Boyd moves another three squares north. On the enemy phase Ike starts fighting a Bird while Boyd kills a pair of tigers. Turn 5: Ike finishes the bird while Volke grabs the boots. Boyd moves toward Big M and criticals him in the face with the killer bow. This is enough damage to end the chapter. This is the reason it took me so long to update. I was dreading my turncount for this chapter. I didn't draft either of the fliers, the laguz, or the two mages that you can have by this point. I knew that this would take me far more turns that I would like. Boyd was reduced to only three squares of movement. Titania and Kieren only had two, as for Gatrie, he could move a grand total of one square. One square! And he still saved a turn by shoving Boyd. Blarg. Chapter Sixteen - The Atonement: 4 Turns Prep: Kieren got 45 BEXP at base. This was enough for him to promote and learn how to use swords. He also got the Boots, because his stats were mostly equal to or better than Titania's, and she was seven levels higher. His resistance still blows though. He grabbed an old Iron Sword from the convoy along with the Hammer. Tormod got BEXP'd up to level fourteen, received the Spirit Dust, and was forged a fire tome called Dante. Gatrie got the last five BEXP. Turn 1: Kieren charges and kills the northmost of the three myrms with his sword. Titania lances another one down to seven HP. Gatrie, Tormod, Boyd, and Ike advance. The wounded Myrm comes down and attacks Gatrie, who kills him in the face. The other charges Ike. They both get wounded. Finally, the two fighters attack Titania. She dodges, but doesn't kill either. Turn 2: Ike runs in front of Kieren, who grabs him and moves eleven squares toward the boss. Gatrie finishes the wounded myrm. Tormod and Boyd both kill a fighter. Titania murders the idiot with the armorslayer so he can't attack Kieren. Speaking of our red-headed friend he gets hit in the face by two mages on the enemy phase. Turn 3: Titania gets a mage out of Kieren's way with the mighty power of an axe to the face. He, in turn, rushes into the throne room and drops Ike five spaces away from the seize square. On the enemy phase Kieren and Ike endure an onslaught of random dudes. Ike kills two myrmidions, and the route to the boss is clear. Titania has to fight one knight and a mage, but it's nothing she can't handle. Turn 4: Titania kills that mage for his Gamble scroll, Shinion is going to want that later. Then Kieren hammer's Kimarsi into dust so that Ike can seize. This was a pretty easy one. I might regret the lack of the full guard later. I don't think it was worth a full turn though. Chapter Seventeen - Day Breaks: ?? Turns Preperations: Ike gets a Steel Forge, Tormod eats the Robe, and Kieren gets Gatrie's Knight Ward. Part One: 3 Turns Turn 1: Ike shoves Tormod. Gatrie shoves Boyd. They both go east, Boyd brutally one shotting one of the Myrms without even needing a critical hit. Kieren charged forward and cut down another myrmidon before cantoing over his dead body to advance farther north. Titania just barely moved into range of the southern fighter. One the enemy phase he took the bait and threw himself in front of her axe. The living myrmidon in the east attacked Tormod but failed to acomplish anything other than becoming slightly crispier. An archer moved to shoot at Kieren but accomplished nothing. The northwest fighters and the knights both advanced. Turn 2: Kieren takes three poison damage at the beginning of the turn, cursing these scum for daring to use such underhanded and vile tactics all the while. He charges forward and starts smacking around a sniper with his trusty hand-axe. The sniper lives, but he's not in terribly good shape once Kieren finishes with him for the turn. Down on the southern front Boyd is advancing, he charges into the bush in front of the knights and axe's the archer that shot at Kieren the last question he'll ever hear. Meanwhile Tormod finishes broiling the Myrmidion that dared attack him earlier. Titania moves south again, joining Ike and Gatrie as they wait for the enemy reinforcements. On the enemy phase the sniper, the two mages, and the northern myrmidon all kill themselves on Kieren. The Halbradier goes down to fifteen HP. One of the knights and a fighter fall to Boyd's axe while the other knight attempts to javelin him in the face. It doesn't work. The last fighter makes a valiant effort to throw himself on Boyd's axe, but can't quite reach him in the swampy terrain. The three enemy myrmidion reinforcements spawn. Turn 3: Boyd strolls up to the fighter that couldn't quite reach him last turn and hits him with an axe until he stops breathing. Tormod takes Boyd's old spot in the bush and uses it to burn a knight to death. Up north Kieren takes pity on the poor Halb and puts him down with his steel axe. Ike, Titania, and Gatrie all pick a Myrmidion and poke him. On the enemy phase they all kill themselves on Ike. This one was annoying purely because Kieren's accuracy with a hand-axe hovered around 70-80%. I kept having to reset when he missed too many enemies and couldn't finish his end by turn three. I tried for a turn two clear a few times before settling on the turn three. It was just too unlikely, Kieren had to hit every attack and crit-kill the boss. The odds of that happening were south of one percent. Another problem were the three Myrms that spawn at the bottom. They all have seventeen speed. My highest speed unit was Boyd, with twenty. That made things...problematic. I had to put three people down there so they would all die on the enemy phase. A swordmaster would have been useful there. Total Turns so Far: 83
  5. I'm still playing this, but I've had a bit of a busy week. I probably won't update until Sunday.
  6. Chapter Ten - Prisoner Release: 4 Turns Prep: I buy a Max Might, Max Crit, Iron Forge. Boyd gets his 50 BEXP, gaining an empty level. I place Boyd to the south of the door, Titania to the north. Turn 1: Ike moves next to Titania. She rescues him and Canto's full throtte. (Note, I am an Idiot and have the Hammer equipped here for some reason.) Boyd equips his steel axe and moves as far as he can as well. The alert is sounded and a bunch of enemies show up. On the enemy phase, two watchmen attack Titania. She hits them back. One is blocking her way at the end of the turn. Six dudes start chasing Boyd. Turn 2: Boyd moves forward, just past Titania, and hand axes the watchman blocking her way. He dies painfully. Boyd sends a vulnerary back to the convoy. Titania moves full throttle up and to the west, dropping Ike in front of her right outside the boundaries of Nephenee's cell. Ike is attacked by two soldiers, who he badly wounds. Boyd kills a watchman, a mage, and a soldier with his handaxe, damaging one of the knights as well. The last watchman kindly gives Titania his chest key after she murderstomps his face into the ground. The six soldiers from the entrance are still chasing Boyd. Turn 3: Titania handaxes one of the soldiers Ike wounded and Canto's into the boss's room. Ike moves around and cuts the unhurt soldier. Boyd moves up and around the pilliar thing, equips A Question, and uses his loving friend the vulnerary. On the enemy phase both archers commit suicide by Titania, giving her another chest Key. She also takes a mighty wallop from the boss. The two knights kill themselves on Boyd, and he gets a sweet level to make up for the empty one he got earlier. Six dudes continue chasing him. Turn 4: Boyd opens Kieren's cell. Titania hammer's the knight guarding the escape point so hard he becomes an actual stain on the floor. Ike escapes. The only resets here were to make sure that the archer carrying the chest key spawned with 24 instead of 25 HP. Titania could only deal him 12 x2 with the hand axe. Part of me wanted to take another turn to kill the boss for his Master Seal, but I don't think it will actually save a whole turn. The Chest Key, on the other hand, was very necessary. Without any thieves or fliers chapter 13 is going to be pretty annoying to seven turn. Chapter Eleven - Blood Runs Red: 4 Turns Prep: I forge Kieren a Max everything Iron Axe. I also buy a new pile of hand axes. Titania gets the Elixir. Kieren gets some axes. Titania and Kieren take their positions on the Northwest tiles. Boyd is just behind them. Turn 1: Titania moves northwest and kills a caviler with her forge. Kieran moves next to her, on the east and equips his forge. Boyd follows a little more slowly. Ike equips his forge and moves southeast, towards the Dracoshield. On the enemy phase he massacre's the vigilante with the Iron Axe, dodges the idiot with the hand axe (this happens every single turn. It will not be mentioned again), and eats a pair of lances. He does not kill either soldier. Titania and Kieren are both attacked by Knights. Titania's opponent misses, but Kieren takes some damage. She's also attacked by a mage and two cavs. The cavs die. Titania is at 27. A bunch more enemies move into position, converging upon my team from all sides. Turn 2: Boyd moves north of Titania and hand axe's the thief blocking the way. Titania OHKO's a mage and Canto's forward. Kieren follows and uses a vulnerary. Ike moves closer to his target and uses a vulnerary. On the enemy phase Ike get's attacked by everything in the south, leaving only a cav and one soldier who couldn't quite reach him alive. Kieren gets smacked around by a wind mage, dodges another cavilier and kills him in return. The boss attacks Titania with his bow. Four cavs suicide on Titania. The wounded Knight attacks Boyd. He fails to do anything but get himself killed. Titania ends the turn at 3 HP. Turn 3: Ike moves to the door of the Dracoshield house and uses a vulnerary. Boyd kills the mage. Titania moves as far forward as possible and uses the elixir. Kieren follows, using a vulnerary. On the enemy phase Kieren is attacked only once, the boss and remaining cav attack Boyd. The cav died, but the boss was a coward who used his bow. Ike finishes off his last two relevent opponents. Nobody attacks Titania, but they would have if she had just used a vulnerary instead. Turn 4: Boyd attacks the boss, hoping for a lucky crit. He doesn't get it, but that's okay. Ike visits for the Dracoshield. Titania hammer's the knight on the bridge like he was an annoying nail. Kieren arrives. Fkakljafkklaf ajdf. That was ridiculously hard. Everyone except Boyd died at least three times. Each time I tried something slightly different, until I finally settled on the strategy outlined above. In the final strategy it essentially came down to how lucky Titania got on her dodges. Kieren and Ike both also have to get a reasonable number, but nothing absurd. In other news, Boyd is now far and away the best combatant on my team. He makes Titania look weak. His defense is a little loose, but I did manage to grab the Dracoshield this chapter. He's getting that at the base. Chapter Twelve - A Strange Land: 8 Turns Prep: Boyd got the Dracoshield, Kieren got 50 BEXP. I made another Iron Axe forge as a backup. Ike took the laguzslayer out of the convoy. Sothe was recruited. Turn 1: Everyone gets ready for the Ravens. Ike and Boyd are attacked by the ravens. Turn 2: Kieren kills a Raven, and so does Boyd. Ike shove Boyd forward. A raven attacks Boyd. Turn 3: Boyd kills a raven. A raven attacks Boyd, and another comes after Ike. Turn 4: Boyd and Kieren kill a Raven apiece. Turn 5: Boyd uses a vulnerary. A raven attacks him. Turn 6: Boyd kills a Raven. Turn 7: I don't think anything happened, expect for the annoying reinforcement. He arrives at the end of your turn seven and can't be in range until the enemy phase of turn eight. He has fourteen speed. Seeker and another Raven attack Ike. Turn 8: Titania weakens Seeker. Boyd hits him with a hand axe. Boyd promotes. Kieren kills seeker. Ike trades with Boyd so Boyd has A Question ready to go. Ike kills a raven. The last Raven commits suicide by Boyd. The only reason I fed so many kills to Boyd instead of Kieren, who needed the training, was that awful fourteen speed raven reinforcement. Boyd and Titania were the only ones close at the beginning of the level, and I certainly wasn't powerleveling Titania until she got two speed. I actually had to reset twice, once because I understandably forgot about that raven and I had been feeding kills to Kieren. The second time Seeker managed to activate Miracle. Stats at Chapter 13 Base, after giving Kieren 50 BEXP and a Secret Book Stats: Lvl | HP |STR | MAG | SKILL | SPD | LCK | DEF | RES Ike: 15 | 37 | 12 | 4 | 14 | 15 | 11 | 11 | 5 Kieran: 16 | 33 | 13 | 1 | 14 | 14 | 9 | 12 | 2 Boyd: 20/1| 46 | 20 | 1 | 17 | 18 | 10 | 13 | 5 Titania: --/6| 37 | 15 | 5 | 16 | 16 | 13 | 13 | 9 Total Turns so Far: 61
  7. Chapter Nine - Gallia: 5 Turns Prep: Titania got Boyd's Forge, a hand axe, a steel lance and a Hammer. Steel lance equipped. Boyd got another steel axe for value. I forge Ike a max MT sword but don't use it. Titania and Boyd get the two foremost deployment slots. Boyd gets 50 BEXP. Turn 1: Ike moves next to Titania. She rescues him and moves all the way forward, by the trees. Boyd follows. Lethe and Mordicai move out. On the enemy phase Titania kills a soldier and pokes a Mrym that doubles her. Turn 2: Boyd runs up and one shots a mage with his Iron Axe as Titania runs forward and handaxe's one of the two Armor's guarding the fort. Lethe kills a soldier. Mordicai moves forward. On the enemy phase Titania kills the armor she wounded, and hurts two archers and another armor. The remaning Myrm attacks Mordicai. This continues to happen until Mordicai transforms and kills him on turn four. Turn 3: Boyd runs up and kills one of the archers Titania weakened. Titania moves to the edge Kotaff's big armored bodyguard, equips the hammer and drops Ike just outside the knight's range. Then she canto's a few spaces forward. Lethe kills the other archer. The two knights kill themselves on Ike and Titania. Reinforcements arrive. Turn 4: Titania moves to the back treeline, equips A Question, and heals. Ike moves next to her and heals. Boyd murders a myrmidon. Lethe ganks another. Boyd gets attacked by a myrm, Ike fights a myrmidon and a soldier before dodging a Javelin. His health is low afterwards. Turn 5: Titania axes Kotaff with A Question, putting him in single digits. Boyd finishes him with a handaxe to the face, hitting 15.53. Ike seizes. Another easy one. Originally I thought I could turn 4 this one. I forgot about the reinforcements. I tried to turn four again and then realized my odds of success were sub one percent. Ike would have to crit the knight in front of Kotaff -twice- and dodge an attack, then Titania would have to crit the boss to death. I don't even think it's possible with the weapons I had. There was another possible turn four, but I would have needed a max crit forge, and I hadn't made one. That's an oversight on my part that definitely cost me a turn. Total Turns so Far: 45
  8. Chapter 6 - A Brief Diversion: 5 Turns Preparation: I deploy Boyd in the Southeastern square and Titania in the far south. Turn 1: Titania kills the nearby archer and canto's west. Boyd leaps out of the bushes and beats on the Javelin guy for a little while, putting him to single digit HP. Ike stays in the bushes, but also moves further southeast. Rhys, Soren, and Oscar retreat into the bushes like the worthless cowards they are. On the enemy phase two soldiers attack Boyd down to 20, he kills one and puts the other at four. The eastern Mrymidon and Archer move forward along with a mage and the poleaxe Cavalier from the west. Javelin Guy retreats. Turn 2: Boyd finishes what he started on the enemy phase and kills the other soldier. He levels up here, gaining speed and strength. Ike runs out of the bushes and crits the Mrymidon to death with his regal sword. Titania point blank hand axe's the archer and canto's forward. On the enemy phase the mage and the cav charge Ike. They both hit, and Ike counter kills the Cav with his Regal Sword. An archer suicides on Titania, then she's attacked by Javelin Knight. She hits him once and breaks her handaxe. The nearby soldier rushes forward and kills himself on her Iron Axe. Javelin Guys gets healed by a priest. Turn 3: I make a mistake here and move Boyd into the wrong square, accdentally exposing him to the mage along with all the units on the eastern bridge aside from the Knight. He takes a Vulnerary to go back to 30 HP. Ike moves onto the brige. Titania Canto's back one space, grabs him, and moves south. On the enemy phase Javelin Guys gets the rest of his HP restored. Then Boyd gets attacked by the Mage, the remaining Cavieler, the Mage, and Javelin Guy. They all hit, putting Boyd to seven. He knocks the Cav to single digits. The Knight on the eastern bridge advances, ending up three squares away from Boyd. Some enemies attack Titania. They aren't terribly effective. Turn 4: Boyd moves back so that he's only in the range of Javelin Guy and the Cav that's going to retreat anyway. Titania drops Ike by the river and canto's in front of Emil. On the enemy phase Javelin guy finally manages to miss Boyd. Some enemies attack Titania from range and survive. A Mrymidon tries it from point blank and doesn't. Emil ends up in single digit HP. Ike is in range of only one enemy. They both do some damage, but nothing serious. Turn 5: Thanks to his earlier level Boyd can now double Javelin guy with the Steel Axe. Javelin guy proves unable to dodge. Titania finishes Emil and Ike escapes. I ran the probability of success on the turn four strategy and found it was something like 4%. It isn't worth the resets to make that happen. Chapter 7 - Shades of Evil: 6 Turns ​Preparation: Titania takes the western deployment position, Boyd gets the North. Titania trades Boyd a vulnerary and her 13 use Iron Axe. In return he gives her his eight use Iron Axe and a Hammer. Titania equips the Short Spear Turn 1: Boyd full moves North, keeping his steel axe equipped. Titania equips the eight use Iron axe and charges west, killing a soldier along the way. Ocsar rescues Rhys and starts cowering in his corner. Soren joins him. Mia appears. On the enemy phase an archer and a soldier attack Boyd for eighteen. He kills the soldier in return. Javelin guy and Hand Axe guy attack Ike. A million random dudes suicide into Titania, the Iron axe breaking mid rush and turning into a short spear right before the archer and the soldier with the Javelin attack. Mia recruits herself on the other phase. Turn 2: Boyd comes down and kills Javelin guy. Ike critblicks Hand Axe dude. Mia runs up to the spot that triggers all the reinforcements. Titania kills that one random soldier that won't attack with her steel axe and positions herself in the middle of the southwestern room. On the enemy phase the archer attacks Ike, and one armor and a soldier fall to Titania's Steel Axe. The other two takes a ton of damage. The thief runs up right next to her. All of the reinforcements arrive. Turn 3: Boyd runs one space out of the room into the central hallway, equips the Steel Axe and uses a vulnerary. Ike attacks the archer. Titania hits the thief for 20, down to one, and Canto's in front of the door guard. Gatrie moves forward and attacks the Myrmidon with his Iron Lance. Shinon moves east, out of the range of all the guys I want to suicide into Gatrie. The two knights that Titania wounded kill themselves on her during the enemy phase, along with the door guard. The archer in the room chooses to attack Shinon and die. One other Knight attacks him and he takes ten. The two knights blocking the main hallway come up and attack Boyd, who takes more than half of each Armor's health and dodges one attack. The two mage and soldier teams both advance. Two myrmidons suicide onto Gatrie and a soldier goes to single digit health. The archer misses Ike and the thief moves toward Boyd. Turn 4: Boyd equips the Iron axe and sucks down another use of the Elixer. I was worried about him failing to dodge anything and dying, but the Elixer ended up being unnecessary. He dodged almost everything this turn. Ike finishes killing the archer. Titania moves up, and east, stops at the edge of the westernmost armor's movement equips the Hammer and eats a vulnerary. Gatrie moves around and attempts to Javelin the priest in the face point blank. He misses. Shinon moves down to get ready to engage a mage and soldier team. On the enemy phase two knights suicide into Titania, Gatrie murders a soldier, and hits Balmer for 12. A soldier kills himself on Boyd, along with an armor. Another one goes after Ike, who still has his Iron Sword equiped. A mage burns Boyd a little. The other mage and soldier due get close to Shinion as the theif runs north and turns west. Turn 5: Boyd executes the mage and is shoved west by Ike. Shinion kills the other mage, and Gatrie goes around and lances the priest in the gut. Titania murders Balmer and canto's in front of the remaining knight. He attacks her on the enemy phase, succeeding in reducing his own health. The remaining soldier misses Shinion. The theif goes around and enters the top of the room Shinion is in. Turn 6: Boyd kills the soldier attacking Shinion, Shinion shoots the thief, Gatrie finishes murdering the priest, and Titania axes the Knight again. All enemies defeated. This was an annoying one. I had to try this four times before it worked. Ike died in my first attempt (which was because I approached it terribly that time), Boyd died in attempts two and three (because he would not dodge), and Titania died in attempt four (because she literally never dodged). Still, it felt rewarding to be able to shave a turn off this chapter. What really annoyed me was trying to figure out the trigger for Shinion and Gatrie appearing. I'm still not sure exactly where the invisible lines are, but I know it on at least one axis. To get them to appear on turn one I'd need either Oscar, or Boyd, Rhys, and Soren. That was mildly frustrating. Chapter 8 - Despair and Hope: 8 turns ​Preparation: I sold all the junk that I didn't need, including the priest band, and bought something like five or six hand axes, a pair of new iron axes, a new steel axe, and forged Boyd an Iron Axe called "A Question". Boyd and Ike both got one level of BEXP, hitting ten. Turn 1: Ike went east and equipped the Regal Sword. Boyd took the west and took up A Question. Titania went south and grabbed an Iron axe. On the enemy phase all the cavaliers without 1-2 range weapons killed themselves. Boyd chopped down three knights and a myrmidon, and Ike managed to crit kill an armor and weaken two other guys. Ike and Boyd both took ten damage. Turn 2: Titania equipped the hand axe. Ike killed the soldier that hit him. Boyd moved to the western end of the eastern check point, equipped his new hand axe, and used a vulnerary. On the enemy phase Boyd killed did some damage to the Javelin knight but got hurt in return. Ike killed a myrm and took a lance to the face while Titania finished cleaning up the cavs. Turn 3: Boyd used a vulnerary. Titania canto'd behind Ike, handaxed a soldier and took his place. Ike equiped his Iron sword and used a vulnerary. On the enemy phase the last Knight died on Boyd's hand axe, along with a mage. The other mage and the archer both survived because Boyd apparently can't throw in a straight line. The myrm from last turn attacked Ike and ended up at one HP. Turn 4: Titania moved over to Boyd and handaxed the remaining mage. Boyd moved up and killed the archer. Ike finished the Myrm. On the enemy phase Ike took some damage as the Myrm was replaced. The longbow guy missed Boyd. Turn 5: Boyd kills the longbow guy. Titania helps Ike again, who eats a vulnerary. Ike kills the Myrm on the enemy phase. Ilyana moves in front of Ike. Turn 6: Boyd moves back into the main base and uses a vulnerary. Ike recruits Ilyana and uses a vulnerary. Titania does nothing relevent. Turn 7: Titania moves down and kills the priest with the Red Gem, using her hand axe. Boyd joins her, trades for her vulnerary, equips his own hand axe and uses it. Ilyana trades Ike her vulnerary. He kills an archer. On the enemy phase two cavs suicide into Boyd and the boss attacks him. I don't think Ike did anything relevant. One soldier moves into the base. Turn 8: Boyd axes Kamura A Question. The answer is a dead boss. Titania kills the soldier before he can take our base. Ike prepares for battle. On the enemy phase he dodges a Javelin, smacks a knight, crit's a soldier, and then fights another. Time expires. This was a pretty easy one, good for grinding Boyd and Ike a few levels each. Total Turns so Far: 40
  9. Oh, splart, your turn count is off. You forgot to add the three turns for chapter three. In other news, I figured out a new four turn strategy. It's just insanely unreliable.
  10. I hate chapter six. Titania needs exactly one more strength to one round the boss with a steel axe. I don't see another way to turn four clear without that last point of strength.
  11. That's actually really neat. This is my first time playing through fixed mode, so I'm learning these things one step at a time.
  12. Chapter Four - Roadside Battle: 2 Turns Preparation: Soren and Rhys stay in the back, Gatrie takes the south spot, Shinion the middle, and Titiania the north. She equips the Thief Band for value. Turn 1: Shinion attacks the nearest Mrymidiion with his Iron Bow, knocking him down to five. Ike finishes him off and hits level five. Gatrie attacks the soldier on the south side of the map. Titania charges all the way foreward and kills a soldier with her Iron Axe, hitting level two. Rhys and Soren run north like the worthless cowards they are. On the enemy phase one soldier attacks Ike, another goes after gatrie along with an archer. Shinion blocks an axe and two lances with his face. A massive amount of soldiers kill themselves on Titania. Turn 2: Shinion steps back and shoots the fighter in the face. Ike finishes him off. Gatrie goes after one of the soldiers with a steel lance. Rhys and Soren move further north. Titiania charges Maijin with her spify new Hand Axe, knocking him down to 12. On the enemy phase Gatrie has multipule arrows ping off his face. That doesn't bother him at all. Shinion continues to block lances with his face, going down to single digit HP. Maijin kills himself on Titania. The only thing that had to go right was Titiania hitting four 80 something percent hits against Maijin. That happened on the first try. I wish my other units were able to get just a little more EXP from this one, but it isn't worth taking another turn. Chapter Five - Flight!: 6 Turns ​Preparation: Titania traded the Javelin to Gatrie and the Speedwings to Boyd. Gatrie gave the Elixir to Boyd. Gatrie took the front deployment slot, Shinion and Boyd took the east. Turn 1: Ike full moved forward, revealing the enemies. Gatrie meandered up next to him and lanced the nearest soldier in his stupid face. Shinion ran foreward and stood to the east of the healing hedge. Boyd took position south of him and used the speedwings. Titania moves behind Ike. On the enemy phase a soldier started stabbing at Shinion. He misses. An archer shoots Boyd for five and then the idiot with a hammer runs foreward and horribly misses Boyd. He's followed by the cavalier, who also manages to miss. Boyd doubles Mr. Hammer time and smacks the cav down to 15. On the southern front the two archers run up and fire at Gatrie. They both hit but don't manage to do any damage. The soldier he attacked previously swings back and promptly dies on Gatrie's lance. Another one takes his place, attacks and finds himself at half health with nothing to show for it. More enemies close in on all sides. Turn 2: Boyd finishes off Hammertime. Shinion fires at the Cav to knock him down to one. Ike equips his Steel Sword to kill the archer that moved right in front of him. Gatrie finishes lancing the guy from last turn. Titania trades with Ike to reequip his Iron Sword. On the Enemy phase everything moves forward and attacks. Boyd finishes the Cav only to have him replaced by a fighter and a soldier. He dodges the axe but eats a lance to the face. Ike and Gatrie are both attacked. The soldier in front of Shinion manages to hit this time. At the end of the turn Ike is at 19/29, Boyd is somewhere just under twenty, and everyone else is mostly fine. Turn 3: Boyd finishes the soldier and Shinion kills the fighter because he has just under fifty percent hit against Boyd and does something like thirteen damage. Gatrie turns to the right and hits Ike's opponent for thirteen down to one. Ike finishes. Titania uses the chance to dart down and kill an archer. On the enemy phase everything attacks. I can't remember if it was this turn or the turn before when the western archer stopped picking on Boyd and went after Shinion. Either way Shinion crited him to death. I still have no idea how Provoke actually works. Anyway, a bunch of guys attack. At the end of the turn Ike is down to nine and Boyd is at eight (if he hadn't dodged a 70% he would have been at one). Turn 4: Boyd and Ike both use a vulnerary. Gatrie pounds the guy in front of him. Titania slips down to assassinate a cavalier before cantoing back up. On the enemy phase Shinion is successfully poked down to 17, Boyd murders two dudes, and Ike takes a lance in the face back to nine HP. Gatrie damages the remaining Caviler, doubles one of the steel lance soldiers to death and then smacks another one for about half his health. Boyd ends the turn at three. Turn 5: Boyd uses a dose of the Elixer to pick himself back up. Ike kills the guy in front of him. So does Gatrie. Titania slips down, kills the remaining cav with her Iron axe and continues on toward Dakovya. On the enemy phase another archer appears and attacks Shinion. This time the poor schmuck isn't rewarded with an immediate death and ends up at 2 HP. A fighter attacks Boyd, misses, and gets doubled and killed back. Perfection. Ike and Gatrie take some more punishment, and then Titania finally starts the slaughter. Everyone that attacks her with a one range weapon dies. Unfortunately Dakovya has a Javelin. I had forgotten that. Ike ends the turn at six HP. Turn 6: Ike uses a vulnerary. Gatrie kills a guy. Boyd moves forward and kills the archer Shinion weakened. Everyone's favorite red headed sniper moves forward and around and shoots the soldier that had been attacking him for five turns. Unfortunately he survived. This little mistake meant that the guy was now inside my defensive line. Titania is too far away to come back and deal with him. Thankfully he was one movement short of reaching the throne. Titania went after the boss with her hand axe and canto'd back to the edge of his range. Don't want to waste uses I might need later. On the enemy phase Ike got to eat a lance and a Javelin down to three health. Boyd sees a little more combat, ending up somewhere around fourteen. Shinion get's poked some more, ending the turn at single digit life totals for the second chapter in a row. Gatrie fights a guy, and Titania slaughters several dudes and the boss, receiving an Ashera Icon. I really hate Fog of War maps and Defense maps. This one in particular really annoyed me. It took three or four tries before both Boyd and Ike made it through alive. They both just have such awful defense. All the lances didn't do Ike any favors either. But I needed both of them to see as much combat as possible so they could gets some levels. That, at least, worked. Boyd managed to level up three times on this map, all the way up to six. He's going to need every single one of those levels in the next map. Total Turns so Far: 21 Oh, Splart, how'd Mia's strength hit eleven? I thought her average was nine. Not an accusation, just curious.
  13. Time for the next few chapters. Chapter Two - Rescue: 4 turns Turn 1: Rhys trades his vulnerary to Ike. Oscar trades the Paladin Band and his vulnerary to Boyd before rescuing Rhys and hiding in the corner. Boyd moves in front of Ike and trades him the Fighter Band before equipping the Paladin Band. Ike moves into the northwestern area and equips the Fighter Band. On the Enemy phase the three Ike is attacked by both Fighters and the Mrym, dropping him to nine HP after the weaker fighter misses. The nearby fighter to the east runs foreward and attacks Boyd, hitting him for eight. Turn 2: Boyd moves south of the enemy fighter and kills him with the Iron Axe, leveling up and gaining both speed and strength. Ike burns the last use of his original vulnerary. Oscar is in the corner, still outside the range of all enemies. On the enemy phase the three units in the west attack Ike, both fighters missing unnecessarily. Ike kills them and puts the Myrm down to two HP, gaining a level in the process. Boyd is attacked by a fighter and a bandit. He's hit by both, and kills the bandit, but misses the second attack on the enemy fighter. Boyd is at five. Turn 3: Titania appears. Boyd cleans up the enemy he missed last turn, Titania kills the bandit the she appeared next to and cantos towards the boss and his friends. A bandit runs up and kills himself on her while an enemy fighter moves closer. Turn 4: Titania kills the closest enemy fighter with her steel axe and cantos into the range of all remaining enemies. They all suicide onto her during enemy phase. There was a brief scare when she missed the last myrm with the first hit of her steel axe, but she OHKOs him anyway. This strategy was fairly reliable, Ike needed to dodge one attack at some point, and Boyd could only miss once. Chapter Three - Pirates Aground: 2 Turns Preperation: Ike gains the steel sword and the robe. Titania trades one of her axes to Boyd. Turn 1: Shinion moves north and kills the bandit in front of the drawbridge with his steel bow. Titania moves next to him and kills the other one. Gatrie moves east and attacks the fighter down to five HP with the Iron Lance. Ike full moves north and uses the Robe. The hand axe fighter and mrym attack Shinion in melee, the weakened fighter and archer attack Ike, who kills the fighter. The southwestern Bandit suicides onto Gatrie. Turn 2: Shinion moves forward and attacks the hand axe fighter for 20. Ike finishes him off and recovers the hand axe. Titania trades Ike for the hand axe, equips it, and full moves into the range of the boss. Gatrie grabs the Elixer from Nasir. On the enemy phase the archer shoots Ike, one Myrmidion runs away from Marcia, and the boss attacks Titiania. She misses the first attack and then critblicks him off the map. This one took several resets. Titiania only has a six percent critical chance against the boss, which makes this unlikely to result in a turn two clear. However, the strategy is not risky. No units are in any danger of dying, and the rate of a turn three clear is close to 100%. I decided to play the map 10 times to shave off a turn because the map was so short. I am unlikely to do this on a map that lasts even one turn longer. Total Turns so Far: 13
  14. I decided I'd start tonight, so I did the prologue and the first chapter. Prologue - Mercenaries: 4 Turns Turn 1: Ike moves forward and attacks Boyd on turn one, hitting him for half his HP. Boyd kills himself on the enemy phase. Turn 2: Ike moves next to Greil and uses a Vulnerary. Turn 3: Ike attacks Greil, dropping to seven HP. Greil counters on the enemy phase, hitting Ike down to one. Turn 4: Ike finishes Greil, ending the chapter. The standard four turns. This should be exactly the same for everyone. Chapter One - The Battle Begins: 3 Turns Turn 1: Ike moves all the way forward and attacks the first fighter, successfully dodging the counter attack. Boyd finishes him. Titania grabs the steel sword and Cantos three spaces ahead of Ike. Oscar does his lump impression. On the enemy phase one fighter bandit suicides into Titiania right off the bat. The nearby Myrmidion and Bottom fighter go after Ike, all attacks hit, knocking Ike to nine. The brigand and the other fighter attack Boyd, smacking him down to 13. Turn 2: Titania moves back and kills the Myrm, then Canto's right in front of the boss. Boyd moves around and kills the bandit. Ike moves foreward, just out of the range of the second Mrym and uses a vulnerary. Oscar continues to be a lump. On the enemy phase the Myrm and the boss suicide into Titania (forcing her to discard the iron sword she looted off the mrym), while the two wounded fighters kill themselves on Ike. Turn 3: Titania moves back and grabs the robe, Boyd hits one of the last two bandits for some free EXP, and Ike seizes. Boyd makes this a little easier, but he can't shave a turn off. Still, I'm rather happy. Only two enemies left alive and both Boyd and Ike managed multiple kills. I even got both the Robe and and the Steel Sword. Total Turns so Far: 7
  15. Crap, I wanted Devden. Largo and Bastian.
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