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  1. Yeah, yeah, it was a joke, sorry it wasn't clear enough. I don't expectr you to know and plan around my schedule^^
  2. So, obviously, you have waited for my 3 months formation to begin before starting this ragefest instead of revealing it while I was jobless. Despite what you said, you really don't want me to enter, huh ? Well, fine then, I won't use my remaining time for you then ! ... Well, OK, I might try something. I don't really want to use FEXP again and I don't want to deal with hacking so I'll try SRPGStudio, I guess. Reading the synopsis, I have some ideas... EDIT : after looking it up.... maybe not. Well, I'll think about it.
  3. Wow, the poll is horrible. You put two questions in there with opposite meaning but only provide yes/no answers. That's really confusing.
  4. Wouh, I got second place on an award I deliberately tried to avoid, isn't that great ?! Anyway, it was fun. Thank Markyjoe and every submission creator for this ragefest.^^
  5. ... Alright EvilEgoWaffle, I will be waiting for you. I won't pay the plane though.
  6. Well, looks like I managed to make you rage in a whole new way there.^^ Honestly, I thought that was kinda predictable but oh well. And, in fact, I didn't think you really wanted to know it this much.
  7. Mayne the hit rate is completely irrelevant and each attack has a fixed chance of missing ?
  8. Not sure if I count but you may go ahead with mine. I guess I could change it up a bit though, buffing the player characters may go a long way into lowering the RNG dependance...
  9. FdRstar


    This seems to have all the links : http://offgame.wikia.com/wiki/Downloads This game is great. Best (completed) RPG Maker game I can think of. Go purify the world !
  10. Hummm... Excuse-me? Could you please refrain from talking about Ftaes here, would like to to remain as unspoiled as possible, thank you.
  11. Well, Paper Jam is, I think, the hardest M&L game (not counting DT hard mode). His attacks are indeed hard to dodge. If you have enough expert points, I would recommend buying the 1Up glove (or whatever it's called in english). Its effect is very powerful, at the beginning of the character's turn he uses automatically a 1Up mushroom on a fallen ally. That way, you can basically only heal Luigi and let him regenerate the Marios. Frankly, without it I would have never been able to beat the final boss on my first try as I did, I would probably have needed to grind a bit.
  12. By "short attacks", he means simple jumps and hammers instead of long trio or bros attacks. And you can survive the explosion with the correct piece of equipment (an accessory who has a 75% chance of protecting the wearer by using a mushroom. I had it on Luigi and managed to beat the boss on my first try with it, with great amusement)
  13. So basically, the problem I have with FFVI is that it starts too slowly, both in gameplay and story and it... well, bored me out. As for FFV and FFVIII, I like customizing my party and those two allow that the most. That's basically it.
  14. I don't think being beginner friendly is really important here. You probably can get into any of them fine (as long as they don't bore you out) Besides, if you have already purchased FFVII, you could start with it very well. As for another, I second the people recommending V, it's really fun. And because I feel kinda sorry I will add that I really liked VIII too. Finally, I will recommend against FFVI because... I didn't like it much.
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