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  1. Yeah out of all the the potential romances in the game the one that can most be considered to be canon is Mamui X Aqua like so much so it blast a hole through 5 castle walls the way the game ships them in all three routes. It doesn't help that for other possible pairings with the rest of the ladies that Kamui is a major Aquaholic and that most of their supports with him are for the most part very forgettable and/or poorly handled among these being Kagerou, Crimson. Kazahana, and Soleil. It doesnt help that Kamui doesn't have a distinct personality. For other pairings there is some context and history. We have Oboro and her canon crush on Takumi and Saizou with his Ex- . But aside from those two the rest are rather up in the air.
  2. And now Aqua has joined the 100 ranks! It also looks like Camilla, Elise, Kanna, and Takumi are almost there as well.
  3. Holy hell someone other than me is actually going to romance Yuugiri?!!? Its beautiful miracle!
  4. Holy hell making a half decent looking M!Kamui is a pain. Give me a minute with the Awakening character creator and I can turn out several devilishly handsome Robins with no problem but this is like using your bum cheeks to rewrite the Iliad! o_e
  5. Well those reasons don't help any but yeah I am pretty salty over the writing for her supports apparently though the supports with F!Kamui is much better than the one with M!Kamui and really after reading the latter that shouldn't be too hard to do. Responding to this as well.I doubt that is the entire reason for a character's popularity. Hell it could be little things like the design that might tickle a person's fancy. Not to mention some have jumped ship.... . Also I don't think the RobinXLucina crowd is THAT big to skyrocket a character to the top of the official polls considering she has other ships in the yard as well. The shipping wars I have witnessed are evidence enough of this. Also as mentioned above there are other factors involved too. As for Izana the reason might be that the poor fellow just doesn't not click well with people as other characters do being Kamuisexual isn't helping his case either. MODEDIT: yo don't doublepost
  6. Yeah the furries are on the rise and Takumi's growth on the polls has pretty much slowed to a crawl.
  7. Holy hell a couple of folks are about to the big 100 here! Took longer than I expected.
  8. For my first run as a Male Avatar I married Lissa and then on my second run also as a Male Avatar I married Lucina.
  9. You be the judge!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K72JtliSmQQ Who will be the one to sweep the floor with the other?!?!
  10. I'll be saving this thumbnail for the future I get the feeling its going to be useful.
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