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  1. Yeah out of all the the potential romances in the game the one that can most be considered to be canon is Mamui X Aqua like so much so it blast a hole through 5 castle walls the way the game ships them in all three routes. It doesn't help that for other possible pairings with the rest of the ladies that Kamui is a major Aquaholic and that most of their supports with him are for the most part very forgettable and/or poorly handled among these being Kagerou, Crimson. Kazahana, and Soleil. It doesnt help that Kamui doesn't have a distinct personality.

    For other pairings there is some context and history.

    We have Oboro and her canon crush on Takumi and Saizou with his Ex-



    But aside from those two the rest are rather up in the air.

  2. So after realizing a ton of my 3rd route pairings aren't possible here is an edited list.

    [spoiler=Hoshido M!Kamui]

    Kamui x Yuugiri

    Ryoma x Aqua
    Takumi x Rinka
    Suzukaze x Setsuna
    Silas x Orochi
    Joker x Kazahana
    Saizou x Sakura
    Asama x Oboro
    Hinata x Felicia
    Tsubaki x Hinoka
    Tsukuyomi x Mozume
    Nishiki x Kagerou

    Holy hell someone other than me is actually going to romance Yuugiri?!!? :wtf:

    Its beautiful miracle!


  3. Pretty sure Crimson being the 2nd most hated female is probably from the fact she dies after two chapters in IK, the fact her romantic supports are basically the same thing (decorations blah blah blah), and her looks.... also, because she's a Kamuisexual?

    Well those reasons don't help any but yeah I am pretty salty over the writing for her supports apparently though the supports with F!Kamui is much better than the one with M!Kamui and really after reading the latter that shouldn't be too hard to do.

    It's kinda safe to assume that Azura is basically kinda like Lucina in terms of a majority of fans pairing MaMU with her.

    I don't know bout Izana though. Is it perhaps that his serious look just doesn't match his youthful personality?

    Responding to this as well.

    I doubt that is the entire reason for a character's popularity. Hell it could be little things like the design that might tickle a person's fancy. Not to mention some have jumped ship....

    Once it was revealed they are cousins


    Also I don't think the RobinXLucina crowd is THAT big to skyrocket a character to the top of the official polls considering she has other ships in the yard as well. The shipping wars I have witnessed are evidence enough of this. Also as mentioned above there are other factors involved too.

    As for Izana the reason might be that the poor fellow just doesn't not click well with people as other characters do being Kamuisexual isn't helping his case either.

    MODEDIT: yo don't doublepost

  4. And I agree with you. It was just thrown out there for no particular reason - it doesn't matter if Kamui is actually Jabba the Hutt in disguise if it doesn't affect the story or anybody even cares. The game feels so intent on heavy-handedly trying to shock the player that they forget about coherency and simple logic.

    That's partially why you feel like a bystander this game, because the characters don't feel like people since they never react to any of these reveals in a natural manner.

    This can be considered a shock for folks here in the West although in some places not so much but in Japan its normal as it is with other cultures but as we have both acknowledged its how the reveal is handled. Also I don't think we can call it a fetish in this regard as there was nothing sexualized here but just outright skimmed over and forgotten. If you want fetishes the siblings BS, some of the outfits, or the three furries are better examples because those were intentionally made to be "sexy".

  5. There is quite enough of fetishes in Fates already in way too many forms. However, what the problem is that neither Kamui nor Azura even MENTION being related to each other, as far as I remember. It's just such a pointless element that was just thrown out there for no adequately explained reason.

    Much like...pretty much everything in this game.

    "What the problem is that neither Kamui nor Azura even MENTION being related to each other."

    I have already stated this 4 f$#king times already in my previous posts with Pepper. This is my main issue with the reveal not the fact that they are cousins.

  6. Technically, Kamui should already have a claim by merely being the child of Anakanos. He might've overthrown the last king, but unless Aqua's claim was pressed, Kamui is in line to inherit as the only child of Anakanos, or whatever type of succession they have, given it was unlikely Anakanos expected to ever die. When he is defeated, Aqua passed on retaking the throne for herself (unless you marry her, which I imagine she ends up as queen.) and instead lets it go to Kamui. So yes, them being cousins isn't needed at all when they have a perfectly valid claim already. Or rather, they should. Its just.. out of the blue and kind of creepy if you married her.

    Of course how out of the blue the reveal was makes it a bit awkward then again Japan does not see anything wrong with it and there places around the world where its not an issue even here in the states. If it bothers people that much well the localization can deal with it but it wasn't really written with the sensibilities of other countries in mind. At the very least it wasn't fetishized like other cases but it could have been handled much better regardless.

  7. It severed no value it could of been yea I knew Aqua's mum cause were both from Touma.

    I'm going to put something BlackMage had said to me in regards to this topic because we are retreading old ground here. These are his words not mine.

    Given that Aqua was part of the real royal family before Hydra took control of the Kingdom, Kamui having blood directly close to the real royal family is important. Instead of just "redeeming" the ruling of a Tyrant by continuing it in a pacific manner, what happens is that Kamui taking control if he is part of the direct royal family makes him inheriting the throne just. And that's what happens, Aqua stays to help Kamui, but he ends up as the ruler by right because that's what Aqua wanted.

    You take their blood relation away and all you get is the kid of the evil previous tyrant continuing his reign while the princess abdicates the throne. The reason why she can do it so freely is because Kamui IS the next person on line to inherit the throne.

    It's not random, it's there for a reason. Specially given that this ends up being the only path where Kamui can end up as the ruler of a Kingdom that is his solely by birthright. Even if Mikoto was the queen of Hoshido, she was only part of the royal family by marriage, no blood involved.

    As for MY standpoint

    It is not the Kissing Cousins thing that bothers me but how it is handled after the reveal. It is never addressed by ANYONE especially Kamu and Aqua. This was a real missed opportunity for some real heavy drama. Regardless if they are lovers or not with just about all of their family dead they are the only survivors of their bloodline there should be some weight there! But once again the theme of family is drowned out for the plot. Could it have been rewritten to not have that angle? Yes but keep in mind Japan doesn't see anything wrong with this.

  8. That really came out of no where and like most things served no purpose to the story.

    I dont have much of an issue with the cousinship although I can understand why it feels awkward to some but there is nothing really wrong with it and I find it funny that people get that worked up over stuff like that. What really bugged me however was the way it was handled from a story telling aspect since its never brought up again and it was indirectly revealed. Its only purpose was to show that Kamui was of the Touma bloodline. They never address how it affected either of the two.

  9. Pairings huh? The shipping wars are already on the way?

    Hmmmm let's see.

    Takumi X Oboro: I was so glad that we avoided a second case of unrequited love

    We'll leave that to Flora X Joker


    Kagerou X Odin: Probably on of the sweetest supports I read and seeing such an adorable side to Kagerou made my heart melt. Why couldn't the supports with Kamui be that good?!?! T_T

    Flannel X Nyx: Very heartwarming supports especially once they hit S-rank.

    Rinka X Ryouma: I think these two make a good pair if do say so myself!

    Zero X Camilla: This the only pairing that can see for these two nutters its like they were made to share their insanity.

    Lazward X Charlotte: These two being together just makes too much damn sense that it is rather eerie. Their personalities just meld well together.

    Subaki X Luna: Oh the delicious irony that comes from this union that I can help but laugh.

    M!Kamui X Azura: I really like this pairing a lot and the load of ship fuel that the game provides make it too damn easy.

    Whether its tragedy or heartwarming triumph well.....


    It so damn canon that it blows a hole through 50 castle walls. I'm not all that bothered by the Kissing Cousins thing tbh although I wish they handled it better,
    On the flip side though because the game supports this pairing so much it really become difficult to pair M!Kamui with anyone else because well the two just seem addicted to each other as any other love interests they may end up with is pretty much forgotten for each other. It doesn't help the supports that Kamui can have with another lady friend are so damn bland and are played so damn safe that there is practically no real chemistry.
    I still really like these two together but to say I like them as much as I enjoy RobinXLucina, RobinXSay'ri, or RobinXLissa would be a lie.

    Mozume X A bunch of folks: Seriously this little cutie can easily be hooked up with plenty of bachelors! <3 <3 <3

    and these because why not?

    Pieri X 20 beers X her servants ::P:

    Garon X Tsukuyomi: "Your my child now!"

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