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  1. Lets see for me it would go a little something like this. Favorite Characters on both routes 1) Kaze: Really grew to like this guy a lot and I thought some of his supports were pretty solid. 2) Mozume: A sweet heart and a total cutie. Its like Donny got a section change and a heavy dose of moe. 3) Aqua: While there are some issues with how she is handled I still like her plenty. Favorite Hoshido Character. Hmmm a bit tricky not many were exactly up to wow levels but I have been growing very fond of Yuugiri! Honorable mentions go to Kagerou(can oh so very cute), Oboro for being well rounded, and Takumi. Favorite Nohr Characters Plenty! Marx/Xander is a pretty cool guy! Giving some love for Harold because GREAT JUSTICE! Benoit is a great guy with kind heart. So very likable. Nyx has great supports and is very interesting. Gunter is cool old dastard and wears the title of Badass Grandpa well. Flora also gets a shout out. Wished she was my maid. Favorite Child Sophie for her sunny personality. Velour for being cute as a button. Seriously my heart goes hnnnng every time she say mama or papa gah so cute! Ignis needs more love. :(
  2. If they go the route of adapting the storyline then is a very good chance of M!Kamui X Azura considering that they are shipped so damn much through all three routes that it is practically Canon. Not to mention there isn't another viable female character that he could be paired up with due to 1) The amount of ship tease with him and Aqua and because of 1 when it comes to 2) There isn't any real chemistry between him and any of his other possible romantic interests. It always Aqua he is Aquaholic through and through. However this can be avoided if they do what the anime adaptation of Persona 4 did and avoid and romance entirely with the exception of some teasing here or there but in the end my money is a gag series or a spin off story.
  3. ^ Why retell the narrative at all? Sounds unnecessary. Sure they could change things around and fix a few hiccups but why not something new?
  4. Gonna feel silly for asking but Items? What do you mean in this regard?
  5. Oh yeah I saw it. I'm curious to how he compares to Ricken I know some folks were not that fond of him either for varying reasons.
  6. They could just do selfcest with M!Kamui X F!Mamui and tell the readers to go f&@@# themselves. No husbandos or waifus for you!
  7. Huh interesting don't know what they could do aside from side/gag stories so I'm am looking forward to see what happens with this.
  8. She is becoming a bit of a basebreaker also it probably has to do with the way the polls were set up. It would probably be different had I just threw everyone based on their gender into a categories their own and let them have at it.
  9. Well there was also that little rescue scene that had ship tease written all over it as well and her "Get A Hold of Yourself" moment when she slaps Chrom back into his senses during his depression over not to mention that infamous glitch when Lucina joins where you see a phantom Sumia creepily watching if Marrible is the mother hmmmmmmm. But yes compared to Ninian/Eliwood its really nothing. I think they were also paired in the novelization from what I heard.
  10. I wonder if there is a way to set a time limit because at some point I like to look over the final results.
  11. Well the only other ones I can think of are Sumia/F!Robin X Chrom and Eliwood X Ninian.
  12. It looks like a special kinky game that she and Kamui are playing I don't know....she doesn't look scared in fact I think she reached her peak in the last panel..........wait are those squiggly lines ? Never mind someone doctored that intentionally.
  13. So......IS is telling us to go f$%#@ ourselves then?
  14. Sounds like a title for dedicated/zealous Aqua/AquaXKamui fans/shippers when I think about it. Any of these are possibilities.
  15. Is it just me or is Pieri the kind of lass who rides the short horse into the battle field? Anyways this cotton candy haired bastard gets my vote for her cruelty and madness being played for laughs and her obnoxious voice. Shara: Tharja clones......pointless and I have a feeling this is just the beginning of a greater nightmare. Felicia: I don't hate here but her clumsiness is played up way too often in way too many supports and I'm sorry but her voice is a bit grating along with her moe blob routine. Tsukuyomi: This guy can go bend over for a moose. An arrogant little twerp. :P Camilla: Kamui this and Kamui that! Her obsession is really unsettling and is comes up way to damn often in a number of supports. A terrible waifu. Jakob: Hate to admit it he is well...kind of a prick. Soleil: Has a single character trait that she never shuts up about and her creepy supports with her mother. Luna: I really do not like tsunderes and Luna/ is no exception to this especially since she is a walking cliche of this archetype.
  16. I guess you can say that Kamui is..... (•_•). ( •_•)>⌐□-□. (⌐□_□) An Aquaholic!
  17. Strange enough to be honest I thought this was a nice change of pace compared to how these scenes usually play out.
  18. Well at least I can give the guy credit for having some initiative hahahaha!
  19. Camilla is a terrible waifu. A relationship with her is unhealthy just like Tharja like seriously forget Shara its Camilla that is Tharja 2.0. Also reminding me that we can romance all our siblings just pisses me off because I have to remember that IS ruined up such a cool concept for more waifus and husbandos. >:(
  20. Which is what I just said. It was heavy handed but IS really out did themselves here. It only makes romancing another female character rather awkward and fruitless because as I mentioned in a previous post I could feel it with any of the other possible waifus as there was zero chemistry with most them and you are constantly being reminded that a certain little blue haired dancer will always come dancing to your door.
  21. This is why I liked something like LucinaXM!Robin there is somethings subtly implied and stuff but its not shoved in your face. I didn't know about this but this does not surprise me considering the rage caused by the fangirls who were angry when SumiaXChrom or other side F!RobinXChrom was being pushed at certain points but it wasn't near this level.
  22. Finding a husbando in Fates is easy this time around but to find a half passable waifu? Ha good luck! Most of the chemistry between a M!Kamui and any other female character are really bland and played too safe for the most part seriously I couldn't really find any that made me nod and say "I cant see these two hooking up." it would help if Kamui would have his/her own damn personality. It doesn't help that as you said the game pushing them together. Its practically a reversal of Awakening with F!Robin and Chrom. It almost feels intentional. Your tears are my Gatorade! Joking!
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