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  1. ^ And more often then not the results were great knee slappers. Futa Saber folks?
  2. Didn't someone say that My Castle is in a different realm? Maybe it has something to do with that?
  3. I'm not surprised there is no Same Sex Relationships or Marriage in general but seriously kids? How the hell does that work????
  4. ^ Oh hi Kamui come to stop my evil plan? What's wrong? You scared? Are you just a big chicken? Chiip chip chip chip chip!!!!
  5. I agree with Neon. A second generation is absolutely out of the question.
  6. Hmmmmmmmm I didn't know you started with one in the beginning.
  7. Will his dub be voiced by Gilbert Gottfried?
  8. True Fire Emblem has never really been known for its subtly.
  9. True they should be called romantic supports rather than marriage since there were some none S-ranks in previous installments before Awakening took it up a notch.
  10. Perhaps her kidnapping occurred first and Garon retaliated?
  11. There is nothing wrong with breasts(Although I am more of a leg kind of guy) but there is little excuse for silly outfits like what she has on.
  12. I had no trouble with her character but her design is rather silly looking.
  13. Its the same as Awakening we at least know that. What that involves exactly I do not know.....
  14. Part of me hopes there will be mainly because its going to f$%^& stupid to have this creepy face rubbing mechanic and nothing else. I may make jokes on it but really who was the piece of #$%# who thought this was a good idea God damn is it ridiculous!
  15. Rinkah I shall rub your face and those abs. Also it looks like there is quite a variety of interactions between party members.
  16. So if Aqua is his daughter then does that mean Kamui was kidnapped as a replacement?
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