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  1. Its suppose to be cute I guess but to me it sounds so unnatural like a castrated harpy.
  2. First off thank you Kirokan great work! Hmmmmm now looking at everyone I am starting to question which side to choose.... I'm liking Kagerou not for *clears throat* for the obvious reasons but I like cool collected women......and ninjas. Kazahana is a tomboy samurai? SCORE!!!! However........ Setsuna's character sounds well okay I guess.. Also Oboro destroyed my ear drums! In regards to Nohr though...... Pieri speaks in third person?!?! God damn it......... But there is still Gasto- I mean Harold.
  3. I wonder if Elise's apparent death is tied to one of the three paths and if we have any control over her survival.
  4. Depends on how big and important choices are aside from which side you will fight for.
  5. Wouldn't that perhaps also include the other Nohr children as well then?
  6. Maybe its a form of corruption?
  7. Mothers always die in anime.........
  8. Definitely sounds a lot better in this trailer.
  9. I don't think she is being pushed on you but she definitely an important actor in this upcoming play. Still we'll see just how far the relationship and connection goes when we learn about the support system. That said I am intrigued by everything I saw and I will be avoiding every spoiler thread till its release date.
  10. I am still digesting everything. Aqua's wound seems to a condition that she didn't want anyone to know of. Maybe she is something much more sinister than just some waifu dancer. That hooded figure may be a major threat or an elite mook of some kind hard to say. We can now confirm that the dragon form has a tendency to go off its tits and its a fight of will power between Kamui and the creature. Plus a but load of other things like it appears in one brief cut scene Elise was dying or something.
  11. ^ ^ Maybe its an events that could occur should you side with Hoshido?
  12. No Garon not van I don't want to go into the van!
  13. Don't mind the dubbing at all but I liked IF instead of Fates. That is my only complaint.
  15. Those were some hella sexy voices!!!!!!! .....Except Elise. I lost an ear drum from that. On a more positive note that Rinka........ :wub:
  16. I'm very curious as to how the folks from Hoshido are going to act because apparently the characters of each faction change depending on your choices. Nohr will obviously act like straight up crazy baddies but seeing their more human sides in their storyline will be intriguing.
  17. ^ This. There is also the fact they are only in the Nohr route as well. What the hell?!?! That is three spots that could have used for new original characters!
  18. Flashy is a huge understatement dude......... Its an example of fantasy armor at its silliest. So many open areas to place a couple of arrows in.
  19. I prefer Hinoka over Camilla. Not only because I love tomboys but man oh man does Camilla look ridiculous sure maybe her character will save her but the design choices for her are absolutely asinine!
  20. Yeah not a reliable source that is why I said was looking into an actual source which either A)Does not exist or B) I am not looking in the right place. Its leaning towards A at the moment.
  21. I'm not certain which issue(s) I apologize in this regard it sounds like random information and I am looking for the article as we speak to confirm it but if true this does suggest other pairings are very possible.
  22. So apparently according to recent issues of Famitsu Aqua and a Male Avatar can become an item what that means for everyone is uncertain though.
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