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  1. They are either over the top or over-sexualized and as Frosty put it not all that creative. Hopeful everything else concerning Nohr is better than the current presentation.
  2. I don't dislike characters for their looks although certain designs are rather weird as hell. For me the most important thing is CHARACTER. How I judge these characters will be heavily based on that factor. Also Chiki your fanboyism is really starting to get rather grating. Tone it down a little please.
  3. I wonder how many characters each side will get in total now that you mention it.
  4. You make some pretty good points here. Hmmmmm. I guess we'll find out soon enough.
  5. @ DualMix Come at my bro..... @ Tsunami Yeah...nope.
  6. That would be ideal. Also when I said marriage I meant romantic pair ups in a broader sense. But considering there hasn't been much info at all on it its possible that little has changed since they creators are so excited to show off all the new goodies but that's just my thought.
  7. But the S-Rank was simply for the marriage bonus in Awakening and was limited to only once pairing for that little extra punch when said characters fought together. The other games managed fine with both character and gameplay without them before so why would it make sense to have it when there is no need for it. Giving S-Rank bonuses to every relationship is ludicrous as well as it would make every pairing OP as hell.
  8. I'd think then they would just stick to the A-B-C system then if that was the case.
  9. ^ This could be a possible explanation for it even if its(Face Rubbing) still awkward to begin with. I do see the possibility of limited S supports(If there are any) for certain character since there isn't an inheritance system here. I don't think there will be any homosexual pairings though and there is an even slimmer chance for incest(Please Gods no!) so to make up for it(as you said) they added that face rubbing thing.
  10. I really doubt that there will be incest if the marriage system is in at all. It would be infuriating if they would allow siblings to marry but not folks of the same gender. I hope it never comes to be.
  11. If it is back then its going to be very limited considering a chunk of the characters are family. Which makes me think there will be a great focus on Family considering it is what essentially kicks off one of the main conflicts.
  12. People are concerned with the strangest things.......
  13. Thanks for the translation! Great work really its nice to be able finally read this. The description of the Skin-ship thing doesn't male it any less awkward though.
  14. I think a high level of trust is needed before you let some touch like that. Just my opinion though so it could be based on the rank.
  15. ...........I wanna boink a ninja. There I said it.
  16. Pushed Chrom and Robin? Nah. They did it with Sumia though like holy hell. Anyways it looks like this could be suggesting that this power of Kamui's is prone to out burst of rage and aggression and if my gut feeling is correct this wont be the last time it happens if at the point of this scene it hasn't already happened before.
  17. I'd laugh my ass off it was. Just the thought off calling in a character like Rinka or Benoit and start rubbing my hands all over their faces is just so goofy of an image. But its optional so its no big deal.
  18. Now that I think about it you are absolutely right. That makes a lot of sense.
  19. I'm still curious as to why its taking so long for information on supports to come out. Hell we've gotten pretty much everything else along with the kitchen sink.
  20. So its Lissa with a different hair color and profession with a split personality after being kicked by a horse?
  21. @ DualMix That might be a bit of a stretch in regards to the Rinka page then again we don't have a full grasp of her character yet so I could be wrong. @ MajorMajora A lot of folks are hoping for S-supports to return. Kids on the other hand not so much.
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