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  1. Dialogue options? Hmmmmmm not certain. Too early to tell with IF mainly because we still haven't heard anything else about the support system yet and we might not till its release in Japan. Could be cool though but at the same time not really necessary.
  2. Game wont suffer if its not in the game in to be honest. It was just a bunch of colored sprinkles on top a mound that was the actual treat. Also as you said it was mainly to get extra characters and its looking to me children are not going to be a thing for IF. However should it come back then it would most likely be limited or the key word in your last sentence. Selective.
  3. That feature was because of the inheritance system Awakening had going. There is no real reason why we need this marriage system without a good reason for it just having it there for the sake of having it is just pandering.
  4. Well I guess I throw in a couple of cents into this. First off in the Romance thread I said that I think its very unlikely that we will get any sort of romance like we did in Awakening. Its possible that certain characters could end up together at the end of their supports. I'm sure the Avatar can chat everyone up but I seriously doubt it will go beyond that. Things like this are nowhere near as important as a well made and balanced game with a strong story and well written characters. Those are the things we should be more concerned about. Its already gotten weird with the baths and the face rubbing stuff(Seriously WTF?). The fanservice is really getting out of hand so far.
  5. So what is the deal with the Severa clone anyways? Seems odd.
  6. Nohr - Morally complex(Not simply black and white) - Reforming a corrupt and broken nation sounds very interesting. - A harder difficulty. - Elise <3 - Bonds >>>>>> Blood. - Down with Garon! Hail Marx!!!! This at least how I feel at the moment. :P
  7. I just hope the story isn't black and white, The Nohr path looks hopeful in that regard but Hoshido...... I guess we will have to wait and see once its released in Japan.
  8. Hello folks glad to have finally decided to walk into Serene Forest. I am honestly so happy to know that there will be a new Fire Emblem game. Can't wait! Now I was certain to get settled so I thought I'd get started by throwing in my two cents in this thread. Parts of thinks that there is a very slim chance that the "marriage system" will return there doesn't seem to much reason since we wont have kids in this one. Now its likely certain characters will have a sort of canon interest in one another. For example Oboro's crush on Takumi. Others may just have a sort of friendship at their end of the supports. I have doubts that the Avatar can "romance" anyone but the player may of course get to play matchmaker like in previous installments. If I am wrong then the Avatar might have a very limited list of potential love interests. A few possible ones could be Felicia, Crimson, Cyrus, Elfie, and Joker basically characters outside of the family. Now I don't doubt that the Avatar can support with EVERYONE but anything beyond that is highly debatable. Now if we do get to romance anyone I hope I can snuggle Felicia or the Amazon Goddess Rinka(Those abs....). As I said though it still up in the air.
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