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  1. Difficult of not they both to some extent succeed in the same element(gameplay) yet both also fail in the same category(story) as well.
  2. People have different opinions on what attracts or repels them about a character. Some times is because they are connected to basebreakers like Tharja(Shara obviously) or just they are hating on something because it is popular. Some just don't like the idea that other people like certain characters more than ones they like. It can also be gameplay or perhaps their place in the narrative. The three kids from Awakening and Lucina.are example of backlash due to popularity while the villains are an example of poor use in the game's story since they were so one dimensional.
  3. Pretty much the same with Awakening. Nice gameplay but a painfully cliche black & white narrative.
  4. How much are they going to be able to change though? And on top of that what could they do? I don't know the process works but I doubt they could play Mr. Potato Head too much with these games.
  5. I agree with this to be honest. There is no guarantee that the writing wont be crap but at the very least it wont come down to scrapping the barrel for support conversations. Also I'm in favor of a Flora/Joker support.
  6. Would have liked to have seen the Kamuisexuals get other supports. Sucks that they are so limited because it makes the a hell of a lot less flexible and it would have been interesting to learn more about them because there is plenty of untapped potential with them.
  7. No offense taken friend! :) The problems with these polls is that you only suggest rules like how many you are suppose to vote for but there is no stopping people from voting well beyond that unless you set it to a single vote but that becomes a problem since not everyone can settle for just one character although if push comes to shove it could come up with way more accurate results as that means one vote per member.
  8. Your poll isn't much different either since you have her in a separate category from the rest of the female cast with the same number and characters.
  9. Depends is it an international poll or just a national one? Never took part in one of those or seen them but people mentioned them. If I recall the winners ended up in that Summer Scramble DLC for Awakening and in another Lucina won first place.
  10. Well then that isn't too bad although Awakening was nice enough to give us her in the game without having to do that.
  11. Geez these forums are really just fuming with negativity not really feeling it with this fanbase. Its like I stepped into MyAnimeList again. :P
  12. I am curious to see how the localization of this game turns out. You know what things they'll tweak and what things will remain. I'm not certain how much in Awakening was altered and rewritten so I guess we'll see.
  13. Then I guess she isn't then I thought her father was my mistake ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.
  14. So are these new DLCs prequel narratives or continuations to this route? Just curious.
  15. In a lot of myths like in Greek mythology powerful being like the Gods took different form to *clears throat* have a little extra fun with mortals. Zeus visited Perseus's mother by transforming into a shower of gold for example or when it came to Heracles he actually had the balls to turn into the husband of Alcmene(Heracles's mother) and impregnated her then. This union could also have been none consensual.
  16. Wait so we have to pay extra just for her or is she coming a little extra in this package?
  17. Wow the current results are very interesting here. Flora has been doing astounding and Kagerou along with Hana are not doing half bad. Kanna has been surprising but man poor Anna being left in the dust. Thought she'd get a lot of votes just for popularity. I'm still shocked know one knows how to acquire her yet.
  18. The way the polls are playing out in each category is interesting.
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