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  1. You are doing great work Ms. Pigeon! Its been nice seeing such quality videos! Thank you!
  2. She(Flora) could have used a few more supports to be honest. Not to mention.... .
  3. Not to mention she is so far in the lead by a few votes in that category.
  4. Its pretty much rude to anyone to anyone with a difference in opinion or taste it wouldn't make a difference if it was Aqua or someone else. Also as DanMan people can like a character for different number of reasons or a combination of them.
  5. Pretty depressing being the only character so far without a single vote.
  6. Damn those are some good Hinoka pics! Love me a well toned tomboy!
  7. That was intentional I tried to create a bunch of categories but the limit is 5. So I had to fuse both factions genders together. :P Note I cant figure out how set a limit to how many though....
  8. So with all the new exposure, news, and even spoilers I thought it would be interesting to see what the impressions were of Fates' cast. Who are your favorite characters now that you have learned a bit(and for some a lot) more about them? The first two polls are only allowed for a single vote while the others allow for multiple votes since there so many characters. Please keep it friendly and have fun! :
  9. Poor bastard.......You gotta watch out for those Nipple Biters the Hoshido Kingdom trains them well in that art.
  10. I actually grew fond of Nyx. I like her a hell of a lot more than most of the characters. She has a very interesting backstory and her voice is nice despite from what I am reading she is not a very good unit.
  11. I'll admit I find the whole thing rather odd and I had to do a double take when I read that such a thing was in the game. Its not horrible but it does feel a bit out of place. That being said I like the animation and the well crafted character models although some of them like Setsuna for example move in strange ways. Also some of the dialogue can be rather sweet and endearing and at times gives me an little extra insight into the character(s). All in all I'm in the middle.
  12. Ah so it comes down to a check list? As for the second part if that is the direction you are heading then I'm looking forward to see how it progresses. It should be a rather unorthodox pair up. Then again I don't know what the average pairings are for either gender hahaha.
  13. Come now there are plenty dudes in the cast who are made of husbando material. You try finding a handful of decent waifu characters for a Male Kamui because for me very few make the cut.
  14. I doubt they would do something like this you know because self-inserting and all that jazz. I was hoping for Kamui to be his/her own character rather than a blank slate but that is one of the many side dishes on this plate of fanservice. I definitely agree about the siblings though as the whole idea was poorly handled and was a real fart on the story and its themes.
  15. Sounds good to me! Lets us know when you get the first chapter up!
  16. So here are my thoughts and advice. - Dark and Edgy does not always mean a good story: Just because one throws in a bunch of blood, guts, and angst it doesn't mean the narrative wont end up pretentious garbage. I never felt the Fire Emblem were great a being serious war stories. So my idea is a balance don't saturate it with just red food coloring or heaps of sugar. -One Kamui: In my opinion you should only have a sole main protagonist and make certain he/she is well rounded and believable. I know what your trying to do with two of them but it could over complicate things down the road. If you want to show the view point of the opposite then I suggest have it told from that of one of the major characters on that side like for example should you do that with Nohr have it be Xander since he is closely associated with things both military and political. That is just my suggestion If you still want to go for it best of luck to you but be careful with how you juggle them around especially if you r going for Cync vs Idealism. Crush the Heart Candies: In my opinion if I was trying my hand at this I would get rid of the romance or at the least cut it down considerably. You have a lot on your plate and I think the fic would only become bloated should you stick in a bunch shipping especially the kind that has no bearing on the story. For example if you want do two Kamuis why not focus solely on their romantic relationships and work to develop them? Flip the Cradle: If the kids become too much of a pain to find them a place in your story without doing a HUGE time skip then just leave them out you'll save yourself a hell of a headache. I'm leaving them out for my crossover fic because they only create more questions. Got some more but I'm trying to avoid a wall of text.
  17. -The Nohr Storyline(I actually really like Invisible Kingdom and Birthright despite some hiccups). - Children returning. The explanation for their being is really forced and they have no bearing on the plot. - Kamuisexuals. I like the characters(especially Yuugiri ) but I wished they could support with other characters. - Characters like Soleil(Faint looking at girls, talking to girls, obsessing overs girls yet I'm not gay or even BI? Oh and I'm going to flirt with my mom!), Camilla(Kamui this and Kamui that! I'll kill everyone for Kamui!), and Felicia(Clumsy girl is clumsy) who only have one gimmick or are just a pain in the a%#. - The Skinship. The actual mini-game is weird but some of the character dialogue really sweet and at times gives me an extra insight into the character(This of course varies). - The theme of Fates is flushed down the drain for..... . - Along with the Skinship and kids there is way too much fanservice. The pandering is real in Fates! - The way the supports are handled this time is confusing. There is mixed bag of quality in terms of the writing, every S-support for some reason ends with marriage instead of the two characters just being together, Kids can't talk to other characters but one another and their parents, a lot of recycling for certain supports, and the pairing endings are rather shallow from what I heard..... - Dress up!
  18. How are you managing to play it? Sounds like its a pain to understand the narrative the way the game is now.
  19. Apparently their ending went a little something like this...
  20. Any new supports translated for Mitama, Kagerou, or Rinka? Also anyone know if F!Kamui x Yuugiri has been translated by anyone? Thanks! :)
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