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  1. I expect these lists to change very quickly. People say they have them all settled but in their hearts they know they are only lying to themselves.
  2. More character interactions are always a good thing I support this idea!
  3. I fight for my brothers and sisters in arms!
  4. I intend to bring my own brand of darkness to Fates with one of my favorite series regardless if I play it or not.
  5. Now that I had the time to look at some of the supports I have revised and added some things to my planned supports.....Still not 100% done though. Hoshido Nohr The Invisible Kingdom
  6. I noticed that the Kamui-Sexual characters have unique supports depending on the Avatar's gender. I've seen the ones for Izana and Crimson. Did anyone find the one for Yuugiri and F!Kamui?
  7. I definitely agree that the games really lack a good gray zone when comparing the two kingdoms which is rather disappointing because I was hoping for a more morally ambiguous storyline which could explain the quality of Conquest.
  8. That does not excuse the poor quality of many of these supports. Just because something was not perfect in past installments does not mean the writers shouldn't try to improve them now.
  9. Ummmmmmmm They just had to up the creep factor with this Skinship stuff. Wonderful.......
  10. ^ I agree. I feel maybe about 5 possible romantic supports and perhaps 5 for buddy/platonic connections would be a good number. As you mention context is important a history or familiarity between the characters serves a good foundation. There would be a less need to butt rush the writing. Honestly I would even extend this to the main characters as well in future games this whole self-insert/blank slate thing does more harm than good I think that IS should focus on creating well-rounded characters instead of this Waifuing system. Doing this would allow the players to connect and have a better understanding of such characters. Look at some of the supports for Kamui a lot of them feeling like they are playing it safe and don't have that spark that other match ups have because IS didn't give him/her that much of an identity. If I was going into anti-shipping goggles mode when putting Kamui's supports together with the mind set he/she is his/her own character it would look a little something like this... Making Mikoto and Shinmei childhood friends / very distantly related instead of being siblings would be a good start. ^^^^^ Yeah that is going to be fun.
  11. Its clear from the get-go that there are way too many S-supports in Fates with most feeling rushed thanks to things like the child mechanic which I still feel was completely unnecessary for Fates. In addition there is a butt load of pandering with characters getting turned into romance options when really then they shouldn't be among these being the child characters and your siblings on both sides. Then there are the complaints of not enough husbandos and waifus or not enough bi options or not enough gay options or something that doesn't cater to a person's preference or some fetish which comes back to my other mentioned issues of trying to please everyone it become less about telling a good story with good characters and becomes more about "Oh look how cute this pairing is!" or "My little waifu is so moe I want to pet her and squeeze here and call her Debby!" or "Man why can't I see these two get together *pouts*". I feel that its crap like this that takes away from possible meaningful and deep connections with characters which is why I agree with those that say that there should be a limited number of romantic supports and possibly changes in the system that makes the growing bond more natural. Hell throw in some platonic relationships as well but in general make the supports have both weight and heart.
  12. I think making them more limited could open the possibilities for more interesting and meaningful supports especially if they hit the S-Rank. That is my opinion at least.
  13. Some images would be nice if its not too much trouble.
  14. Well that is not surprising considering how few big projects she has been involved with.
  15. So it came down to mechanics? Weird I just wanted to read it out of curiosity. It doesn't bother me all that much anyways as I am not really a fan of Camilla anyways but its strange as Minischew said that you can only become close friends with two characters yet can romance a wide variety of folks.
  16. HUH?!?!?! Your joking right? Is it because Camilla dislikes Aqua or something? Resentment for her getting to close to her little Kamui? ......Or am I looking too much into this? :/
  17. I have seen just about all of the sibling supports with Aqua but it appears that Camilla's has yet to be translated. Anyone take care of that or find a link to it?
  18. Daaaaaw! Its things like these fiction or otherwise that make me wish to be a dad someday......
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