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  1. So, I haven't laughed at a character trailer in a long time, but man... Anna being chased by multiple Annas while carrying a hunk of treasure over her head might actually be the funniest thing I've seen in awhile. Made me imagine that this must be a thing the family has to deal with on a daily basis. Can you just imagine tiny hordes of redheads chasing each other around going, "It's mine, I saw it first, you can't have it, na-na-na-na-na!" The utter chaos their parents must have to deal with... Plus, ballista. I didn't know how badly I wanted an Anna riding a ballista until this moment. I'm going to have heaps of fun with this game. And is there anywhere on this specific section of Serenes that is not filled with heaping, inglorious, absolutely ridiculous amount of salt? Anywhere?
  2. Pleased to see some gameplay, though I admit Tiki had some lost potential. Still, I'm happy to see her. I'll be even happier if we get an adult version, or at the very least, a re-skin. Would be nice to see her adult form get some representation, too.
  3. I think the exact same argument can be used for Ike, who is almost hands-down one of the most popular characters for Fire Emblem, and is seen everywhere to the point of exhaustion for some fans. Even on Serenes, I've seen a lot of Ike fans bashing Lyn fans because if she can get in, why can't he, and so and and so forth. It's a bit baffling, as a poster above as mentioned. If Lyn got in, the chances for Ike have been raised exponentially, and as one of the people who is genuinely tired of seeing him everywhere, I think that's a good thing for the game as a whole. Overall, it's probably not a good idea to be grouping all fans together for some behaviour being seen in and outside of Serenes. There's already enough in-fighting as it is over popularity contests, and it can make the series look pretty bad for newcomers and veterans alike. Plus, it's generally just exhausting for fans who just want to be excited rather than be dragged through another round of internet hissy-fitting. True, that doesn't make any insulting or patronizing behaviour okay, and I'm not pleased with the subset of Lyn fans who are going too far, but after years of being subject to Ike being shoved down my throat, I can understand where they come from, you know? Not everyone loves everyone, but we all do love the series. Better to focus on that than anything else.
  4. Just say yes. It makes things easier. I'd also have to say rabbits. They're native, but I don't get to see them often. Living in the city means wildlife tends to avoid you like the plague. Seeing a bun is always a reason to celebrate in my books.
  5. ... That is a shockingly good point that I never once thought of and now I want to kick myself savagely in the butt. Please excuse me. And thank you.
  6. Good god, I shouldn't be out in the wild with duelists. I haven't played since my schooldkid days, and I can't even remember half of those years! I'm a bit scared now. ... A lot scared now. What was your introduction to dueling, my friend?
  7. Overall, I'm hoping for Hyrule Warriors like implementation when it comes to DLC. More maps in the "history" mode, an expansion of the story, a villian set of playable characters (I know my girlfriend would chop off her left arm for a playable Validar), and plenty more of minor elements that can expand the game itself as Hyrule Warriors did. Higher level caps, more weapons and tiers, and overall a wide, wide world that seems like it'd be impossible to complete quickly. I'm still doing runs in the maps of Adventure Mode for HW so I can top tier every single character's weapons. I'd love for FE:W to have that same feeling of playability throughout their DLC line.
  8. I gotta admit, I'm more surprised at the sheer amount of salt than I am at the arrival of Lyndis in Warriors. After Hyrule Warriors roster, I fully expected that the limitation on the character pool wouldn't actually be concrete. Though, admittedly, I figured this would be more of a DLC implementation than anything else. There's simply too much of a pool to pick from when it comes to Fire Emblem, and what company would stymie themselves from making some extra money by not indulging other fans' wants and putting in popular characters that weren't under the strict game-choice banner? This also, mostly to me, puts Ike's chances of showing up somewhere along the line pretty high. Fan favourites are rarely ignored in games with large character rosters... I can't imagine FE:Warriors ignoring this, especially if it will be following Hyrule's format. (However, should I prove to be wrong, I apologize in advance. I might be hoping for too much.) Regardless, I'm going to hold out hope for an Adult Tiki in the roster, as well as Hector. I forgot how much I loved him, and seeing Lyn just made me hope he'll show up. In a game with the Warriors-style theme, what could be better than playing a mountain of a man with an axe about the size of his body windmilling around a map? Here's hoping there's some quality DLC like Hyrule Warriors had.
  9. Awakening: Adult Tiki, Morgan (either gender), Gaius, Inigo, or Owain. Mystery: Caeda, any of the White Wings or all of the White Wings, Katarina, or maybe Camus. Fates: Show me Camilla, perhaps Takumi or Zero, and I'll call it a day and go home quietly. Though seeing a M!Corrin would make me happy, too. Though he may be a skin choice. No need to waste a character slot on a male version, unless they want to go the Heroes route and make him dragon only.
  10. I'm so glad to see Lissa using an axe in this game. I loved her a bit too much as a War Cleric, so seeing her throwing around a huge hunk of metal is pretty much one of my favourite things ever. Frederick showing up is also a lovely surprise, and I mean that sincerely. Will be fun to also throw him at waves of enemies and laugh maniacally. I'm however gonna return to my corner and wait patiently (hopelessly) to see an Adult Tiki show up. I may love chibi Tiki to death, and I heard she may be showing up for Mystery's roster because of the Warriors-supporting Tiki amiibo, but... I really want her adult form in here, too.
  11. -raises hand- Meeeee! I love theming my teams. I did it in Awakening, and I was excited to do it in Fates. Haven't completely fine-tuned it yet, but I was debating on the my favourite royals, spouses, and retainers... I think my favourite thing was using all of the Exalted characters, children, and their spouses for one of my Awakening playthroughs. I was admittedly a bit surprised with how well it worked at the end of it... Perfect number. (Chrom, Avatar, Lissa, Donny, Lucina, Inigo, Morgan, Nah, Owain, and Severa.) I'm hoping to really be able to recreate that for Fates somehow. Maybe a Touma theme... I have yet to decide. -cough- Back to the original question... It depends on my playthrough. Female: Petals in the Wind, and Flora. Male: Knowledge, and again, Flora. ... Why can't that be a thing? That would have been hysterical.
  12. I swear I love Camilla more every single time I read her just not giving a damn about flirting with other women and just being such a tease as she does so.
  13. I beat Shigure's paralogue in one turn. By accident. I didn't mean to get myself into the boss' range, but he made a beeline right for me and I didn't even have to do anything since I was overleveled at the time. I think that qualifies.
  14. I had a lot of fun imagining Marx and Leon's dumbstruck faces when they made the announcement about getting married... And it was rather interesting to have them mention the idea of support vs protest. Considering how much the two in question (Camilla and Kamui) seem to be concerned about their family, it's rather sweet of them to hold their siblings' opinions as highly as their own pursuit for happiness... ... and the thought of both of them spending thirty-plus wishes solely on their spouse really hit me in the sweet spot. Goodness, this conversation did not disappoint at all.
  15. A moose?! Wait... Does this mean he moved to Canada? goes to fetch a net
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