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  1. I just hate Mind Control/Possession/Brainwashing of a character for conflict among the party. i see it too much in media and find it as lazy
  2. Pick my units. DLC classes allowed but limited to 1. this is conquest so make sure they appear in that game. children can only be picked if the 2 characters making them are already picked. Corrin is also able to have there class chosen along with asset and flaw.
  3. I bought Tales of Graces f for my ps3, but the case fell out of the bag it was in and I didn't notice it. I got another copy of the game just due to being a Tales fan and wanting all the games in the series I could get, however the game itself then became my least favorite in the series out of the ones I have played just due to the beginning alone failing to get me even remotely interested in the game.
  4. Please respond with a new class for Elise. If not I will put her in as a Falcon Knight by A+ing Azura
  5. Eirika Zelda Farore's Wind+ (or any of the 3 oot spells) (green tome) Swaps locations of user and enemy after use but its weak Summon quote: Why now at this time, I feel as if my kingdom is about to fall. I am Eirika Princess of Renais I guess I have no choice but to help you Status quotes: (hums Zelda's Lulluby) In my spare time I am starting to learn how to play an occarina My kingdom has fallen to darkness more times than I can remember I am so Thankful my brother Ephraim is around at times to save our kingdom I will wait 7 or 100 years if it would mean my kingdom would be safe Offensive quotes: I will save the kingdom Darkness won't last My time to be the Hero Skills: B: lasting Milk (just going to give this to every Zelda theme character I make) C: Light seal: Automatically follow up against Magic users at 70% or higher HP Support: Ardent Sacrifice
  6. So Nintendo has there theme park coming out in universal so I am deciding to make 4 FE lords have a costume themed on another Nintendo Character. This will be a long post Marth (Mario) Weapon Shroom Hammer + (Deals increased damage on enemies with increased stats) Quotes Summoned: It's a me Marth Status Screen: at times, I feel like I can jump high enough to stomp down on the heads of my enemies. Wow Shareena is here, I thought she was in another castle I had this weird dream that I was made of Paper and so were my allies I am kind of an athletic type, I don't know of a sport I can't do What does the M on my hat mean, well Marth of course Offensive Skill quotes Lets-a Go (Mario and Luigi gibberish) (hums Mario Theme) Skills: A: Power Star: when attacked enemy loses 5 hp C: Flagpole jump: gain 500 Hero feathers if at full HP at end of battle Offensive: Bonfire Roy (Pikachu) Catastropika+ (blue tome) when initiating combat at half hp automatically follow up Summon Quotes: I feel like it should be the other way around, but I Roy chose you Status quotes: I want your trust in me, I need to be the very best This tail is annoying, It is practically a lightning rod How do I look? I have been trying to lose weight for a while I hope I don't set a trend of people copying my costume I need to travel across the land and search far and wide Offensive: You may never win All I got to do is Believe We will carry on Skills: B: Capture: has a 5% chance of recruiting named units (besides villans) after defeat but at 1 star C: revive: 5% chance of reviving adjacent ally when they fall in battle Support: Swap Ike (Link) Colorless bow mounted Fairy Bow+ (heals 4 hp at the end of each turn) Summon quote: What? have I slept for 7 years? Who are you? my name is Ike Status screen: I have a Heron I knew from my world who has left me. would you mind helping me find her? I have a blade that can seal evil, but right now it is too busy actually sealing it. These people don't get as sidetracked as I hope. back home all I really need is a bug net Between you and me, I stole this horse from a ranch I hate crawling through dungeons, the puzzles really take there toll on my brain Offensive (Link Grunt) For the sake of the kingdom I will be evil's bane Skills: A: Death blow B: Lasting Milk: Restore 12 hp twice per battle Offensive: Triangle Bullseye: Add half of hp to attack stat Corrin F (Samus) Arm Cannon+ (Colorless bow) Can counterattack from any range Summon Quote: Where am I? nevermind I will be fine as long as HE isn't here. My names Corrin by the way Status: I chose to go be a bounty hunter for a living, tough job but someone has to do it If you see a purple dragon like thing please kill it, not for me, for my parents I am afraid of dragons... yet I am part dragon, it's weird how that happens I dropped my helmet before you summoned me, with it everyone thinks I'm a guy My suit can make me roll into a ball, it sure beats crawling offensive: Your in my sight I can use this Let's end this quick Skills: B: Bomb jump (after attacking move to opposite side of enemy) C: Savage blow Support: Pivot
  7. America Arthur: Weapon Fireworks + (Red Tome) When Used Athur takes 5 damage at the end of the turn Arthur is already Red White and Blue but put Stars on his armor and a Top hat Reminiscent of Abraham Lincoln Quotes Summoned: Justice will always prevail for the glory of this great nation or my name isn't Uncle Arthur Status Screen: With these rocket's red glare evil has met its match Justice will never die as long as great individuals like ourselves are around to protect our wonderful nation O say does that Fiery emblem of justice yet break I may be Nohrian at birth, but in my heart I believe in justice No evildoer can stop my patriotism towards this country of justice Offensive Skill Quotes These bombs, bursting in the air Justice never dies For one nation Skills A: Trust in Justice: automatically follow up if the enemies have defeated one of your units the previous turn C: Democratic: If alive at end of battle get 500 hero feathers per unit alive Offensive: Veto: Deal half of enemies attack as damage to units adjacent to arthur
  8. No special kid rules. I will just grind the supports in castles
  9. Winter Micaiah: Staff (Candy Cane+) Description: Restors 4 hp each turn Micaiah is wearing a santa outfit Skills: Support: Holiday Cheer: 5 hp and a dance Skills B: Shining Present: after killing an enemy adjacent units regain 5 hp C: Bright Tomorrow: +3 to Attack res and def to allies within 2 spaces if Micaiah waits Quotes: Summon: "Christmas cheer is Radiating in me I can't wait to share it with you... OH! and before I forget my name is Micaiah" Voiced: " They call me the silver haired maiden, but I guess my hair isn't the only thing silver this time of year" "have you seen Sothe around? I was hoping to spend the holidays with him." "I hope that one day wars will be over and we can all be together for this special time of year" "How has the season treated you? if I could I would go and buy you a present." "I should be a natural at making spirits bright, or at least I always tried back home." "Don't you love the snow?" Offensive quotes: I shine like a star Joy to all My present to you
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