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  1. Shane


    I'm Shane. Hi. This man gets it. I live in a state where paying bills is ridiculous compared to other states in Australia. I'm certainly not looking forward to it when moving out, but it's gotta happen sooner or later I suppose. - Sorry for the late response. I don't come here much. :V
  2. Shane


    I randomly came back to see what's been happening around here lately. Maybe I will make a thread to see how's everyone been or something. Life has been weird for me now that I'm used to adulthood. I found love, graduated high school, planning on moving out and going to university also. I have been batting my demons, depression and all, and it's going well for me. Been a bit more daring these days too trying new things and wanting to explore new places. Along with trying new things, I might try Fates, but I heard it's coming out a bit later here. Anyways, I don't have much else to say. I don't really feel like contributing to the forum but I met a lot of nice people here, and for anyone who added me on Skype, I changed accounts cause my old one might of got actually hacked. So yeah.
  3. Congrats, hope you continue to enjoy spending time here.
  4. im not dead?????

  5. Hey guys, how's it going? I'm Shane and I took a small hiatus from this forum. But now I'm back officially! What happened was that I personally got bored of this forum. So I decided to take a break and do other things! What I did...: I learned to romhack. Pretty great, right? I recently found my waifu. I got into support group after finding out I became a weeaboo. But my senpai was there and I shouted "senpai notice me" and I was bashed by everyone for being a weeaboo. I got bruised everywhere, and I decided to become full weeaboo and watch anime in Japanese without knowing what they're saying. I decided that I will post on forums -occasionally- only. That's right! I'll only be posting here on occasions, but I'll be here. If that makes any sense. I know you're all excited to see me back, but don't get too excited. Bye!
  6. People tell me my threads are the same old things. I don't understand because my threads are like special snowflakes, so I need your input guys. Also I might go on hiatus for a while. Bye.
  7. I watched a compelling YouTube video about it made by my waifu, and we're taking advantage of it and we'll run out by July 2019. Is this really true? If so, we need to quit gravity for a little bit guys. Please consider because we're running out of gravity right now. Thank for consideration.
  8. Everyone dislikes me. This calculator is rigged.
  9. There was a bowl of fruit in Margret's kitchen. It has three bananas and two apple. Her son Billy, took one apple and one banana for school. Her daughter Sally took one banana, and put half of the eaten banana back. When picking up Billy from school, Margret brings a bag of oranges, and puts twenty in the bowl. She makes orange juice with half of them. That said, how big is the USA?
  10. If there is twenty trees out in my back yard, and I chop down five, how big is the sun's mass?
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