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  1. I don't have many yet, since I haven't played the game. But a few I'm interested in: Ashe x Bernadetta Ashe x Lysithea Claude x Marianne Felix x Dimitri Felix x Ingrid Sylvain x Ingrid Mercedes x Ingrid Edelgard x Ingrid Everyone x Ingrid I mean after the otome memes how can I not?
  2. Dang, I guess they really are going to show off post time-skip designs before launch... I didn't think I'd have to stop following news an entire month before release, but I really don't want to see anyone from after the skip. Bummer.
  3. I checked twice and didn't see Python (kind've surprised given he did fairly well in CYL2), but he's been my most wanted unit since... well, since Echoes. Sorry to add to the long list x_x
  4. We really haven't heard much of them. For something like VA, it helps to know the characters better to determine how well the voices fit. That said, Sylvain's voice stuck out to me as great. I low-key just want to replay him talking, even though it's not much. Dedue and F!Byleth are two others I immediately liked.
  5. Having recently played SS, I would be kinda bummed if we didn't see some offensive Light magic. Lightning, Shine, Purge, Divine, Aura... And Faith rank could give a Darkbreaker skill or whatever (I miss the Trinity of Magic okay).
  6. I enjoy putting characters in classes that aren't their starting class too much to follow what the game tells me to do. Like in Fates, I had one playthrough that was pretty much dedicated to putting characters in completely new (non-optimal) classes via Friendship and Partner Seals. So much fun. So yeah, I'm gonna do my own thing with them. I won't go for professor levels that the unit is weak in (and doesn't have a hidden talent for), though. No need playing on Super Hard, lol.
  7. @thecrimsonflash I know not everyone wants to order from Gamestop, but aren't the pins in the EU SE like... extremely similar to the Gamestop pre-order pins? Both sets feature the three house flags. Maybe the EU SE pins are a bit fancier, but I would personally rather get the calendar AND some pins xD
  8. I originally wasn't planning on getting the SE (I actually have the regular version pre-ordered), but now I'm financially in a better place than I was a few months ago when I made that decision. And I'm a sucker for SE's. I got Fates SE (because all games in one), Echoes SE (cute pins and CD), and BotW SE (not FE but still). I have the boxes and their cool stuff proudly on display. Sound Selection CDs obviously aren't as nice as full OSTs, but I already listen to the two 3H tracks we were given (main theme and Fodlan Winds) on repeat because I like them so much, and I wager I'll like most if not all of the others. But the calendar is only good for a year... But the steelbook looks so cool... I'll have to think on it a bit more. I do like the American SE better than the other options, though.
  9. Everyone becomes hotter, except Lorenz, who will look almost exactly the same. And Marianne becomes more of a mess. Real talk though, I think I'm most excited to see how Ashe changes. He has a bit of a baby face now, but he already looks quite attractive. With a few more years... and all that family drama... who knows what'll happen? Unrealistic hopes are that Felix, Sylvain, and Raphael all get facial hair. Not a lot on the former two, but Raph needs a full beard, FE6 Hector style. Please.
  10. My thoughts exactly. Fire Emblem games have a tendency to focus on only a handful of characters, largely because permadeath makes it impossible to know who's going to be alive and who isn't. But if the characters were on the enemy side, then they would have to be alive, and therefore could be given more plot relevance. With house-hopping available, that of course becomes more difficult to account for. My hope is that after graduation, everyone goes back to their nation. Cue 5 year time-skip, other house students you previously recruited start as enemies (I think someone maybe mentioned this possibility earlier), and they can have their plot relevance/screentime. Because you recruited and taught them before the time-skip, they are now recruitable in the war phase. It's a little wonky, but I think that's our best bet for having side characters that matter to the main story considering we have this recruitment mechanic. At least the paralogues look to have some interesting character depth included.
  11. This battle prep menu is slick. Most of the options seem standard fare. "Marketplace" is probably like how some games allow you to shop in the prep screen, though whether the shop is worth using or not *coughSScough* shall be seen in time.
  12. I thought nothing would sway me from going with Claude for my first playthrough. Then, a few weeks ago, I saw Felix's portrait. I'll admit, I wavered. It's in good company, too, with the likes of Ashe, Sylvain, and Dedue (whose name I can't pronounce but who fits my specific interest in dark-skinned, white-haired anime boys). But Claude. Curly, black locks that frame the face of a bronze god. BOW LORD. The Famitsu article hit. I just finished reading it. Felix... childhood friend of Dimitri's... sarcastic.... I'm afraid my fate has been sealed and my heart accosted. Sign me up for Blue Lions, dang it.
  13. My eyes are too tired to read all of that (I made it to Status Conditions), but I just wanted to say that as someone whose favorite series is FE and who DMs for DnD, I have been known to think about marrying the two. But I have never come up with something so detailed. I applaud your dedication and wish you good luck should you continue developing the idea.
  14. Happy Birthday!

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