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  1. I'm hype as heck for Berseria Xillia was bad Xillia 2 was decent, but it's sooo bad it's good Symphonia is where my heart resides nowadays Dawn of the New World wasn't that bad Phantasia is the dream game we never get Destiny is really cool And lastly Abyss was surprisingly enjoyable.
  2. All my mages are lacking in skill. ALL OF THEM. Florina and Fiora too. I'm on Eliwood Route Chapter 24, where they went to find Athos, I believe.
  3. Well, they've been missing a lot and I think I skipped a lot of Secret Books XD Maybe I should retry from the start of Eliwood chapter.
  4. Give them a bunch of Waffle Ingredients, have them sell waffles and have the governemnt buy from those ISIS that sells their waffles. Honestly, I don't really care.
  5. I'm just hoping that there's a Lunatic ++ now.
  6. Thank you for sending me a friend request.

  7. Posibly in the lack of skills on my Pegasus Knights and Mages. All of them.
  8. Online name: PenguinZ / HoshidoP Real name: Januar DoB: 12 January 1997 (Light-Affinity) Favourite FE Game: Rekka no Ken Favourite Game (other than FE): Disgaea, Tales of Vesperia, Warrior Orochi 3 Favourite FE Character: Morgan Least Favourite game: Shadow Dragon Sports: Bowling Online friends: (Omitted) Favourite music: Country/Rock/J-Pop Favourite artist/band: May'n/ Favourite song: Tribute Country: Indonesia MSN/Yahoo/AIM: (Omitted) Hobbies: Recently into RomHacking, mostly reading books and suck at Yugioh Good Point: Loyal, love asses. Bad Point: My sight is in need of a fix, very impatient and easily angered. Anything else? I'm taking anger management classes recently. I hope we can all be friends Edit: Just realized the template wasn't supposed to be posted Along with your introduction, but what the heck XD
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