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  1. It probably means the castle was flagged as an illegal one. (When you have certain impossible combinations..), there was a post about that somewhere on the forums.
  2. If you give Deere access to Hero he's actually pretty awesome. They really need to add like.. 1 extra female character to the game just to break the balance up..
  3. He did. I think it was either in his character bio that listed him as an Ex-Hoshido Ninja or one of his supports. I renember reading it somewhere though.
  4. You can use the buildings as bait for the AI.
  5. If you are not married; whether they are chill with having the avatar bathe with them, the avatar will still leave. Yes, if both are married, then the avatar will stay. Yes it is random. Does anyone know if its possible to get your wife/husband alongside 1-2 other characters, and STILL stay?
  6. I see that it's prevalent. But doesn't Puppet breaker only give the bonus if you're attacking the puppet? How I saw people using it was more towards making their characters get the pair-up bonus instead.
  7. If they really wanted a message to get to us, they'd mail us it deliberately instead of posting somewhere obscure such as Youtube..
  8. So.. pretty much; any character we have full direct control over could be considered a mary sue..? But honestly; if you look at Kamui in general, possibly. But because that character is supposed to be our avatar; aka, me, you, etc. It's pretty much an exempt.
  9. *Throws money at the screen* GIMMIE GIMMIE GIMMIE---! ;3;
  10. Ehh.. I have some knowledge in how the pipeline for making a game works, so I can give my insight: Q: Can they censor the scene? A: It really depends how the game loads up the scene, and how they attempt it; If the scene is saved somewhere along the lines of an .avi, quicktime, or something of the like, yes; they can take the file and cut out (abiet half the scene) all the scenes they don't like with a program like adobe after effects without much hassle. (I'm honestly thinking that is also how they might sync the audio too.) Q: Can they just remove it the scene entirely? A: If they want to risk breaking the game, sure. This is mainly dependent on how well the game was coded; if it'll skip the fact that a file is missing or a catastrophic failure like a windows program requesting a busted/broken/missing .dll file. (I've seen some pretty horrible coding which did this so..) Q: Can they censor the scene by editing the footage? A: Very good chance of 'no'. This would require them to go into the original animation source (Probably a scene in maya, edited with 2-3 other programs for final production video), edit it there, re-render the whole thing; and then put it back into the game (Which can either be really easy or a massive pain in the butt). Which is a) expensive and b) a waste of time and resources and c) Did was the source file provided in the first place.
  11. Unfortunately, the pdf states it for US as Birthright & conquest, so it seems to be Europe only for the combined copy currently.
  12. No problem with that, I always rolled a Female character in all my games if I can. (Except DnD, I did it once or twice and let me tell you, It gets awkward fast).
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