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  1. If this were to be implemented, I think it'd create less salt if everyone just got the same rarity.
  2. @Zeo +Res on my Hilda came in clutch (I picked +Res on purpose). Though, in an earlier attempt, I remember the staff unit doing 20 instead of 25. Not sure what I changed. That's not NCD on Hilda btw, it's just her NFU. Serra is surprisingly strong, huh... I wonder if I could do similar things with my Bride Lyn. She's +9, but I haven't given her many staves. I like the Azura in the thumbnail. Also, wasn't that song in the Serra clear in a Bionicle commerical or something? I never learnt the name though. Ross is pretty broken with those stats. I guess he is on the slower side, but that didn't really stop him. The Alfonse vs Lif duel was hype! Not many people managed to get a red to duel Lif, but Brazen-stacking Alfonse is definitely one to do it with. I hope he gets Open the Future one day. Maybe some kind of plot power-up. And maybe a Special or Assist for Sharena too. Wow, so much support on Matthew and he still had that much trouble? I recalled him being a lot more dominant... Though this map was on the harder side. An all-stars clear to wrap it up, huh? That's pretty neat. It looks cobbled together but I think there's some real synergy there. Matthew and Ross as frontliners while Morgan provides magic damage and buffs, Serra heals the frontline and packs some good damage of her own.
  3. It was a defense map, after all. An enemy phase one-turn, huh. That's not something you see every day. Nowi is strong! I honestly didn't think too hard about the music, just picked something that fit the length lol. Nice to see the spy couple. The goggles look good on Leila too. Pretty clean clear overall. I haven't actually heard the female version of Call Your Name before, but I don't follow AoT super closely. Heath ate all of it. I was pretty surprised that the beasts managed to tank all of that in the middle on turn 2. Velouria's bulk was especially amazing. I personally don't use her in that fashion (she's a Galeforce support/WoM assistant kinda thing for me) so I forgot how good she can be defensively. A lot of good fodder on those fliers too, impressive bulk. You should! Though she's not particularly great for one-turns, I guess. Yeah, the Hardy Bearing daggers are all pretty useful. Eirika isn't exactly the easiest sword unit to get set up and running, but she's quite strong when everything works out.
  4. Mine are challenge and story. I enjoy difficulty, though poorly designed difficulty is annoying. Most of the time I go for self-challenge as well, limiting myself on purpose or holding myself to a standard while playing. Story, for story-oriented games, is a large chunk of my enjoyment, though I don't think I'm harsh about it. I'm fine with most of the rest. I like competition, and even seek it sometimes, but I like co-op and stuff too. Empowerment and exploration are the least important to me. I don't really need a game to give me a sense of empowerment particularly. Perhaps I get one anyway via most video game settings or by beating challenges, but I don't mind getting my ass kicked. Exploration is fun in some games, but I just feel like a lot of the open world sandboxes that encourage exploration do it poorly and soured my opinion maybe.
  5. @LordFrigid LLeif is the play, huh. And then the twins of evil.
  6. @Maaka Close call vs Heath, but still a win. @NegativeExponents- Nice theme team. I haven't seen many people invest in Legault. @Alexmender @mcsilas @Landmaster @LordFrigid @Zeo Basic stuff. Decided to bust out Eirika, the new Picnic Felicia I got from the anniversary banner, and threw in Fjorm.
  7. At least in AR, Leila still feels kinda hard to use. Her final debuffing power is stronger than Temari Tethys, but you have to set that shit up instead of just having an unblockable -5/-5 on the enemies.
  8. Yuri's ring. It's a Relic ring tied to the Crest of Aubin, and it gives Mov +1 and Canto when equipped. For Crest of Aubin holders, it also grants Pavise + Aegis.
  9. I definitely have to disagree on the story, especially about the presentation. Imo Fates had a very big problem with presenting the themes and significance of its story to its audience throughout the whole experience. In Three Houses, it's easy to understand Edelgard/Dimitri/Rhea etc.'s motivations because their beliefs are made clear through the things they say, and with introspection of your own to decide if you agree with them or not, you can easily find Three Houses' themes. In Azure Moon, Dimitri makes his black-and-white morality very clear to the player, and once he recovers, he tells Byleth about his new ideal of trying to achieve peace through understanding instead, but it's shown in two junctures to not be a bulletproof belief. On the other hand, for Fates, I like to use Conquest Ch. 18 as an example. The plot of the chapter is a parallel of Garon's old scheme of inviting Sumeragi out to neutral territory, only to have him murdered, which resulted in Corrin being taken away. Here, with Corrin once again on neutral territory with both Nohrian and Hoshidan royalty, Corrin and the Nohrians reject Zola's plan and defend the Hoshidans because that's what's morally correct. It's a concrete showcase of the direction Corrin and their Nohrian siblings are planning to take their country, the exact opposite of Garon's reign. Fates doesn't really do a good job of drawing this parallel, though; the pre-battle cutscene is focused on the tension between Hoshidans and Nohrians, and Xander calling Zola despicable, but it never calls back to that opening scene. It's partially because the pre-battle cutscenes of the 3DS games weren't exactly the best format, but there is no visible attempt to remind the audience. While playing, you have to remember this early scene, and then study the scenes yourself to extract potential author intent behind them. A mention, such as making Ryoma say that Nohr hasn't changed one bit in response to Zola's scheme, would instantly make the idea more accessible to the general audience. I also don't agree that the choice in Fates is more nuanced. I firmly believe that the prologue is very much skewed in favour of encouraging one to play Birthright first. With the limited information available to the player on a blind run, it is a logical conclusion to assume that Garon was planning to harm Corrin in some way by giving him Ganglari, a literal bomb sword, and Corrin's mother was just killed by it. It honestly makes no sense to me to choose Nohr after that betrayal with the information on hand, other than perhaps strong sentimentality towards the Nohrian family/distaste for the Hoshidans (or the meta reason of you only bought Conquest). It's only after going through a first playthrough that one can be aware the invisible soldiers are a separate force not really working for Nohr, and thus there might have been more to that betrayal. To begin with, I don't even think Fates was written and planned to be a game about the choice they marketed. I feel that there are elements of Fates' plot that points to earlier drafts featuring only one continuous storyline (e.g. Corrin seeing and learning about Valla in Conquest is the perfect point for the plot to transition into Revelation; they have good reason to try and unite the two countries against a common enemy), but then parts of the game suggest to me they might have considered a "New Game+" structure where you play Birthright first, Conquest next and finally Revelation to eventually unravel the mysteries. Birthright is heavier on exposition and world-building about locations in the world, and working off the choice in the early game, you're given very little information about the invisible soldiers, but enough to make you doubt that they're aligned with Nohr. Conquest goes deeper into the mysteries by directly showing Valla to the player, and basically confirms that Garon is not the big bad after all. And in Revelation, you finally clear everything up with all that you've learnt. The final product no longer completely reflects these lines of development anymore, but there are elements that feel so out of place for a game about picking a side that I find it hard to believe it was the original concept. Somewhat related, Azura's S Support voiced lines also have this strange sense of progression in the JP version. In her BR S Support, she says that she hopes to learn to love Corrin someday; in her CQ one, she tells him that she does love him; and in RV, she says that she has loved him for a long time. It's a really strange detail, making it seem like she remembers Corrin across game files. I like to think that it's related to the second theory. I will somewhat agree with the gameplay part, though, but only about Conquest. Birthright is quite easy, though intentional, and the maps are mostly just Rout. Revelation is an unbalanced mess as they failed to adjust units like Laslow and Odin to their new join time. Conquest was very intricate, however, even if occasionally tedious. The fact that the difficulty of Lunatic CQ comes mainly from enemy formations instead of individual enemies having unfair stats is a testament to that. The class system has also ended up being quite unbalanced in Three Houses. Not to say Fates' was very well-balanced (it wasn't), but 3H is egregious about it. I think rushed development is partly to blame for the large amount of reused maps in 3H, but in the end the released product is unfortunately that way.
  10. As an Assassin, Yuri is basically a straight upgrade on Assassin Petra in most dimensions other than potential availability if you picked Black Eagles, but he has higher bases and growths to help make up for it anyway. But bane in Lances, Axes, Riding and Flying really really sucks and limits his options. Unless you want to bang your head on a wall repeatedly he's not going into literally any mounted class easily since you have to fight at least two banes at all times. Assassin is better for pure combat, and Yuri's spell lists aren't superb, but Foul Play is really good utility, especially Foul Play + Canto from Fetters of Dromi. You could just give Dromi to someone else, and you only lose out on the Pavise/Aegis by not matching Crest, but if you're planning on using him anyway, honestly might as well let him use that combination. Balthus is pretty much Raphael deluxe. Mostly same strengths and weaknesses, but has a Crest and comes with his Relic gauntlets. His Mag is hardly amazing and his spell list is also bad, so might as well take him to War Master or something to make use of his combat. Constance has Bolting and Rescue, which are both great, but the rest of her spell list is kinda shit. Fire and Sagittae don't offer much, Fimbulvetr is a crit spell running off her low Skl, and Agnea's Arrow is a nice big hit but super heavy. She doesn't have any 1~3 spell to offer better support and safer damage, most importantly. Her Spd is mediocre, her overall bulk is basically non-existent, and she basically just pales in comparison to Dorothea and Lysithea. She could probably just be alright as a Dark Flier, but she's a decent Dancer candidate. She can provide Link/Gambit Boost from far away by equipping Meteor, support with Rescue sometimes, dance, and occasionally still provide some damage from Bolting, Hexblade etc. Trickster is also alright. Hapi has a really good spell list, so she can do fine in most magic classes, but I think she particularly wants classes that give her White Magic x2 to make use of Physic and Warp. Anna is pretty much somewhat of a downgrade of Yuri? She isn't weak in flying and can grab Darting Blow and stuff, but her mediocre bases and growths don't lend her to do particularly well combat-wise. She can do the same Trickster stuff as Yuri, especially if you give her Dromi, and she can also be Dancer and support the way Dancer Constance would. Anna has a better spell list than Yuri, and has Rescue and Meteor like Constance, but the Reason bane makes it hard to get Meteor.
  11. To be fair, Byleth spends the whole month moping because... everyone only updates once per month in this game. Well yeah, it'd definitely shouldn't be in Part 2. Dimitri would still be relatively sane, I think, if it's before Ch. 10? You're right about Edelgard, though, she wouldn't be present between Ch. 9 and 10, so it'd have to be between 8 and 9 if pushed back.
  12. Just finished CS earlier, and I enjoyed it. However, I couldn't help but feel that there was some wasted potential by setting CS after Ch. 4 (and probably ending somewhere around 5 or 6? If not just finished in the month of 4). When confronted, Aelfric asked Byleth if they didn't want to see their mother, and all three choices you get indicate that Byleth doesn't really feel the need. But if CS was set between Ch. 8 and 9, or even 9 and 10 instead. I feel like this whole thing would ring differently. Byleth would have just recently lost Jeralt, a loved one and their only parental figure, and if it's post-Ch.9, Sothis wouldn't be there for Byleth either. The prospect of possibly being able to revive the dead would likely be more tempting for Byleth; even if it's to revive Sitri, whom Byleth had never even met, being able to see your dead mother again would beat being alone. But of course, it is probably morally wrong in the end, and as demonstrated the ritual doesn't work as intended, so Byleth has to accept that. What do you think?
  13. Probably a toss up between SD and NM? In terms of having grunts that were not only hard but also consistently hard throughout the whole game. I feel like Conquest doesn't particularly have strong grunts individually, but very strong formations and skillsets that make groups of them very hard to handle. Same goes for Thracia though in somewhat different dimensions.
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