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  1. Neimi counterattacking as a sniper with a shortbow hangs the game at the animation. Unsure if every sniper, every archer etc., but suspect its because archers at 1 range are abominations of nature not in the vanilla FE8. https://gyazo.com/cb68eeb988b9ac9a1dc378de14944f07
  2. Link to download gives 404 error.
  3. Just finished up the last chapter. I'm not particularly good at Fire Emblem in general, so it ended up being rather difficult, with multiple resets needed throughout the run in order to keep everyone alive. Particularly the level where you get Chiara (Negu<Wyverns), the Village level where you get the shaman (I am NOT good at rushing in the slightest. Did manage to kill most of the sages though due to tactician Nosfera-tanking.), and the final level (Those chests were surprisingly difficult to get, but the boss was a pushover against a promoted Martel with a killer axe.) Didn't manage to get the priest, much to my disappointment (No 100% run for me. Wish he would get recruited if he was still alive at the end of his chapter. I didn't use the person you recruit him with.) As for each unit: [spoiler=Unit Thoughts] (At end of Campaign. Will be grinding up to 20/20.) Useful and well rounded. The lance rapier helped out against knights and the general bosses. Was very useful for the last mission, and managed to get the kill on the Bishop boss just before the sage train showed me a bad time. The first of many lance users you get, and the only one the you need to use. Used a Talisman for the last mission. Ended up mostly well rounded. Early game shaman breaks things a bit, and I had her at lvl 20 very early on. Later on helped with chip and Nosfera-tanking. The only offensive mage I used. Never ran out of tomes, perhaps due to stocking up on fluxes at the first shop. The first hero of the run. Soldiers are one of my favorite classes, so I used him as much as i could. My best tank and took out the final boss with a 1 Crit Ko. Lack of speed did hurt later on, and the excess of lance units almost made me drop him. Was given my other Talisman for the last mission. The second hero of the run. Berserkers are another favorite class of mine, so he was also used prolifically throughout the run. Him and Kurtis made a mad dash to the last boss. He was frighteningly frail later on, and was given 2 Dragonshields to compensate. Bit of a glass cannon, and one of my main sword users throughout the game. Enemy palette is broken. Didn't have too many competitors for sword usage, and stayed relevant throughout. Was given a Goddess Icon to help her relatively low survivability. Surprisingly strong thief. Helped get rid of axe users and dodge-tanked when needed. All around useful, especially when strength started coming in. Moderately useful for his side mission. When he came back he never was tanky enough to actually help, but wasn't bad enough to drop. Was a liability in the last chapter, where one of my resets was because he kept dying. Was always 1 strength away from killing mages, much to my chagrin. Can you say early-game healer? That magic is after an Energy Ring and promotion bonuses. Was surprisingly dodgy, and helped with healing throughout the game. Actually useful for the last chapter. Not much to say about him. Good enough stats to one round some things, and take hits when he couldn't kill them. Second most useful out of the three you get in the last chapter. Another healer, but this one actually got magic! Frail throughout, and was given an Angelic Robe to compensate during the last chapter. Never got in a situation to use the extra safety, and tended to dodge most stray attacks. You give me a knight with 4 move during an escape mission?Another lance user given early on. Later on became increasingly useful, and after being given the Boots was actually able to move around. Surprisingly speedy, but I could've used some more strength at times. One of my main defenders of the right side during the final mission. Liked her scene when you recruit the two fighters with her (I didn't know she was small(?) before then.). Used sparingly, until I realized she was statistically better than Gerwulf in almost every way. Helped with chip or finishing off a fighter or two during the final mission, but wasn't used for much. I've never been a fan of mounted units, and that hasn't changed. Speaking of Gerwulf. Tanky enough to help out early game, but just couldn't get the hits in later on. That six speed hurts when you don't have as much strength as Kurtis. The most useful of the three final units. Tanky and could one-round most knights, which most units has trouble doing. Was essential to the right side's defense. The fat man himself. I'm a fan of archers, so I babied him up a bit early game. The buff to bows helped out immensely early game, and the constant skill procs helped with ensuring he could hit wyverns or pegasi. Sadly, his lower strength combined with his low everything other than skill (Is three 11's lucky?)made him the least useful of my three promoted combat units (Kurtis, Martel, and Boleslav.) Happy to see pegasi getting the CON buff they so sorely deserved, but couldn't use her for much due to already having 3 lances on the team when she showed up (Algimas, Aceline, and Kurtis). Ferried Kurtis up to the Bishop boss, where he was promptly put to sleep. Kurtis put her short spear to good use, though. Shaman when I already have the Tactician, who was already at lvl 20 and wrecking faces. Gave her Nosferatu to Kamille and her Robe to Elaine and then sat on the bench. Never liked warriors, and fighters by extension. Already had Martel. Bench. Might as well just copy and paste what I said for Odin. Had one of my favorite scenes in the hack, and reminded me somewhat of Lennie from Of Mice and Men. I would've used him if given earlier on, or if there were more deployment slots, just because I enjoyed his personality. I love sages, but I already had a magic user in the Tactician to hit res. Used for the chapter she came in on and benched after. I see a lvl 10 Myrm on the second chapter, I think jeigan. Used until I got a new sword user, then benched. Probably ended up regretting that when axe users started to hurt later on. Used for a chapter or two, then benched. Don't like mounted units, and Gerwulf outperformed. Didn't need more lances either. Was a huge liability in Chiara's chapter, and caused me my first reset. Second thief. Robert was on a strength streak when she came along in the main story. Used for the side chapter, then she gave her light brand to Chiara and ran to the bench. If only there wasn't so many lances in this game already. Just being a soldier would've been enough to merit me using her, if not for the lance lord, and Kurtis, and Aceline... I like archers, but not enough to use two on a team, especially when knights can use bows as well. Gave her stuff to Santa ClauseBoleslav and ran to the bench. Wasn't even used for the monk's recruitment. Second knight. Same problem that Celia has, just along with the fact that I had more than enough lances when he came along. Never really used. Did some work during his chapter and not much else. Was a lance magnet that wasn't defensive enough to have that happen, especially when your only healer hasn't procced magic once yet... Same thing as Ernst. High level for the chapter makes me think they're a jeigan in disguise. Chiara was already swinging swords around with Gerwulf so axes weren't that much of a problem at the time, so he was benched. Useless. Could get easily one-rounded on the very first turn if you didn't use the other two she came with to clear everything away. From there she hid on the throne and was forgotten. Easily the least useful of the entire cast. At least the people I didn't use had weapons that were unique enough to give to the others. Dancer. Came in extremely underleveled, but with a very high speed and luck to compensate. Useful for refreshing certain units to help clear out the right side of the final mission. Took me about 2 days to finish. Main problem was just how many units you get compared to how many deployment slots you had. By the end I was tempted to forego the extra people because the extras simply didn't have the training my main team had. Time to grind to 20/20 to see how wrong I was about who was useful and what-not!
  4. If that's true, then I have the most blessed rori in the world.
  5. Sorry to say, but Rori is another one like Ross and Ewan. That is, 80% growths on each stat. She ends up as insane as the others, and has a support triangle with them, just to make matters worse.
  6. I understood that reference Yeah, going to give her a majority of them unless Neimi gets strength screwed. [spoiler=Chapter 3] Selling things for the huge supply of bows I'm going to need eventually. Then we meet some plot and the little girl shows us how naive little children are, even when their poking bad people with sharp metal sticks. We meet our first Archer! And the beginning of a ship... I certainly hope not! You're gonna pretty much solo this chapter! I guess the blood would be warm? Doesn't seem to be a very nice welcome. Getting Colm and having all the people on the bench start practicing their sitting technique. Thief acquired! Starting stats for out first archer please get strength a bunch of times. Prepare to have this happen a bunch this chapter. She's going to pretty much kill everything, while the little girl facetanks. She gets a level out of it which has STRENGTH! Praise Anna! Neimi's first level... doesn't have strength. Axe magnetism is always present, and Neimi then kills the bandit for some of the sweet, sweet EXP. The stache man heals and Neimi goes back to shooting people. Neimi finishes off the bandit, which then invites the archer to attack! She then decides to destroy rng and crit after dodging an arrow! She even gets a level from this! ...Well, I guess that almost had to happen. Her next level finally contains strength! This is pretty much the whole level. Neimi just shoots everything. Mustache heals and gets a meh level. Neimi once again makes me regret doing this and sets sail to a ship. Little girls just don't like to dodge, now do they? ...Or hit people. for that matter. ...Or get strength. The little girls start taking down the boss. Neimi decides now is when she won't miss a shot. The boss then decides to sit on Eirika's stick, And dies from the ensuing stabbing. The little girl sits in the comfy chair and ends the chapter. We then get some more plot to end the chapter. Look both ways before you cross the road, kids. Next episode we get to shoot at giant eyeballs and zombies! See you then on ARCHER EMBLEM!
  7. That's a good idea. But... THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN: I'M GOING THROUGH EPHRAIM'S ROUTE AND CAN ONLY USE ARCHERS ALONG WITH THE TWINS(and healers and colm)! [spoiler=Chapter 2] He should've sent me some archers instead of this girl on a horse. The mustache man will do fine, though. Hello sirs-no-longer-appearing-in-this-run, you just lost everything you know and love. TO THE BENCH WITH YOU! More plot. The little girl will save the day with some more bandit massacre though. After we rescue his son, Garcia thanks us by stealing our delicious XP. " I don't think the peasants could obtain such a magnificent mustache." Mustache Man continues to collect tributes for his magnificent 'stache. Vanessa goes to pick up the other useless person from this chapter while the little girl makes friends :). Garcia goes over to the archer for some reason and Vanessa goes to rescue him. She then goes to sit on a fort. On the other side of the mountain, the little girl is killing quite nicely. Seth sells a red gem and gets 2 iron swords for the little girl. Vanessa then gets one-shotted by a puny archer, which kills both flying horse and rider in one shot. Was thinking of going back and letting her live, but then I realized she has no more use to me after this chapter. Garcia then makes her death completely useless as he kills the archer she was carrying him away from. Meanwhile, Eirika continues to utterly decimate the bandits she meets. The little girl gets a thoroughly disappointing level up after hearing that the only other girl in the group just died. That, sir, is a little girl armed with a sharp metal stick. Allow her to demonstrate: Thank you, Eirika. Back to murdering things with your new-found skills! This is one heck of a slump the little girl's getting in. I need her to get blessed if I have a chance or Ephraim will have to solo everything! Franz decides he wants to become an axe magnet when he grows up. He's starting strong! The little girl continues to poke things with a stick while Mustache Man uses the Axe Magnet as healing practice. TACTICS! are used to prevent the little boy from being cleaved in half. Moulder gets some last second healing done while Eirika finishes off the last bandit. "It's not like either of you are useful to me" "No, you can't. The voice in my head said I can't let you help me." Thank you Ross. Tell him not to doubt the little girl's decisions, especially when she hasn't wiped the blood off her. Flashbacks and robbery! All the usual during a Fire Emblem game! Never forget to save. Next time we get out first bow user (and second to last)! Probably won't have that chapter done for a while because school. See you all next time on ARCHER EMBLEM!
  8. Either way, the poll has spoken. I can only use innes, neimi, and the twins for damage dealing. Chapter 2 is already done, and there is a death.
  9. 5x isn't going to be a problem. Late game is, though. Seems like I am going through Phantom Ship with only Ephraim and Neimi for damage.
  10. Shhh. That's next run. As soon as I get my nightmare skills up to task.
  11. It seems like I'm not going to do both routes, the way the votes are going. Archers aren't that bad, honestly. Not having the ability to use a tank (ie gilliam) will definitely hurt early on though. Thanks. It seems luck is on my side for now. All I need is a blessed Neimi and Eirika and Innes and Ephraim. I'll add that to the poll. It seems like a good idea. I'm just going to cry from not being able to arena abuse XD [spoiler=Chapter 1] 100% of the daily recommended amount of plot. This is the little girl we're talking about. She'll be fine. Magnificent rng screwage. How much abuse did he need to get that crit? Sitting on a house for extra avoid: FE tactics. Hello sirs not-appearing-in-this-run! If only I could use the knight... And of course then a fighter decides to engage Seth in fisticuffs. It goes about as well as you expect. I take steps to ensure that doesn't happen again. Strength! Instantly a good level. I start having Eirika use Seth's steel sword to conserve Rapier uses. She stabs people harder now. Even more strength! Would love some speed though. You know, what Eirika is supposed to get? Franz gives Eirika his iron sword and runs away from the little girl. Even her allies are afraid of her. Reinforcements = More food for the little girl. Seth goes and hides in the corner with the rest of the bench crew. I may have been wrong when I said luck was on my side. I need more sacrifices to Anna! You will do nicely. And you gave the little girl a level up! I know I asked for more speed, but... Fort healing and changing settings. Going the long way around to get to the forest. Still got hit... Back to the fort! After killing this defenseless soldier of course. Risky odds. I decide to have Eirika wait. Nothing like a nice critical to kill the boss! And as for the level... Meh. I'll take it. Defense is always good when the little girl is the only one sieging the castle. More like her companions watched in fear as the little girl completely demolished everything. They even gave me a tribute out of fear of the little girl! Don't forget to save kids. Safety first. Updated poll with Tequila's suggestion. Going to wait until tomorrow to see how the votes turn out to play the next chapter. See you all next time on ARCHER EMBLEM!
  12. Upon looking at the character lists, I came across a bit of a predicament. [spoiler=List of Playable Characters With My Ruleset] Eirika Ephraim Neimi Garcia Ross Gerik Moulder Natasha Colm Innes I've already decided I'm gonna tower grind up the ones that need to be promoted before they use bows. But what level should I grind them to? Will make a poll with options. Poll's up! Vote for how screwed you want me to be!
  13. Everyone says archers are bad. I would agree with them. So, lets play FE8 with possibly the worst class in the game! [spoiler=Rules] Difficult mode because FE8 has the tower of grinding You get to decide which route I take (Please not Ephraim...) I'm doing Ephraim's route because the people have spoken. Only the twins (Eirika and Ephraim) and bow using classes may be used. Moulder, Natasha, Tethys, and Colm may be used. Any class that is not naturally bow locked (Warriors, Rangers, etc.) Can only use bows. The poll decided I get to not have this be a thing! I can only use archers. Savestates will be used. Tower and Arena abuse is a thing. Now that that's sorted, let's start this thing! [spoiler=Prologue] As said before, I'm playing Difficult mode. Plot. Nothing's changed here. Gimme that sword and get the hell out of dodge. Today is the day a little girl will face multiple grown men in fisticuffs and emerge victorious. As seen here (Yes that was a crit. On my first attack. Luck seems to be with this run.) Now to get the boss off that forest of his. TACTICS! Prologue Bosses: Getting beaten by little girls since FE7. Now that's how you don't get a 4-Stat Level Up, folks. Prologue is as easy as ever. See you next time on LITTLE GIRL SOLO: THE RUN ARCHER EMBLEM!
  14. Ross's growths are the same as Ewan's. That is, 80% on each stat.
  15. The lightning sword gives +5 to Speed, Luck, Defense, and Resistance.
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