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  1. I definitely hear "Born as my leader" as the last line, which would fit with the whole "Byleth is a demon's name" theory if Byleth does end up with a leadership role.
  2. Here's the picture again, to everyone wondering. Definitely looks like a ponytail or something similar.
  3. I'm going to agree with this, though it's pretty likely it makes some appearance in another Direct this year.
  4. You know, it's possible that the sword and whip-sword aren't the same thing, but are just both made from the same spine.
  5. Maybe there are countries in the greyed-out sections of the map that use some of the other symbols?
  6. Fun note: We can probably see Dimitri there in the bottom right corner.
  7. When I first saw that it I thought it looked like a spine, but you're definitely right. So the two are definitely related, but there are a lot of possibilities as to why. Maybe the bone look is intentional?
  8. Yeah, you're definitely correct about that. I'm curious to see if the sword in the mural has any importance at all.
  9. A small thing to note, only 5 of the 7 options have a watermark. Maybe those are the actions that end the unit's turn? If so, it would imply item use doesn't spend an entire turn anymore.
  10. Could this sword this cloaked figure is holding in the painting at the beginning be the ruined sword the woman is holding later on?
  11. The art style during battles looks kind of eh, but the rest of it looks great. There's not really much more to say until the Treehouse covers it.
  12. I've seen a range of spoilers (The most severe of which being character deaths) but I actually have no idea of which routes they apply to, so... yay? But seriously I need to find some way to turn off recommended videos.
  13. Welp, probably about time to leave before the real spoilers hit. Oh well, at least I can still look through the skills thread.
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