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  1. everything was fact so it's not an opinion I told evidence not opinions.
  2. they are facts so please don't tell not to state facts thank you.
  3. there wasn't really an argument to begin with just stating facts that is all some just don't understand.
  4. Anyways Azura pretty is pretty much the face especially with her interactions with Kamui the main character of course the royals if not most of them have a role in each route overall Azuza know everything before it happens through her songs and everything, also getting full conclusion to both sides through IK of course being the first character shown and the promos help too.So everyone is important but she mostly is.
  5. she IS the face of the game,poster girl, marketing, title screen, theme songs, story relevance, etc.
  6. no one said women should only get figmas as they are most likely to get them anyway.
  7. Azura most likely gonna be a figma anyway while Xander, Ryouma and Takumi will get the Chrom treatment.
  8. nah they like making females plus Azura is the poster girl so I see it happening.
  9. I definitely see Azura and Camilla getting figmas while Takumi and maybe Xander will get nendroids.
  10. I'm eh on Takumi winning the popular poll I think Leo or someone else should've won imo, glad Azura won the marriage poll :) and I'm happy that children will be back as I love it! :) Also note Azura is definitely getting a figma.
  11. There's no Lunatic +, you can add characters to the logbook that's pretty much it.
  12. Hmm....looking at it now Nyx!Matoi isn't that bad at all might try it next playthrough as Dark Falcon and pair her with a mag asset luck flaw Kamui for a mag base Kanna.
  13. I think children are becoming a staple so I don't see it going anywhere, ss marriage are probably gonna be limited to few characters that are more obvious.
  14. We haven't gotten a direct yet it should be this month or next month.
  15. I honestly wish Camilla was the choice instead especially with her mods, class branch and of course that lovely purple hair...
  16. we'll see when the next game comes out but I wouldn't hold my breath.
  17. not really children feels more like a staple now I don't think same sex will be a main focus at all it'll be very minimal and made more apparent for like 1-2 male and female characters.
  18. Facepalm and sigh that's an opinion children and other mechanics should prioritise over it.
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