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  1. It's been a while (a couple months in fact!) and I've been looking to revitalize interest in QUARTS (as well as my other systems, but for the sake of this site I'll just focus on QUARTS). Recently the QUARTS sheet has become available to use on Roll20 allowing people to run games with it without needing a Pro account, and I've also been updating a few aspects of the site (though I haven't gotten around to more intensive work due to being tasked to work on another project at the moment). I do want to hear what you guys out there have to say, and if anyone new takes interest in QUARTS.
  2. Would the archsage ascended class count or do you mean something like an NPC/Advanced class?
  3. With the amount of races available for QUARTS, are they any missing? Or are they any you guys would like to suggest? The same goes for classes, is there any archetype/mold that I'm missing? Let me know!
  4. No. This is merely a post to promote and gather opinions for QUARTS. It was originally on the "General Writing" thread but was moved to here.
  5. Out of the house, but some answers. Something like a revolver? Nue is indeed missing, but it's not meant to be playable. It's meant to be a monster you can fight (I haven't made any yet), hence Angelkin being a thing while angels are a type of outsider monster. Keep the questions coming, guys! I can't quite focus now but I'll answer questions when they come my way.
  6. Not necessarily, considering the types of guns being used (flintlock/matchbox). The sniper-equivalent class for the gun using classes is the Desperado.
  7. Changed the theme back to its original state.
  8. So, I posted on here a while back about my Fire Emblem d100 all the way back here and I haven't really posted anything about it since then. So what happened? Well, I ended up doing a major overhaul of the entire system, changing it around (and removing all of the "Fire Emblem" brand name so it can be published as its own thing, but it still mimics the series in regards to game mechanics and stays true to the series in many aspects). I made the QUARTS SRD for the purpose of making it easy to access, easy to read, and most of all easy to use. Before, people needed to download the PDF which was available but required signing up for the sites which had the PDF available. Since not everyone is willing to download the system, I figured it'd be best to consolidate it to a full site and make everything available in one place. I've done about a year or so of testing for this system (combining the testing time of FEd100 and QUARTS together since one lead to another), and ultimately I think the game is at a point where I'm satisfied at...for now. The system as it is now is meant to take aspects from many of the different games in the series. It includes branched promotion, 3rd tier classes, advanced classes (1-30 but don't promote), Shifters (they fill in the Laguz/Manakete/etc. role), the trinity of magic from the GBA games, SS Rank weapons, and recruit classes from FE8. Some of the new additions include the following: alternate rules to change the playstyle of the game, abilities which characters gain that are similar to skills, Stamina Point and Magic Point systems which power some abilities characters gain, many different races to pick from, Gunslingers (matchbox/flintlock guns), roleplay skills such as Athletics and Deception, and a Bestiary with ways to create monsters of each type. I'm looking for opinions from people, and if people actually decide to run it I'd like to know how it went and if people feel the system is similar enough to Fire Emblem for their tastes or if it strays too far. The Roll20 character sheet for the system is here.
  9. Sounds good. I need to update it soon, but it's mostly done.
  10. Hey, I updated this recently. It's no longer known as "Fire Emblem d100". Q.U.A.R.T.S. Core Rulebook
  11. Hello hello people! If you're reading this, I'm assuming you're fans of tabletop RPGs and Fire Emblem. I know of a few tabletop Fire Emblem RPGs out there but a lot of them aren't being updated or haven't had progress on them since 2013 at the latest. So! I had made my own a few months back using fed20 as a base, and building upon that and expanding. Currently I'm moving the content from my old site onto my new one as listed below. Old Site New Site I'm still in the process of moving things over, then organizing everything to look all fine and dandy. Currently I need to move over the Generic NPC Guide and the Holy Blood alternate rules. If anybody has any suggestions or comments on this, please feel free to share them! And by all means, if you have any criticisms be sure to voice them (though try to be constructive).
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