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  1. so much for more orbs when I only need one more Kitsune boy...ugh. TT orbs, please don't fail me!
  2. Got a 4* Raphael on my free summon, so I'm happy. Now I just need to bank orbs for L!Dimitri's return...
  3. Looks like Kris is my next +10 grail project. I was going to do Felix, but I have too many blues +10'd as it is...besides, green cavalry is a good unit type to do.
  4. right, my bad. I just saw the eye and remembered it being a useful skill. Haven't been spending much time in FEH lately, as my Arena neglect can speak. Either way, started dabbling in the new NY banner with pretty good luck. I just need two more NY!Kaden and 40k feathers to +10 him. I've also gotten two Duophonse, an ideal NY!Plumeria, a less idea Duo!Peony, and a NY!Selkie and NY!Lethe. Also got NY!Camilla on a ticket pull. Pretty sure this spells disaster for my Legendary Dimitri chances.
  5. New banner, New free pull. probably just a 4- Wild F!Lyon appears ...okay, I'll take it. NFU fodder is always good fodder.
  6. Well, that's all I can manage for this Legendary banner. The blue block for this one now sits at Peony +9 (+10 if I merge the free copy into her), Dimitri +8, and Gatrie would be +6 if I weren't keeping copies of him as Crafty Fighter fodder.
  7. only did freebies for NY. Didn't get anything except for NY Selkie, who was new. And she was +Atk/-HP! I was hoping for her daddy, but there's always the double banner in a couple months. Getting Brave Dimitri to +8 ate my orbs and wallet
  8. 18 tickets and 93 quartz were all i could scrounge up for Gil's return...but I got him to NP4! I just need one more copy~ If I don't get the funds for more quartz today, I'll have to wait until the 7th. Hopefully, I'll get him with GSSR ❤ This is also where I didn't read ahead to realize you have to complete SIN in order to play the new event. Well...guess I'll work on it next year. Too much irl stuff coming up with management changes and my own upcoming promotion. Same reason I didn't get as much done for the Christmas event this year outside of barely scrapping out NP5 Quetz. Edit: Thought my stimulus check came in, so I threw $25 at it. Got Sessyoin as my GSSR and did another pull for Gil...score! I just need to max out Gil's second skill and get him to 2000/2000 now! 🥰 The king is truly generous.
  9. Those freebies were a boon! I didn't get anything from them, but it extended my summoning session. Not a bad haul for 125 orbs~ 1 Dimitri (Yas! +Atk, but I think i'll keep him with +Spd and he's +5 now🥰) 1 Plumeria (+Atk/-HP, and she's new!) 2 Gatrie (Also new! And inverse natures of Atk/Def. 1 Peony (Knew it would happen. She's now +7)
  10. All I want for Christmas...is 2-3 more Dimitri merges. Gatrie would be new, and Peony would welcome merges...but I have 130 orbs and that's it.
  11. I had every intention of skipping this banner due to budget, but I had more orbs than I thought. So I decided "why not just spend what I'll get from the TT?" worth it! I pulled Sephiran first, then made my way counter-clockwise. It's perfect! Not only that, but Altina is +Atk/-Def and Sephiran is +Spd/-HP! Now I just need to do TT for Felix and I'm a happy dragon~
  12. This...may be the first time I skip a Christmas banner. Not because of the characters, I love them, but because I have no orbs and no funds to put towards it. Otherwise I'd try for Sephiran. At least Felix is free and I can start putting my grails towards him when he's available. Good thing I didn't start on Jorge yet.
  13. No, no, DO introduce her...I'd love to see that FB.
  14. Duuuude....Niles' Resplendent just convinced me to +10 him. Talk about smoking. At least this art is a) an improvement to the original and b) loads better than poor Lucy's.
  15. last 30 prisms for Gil after 150. I get gold sparks. Hercules. I get another gold card. It's an archer...! ...fucking Emiya. I will enjoy burning this card...in the meantime, time to go farm more free quests for another 15 prisms
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