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  1. I love lottery events. I've taken the opportunity to get Arthur, Jalter, and both Gils up to level 98. I still need more QP to work on skills though. And I used up my grails.
  2. decided to dip into the Tibarn banner for a possible merge at a 4% rate. And i get....Mareeta. Again. I've gotten her normal AND Fallen variants twice now as pity breakers the past month. Each. Only thing useful is, maybe, giving her B-Skill to F!Byleth if I feel like it. Edit: I take that back. It's been Mareetas AND Larcei. I don't need any more sword swinging girls.
  3. *sigh* No matter who's on the next banners, I'm only doing colorless for my pulls. I need a single, solitary, Forrest to finish off my first +10 healer.
  4. Grats @Xenomata! If I remember right, Ephraim did the same thing to me not too long ago. Just 4* junk for my free pull. *shrug*
  5. Only pulled colorless orbs for my free pull circles and this was my last circle! And he's NOT -ATK! Saints be praised! I'm done here, thank you Gacha gods!
  6. XVI is building up to be amazing, but PS4 is last console I told myself I would buy. Even now, I use it as an overpriced blu-ray player more than a game system. I doubt they'll make the port to Switch, since that's my main system now, but I'll keep tabs on it. Just doesn't make sense to me to pay $590 just to play one game 😕
  7. Crap. Shinon's here! I am sooo not prepared for this 😫 Welp. Sorry, Ponytail Bastard, but I'm saving for the likely Legendary Dimitri next month. My orbs are on lock down if you aren't a certain blond prince/king.
  8. I'm fairly certain FGO has absorbed all my gacha luck. I've gotten nothing lately in FEH or Utapri as far as freebies go.
  9. Tawara fight got cleared using Enkidu/Merlin/Ereshkigal for the most part. Until the end where he slapped seals on everyone. Then my level 60 Cu came in and swept him for the last 300k. For the banner, I really hoped for Gil, but expected nothing. With only 30sq to my name I put in the pull and saw gold...it was Moolah. BUT, but, just like in the summer banner with BB, immediately following the 4* was rainbow sparks and my king made a reappearance! Archer Gil is NP3 now and, hopefully, I can get the last two copies in the New Year's pulls. I doubt it, but maybe he'll be generous.
  10. Just an update for my favorite lion~ It took a bit of farming for the extra flowers.
  11. Okay, so I know +Spd is best on F!Byleth for Flashing Blade shenanigans. But what about +Spd M!Byleth? I just pulled a copy and I'm wondering if he'd be better +Spd or +Atk?
  12. Well, no Shannon from my free pulls, but I did get M!Byleth. Looks like he wants to start on the road to +10 like his female self. Also, pretty sure we'll see Winter M!Byleth later this year.
  13. New Resplendent is Julia. Her standard face seems a little off, but her other arts are so pretty! Her special is just awesome.
  14. in my quest for Sigurd+Deirdre, I ended up spending a hell of a lot more than I wanted to. Pity breakers included Fallen Mareeta, Brave Alm and another Ewan. All were when i had a pity rate of 4.5% or worse. i also got 3 4* Lachesis (one was +Atk and is my base) before finally, FINALLY, getting my reward...of a -Atk/+Res Duo Sigurd. Seriously, the majority of 5* units I've pulled lately have been -Atk. Even my King Dimitri was -Atk before the merge took that away. As a dancer, Atk isn't all that important since they're not meant to see combat anyway, but still. First Lachesis was also -Atk.
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