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  1. Yeah...I only fed 20 orbs into that bait banner so I can save for the Christmas Banner. I did get a Pent and Tanya, so they weren't all duds. I'm hoping for a Christmas Felix, he could be the Grinch 😂
  2. I had this thought after seeing talk of Freyr. After all, fertility is sometimes used in conjunction with farming/trees and as someone who can apparently grow an entire tree from nothing...yeah. Also, on dancers/singers in competitive modes, it should be restricted to one. They put a limit on how many can be in GC/RD, there should be a limit on Arena and AR. I can't tell how many times I've lost because of the enemy team having two long-range powerhouses and two dancers. It kinda sucks the fun out of the game.
  3. Hear, hear! I'll toast to that! Now, will we get him like we got Hríd is something still in the air.
  4. Actually, I'm pretty sure we do see A new male character. The, quite possibly, Elf King or Druid that looks like Sesshoumaru/Youko Kurama. A little effeminate, maybe, but pretty sure that's a guy.
  5. I can skip! I'll be happy with the free Peony. At least I can use a different Mythic than Eir now during Light season. Hopefully they'll have some surprises in store for us on the Christmas units. How about some Reindeer-pegasi?
  6. great googly moogly! What deity did you have to sacrifice to for that luck?! Very nice!
  7. Which is good news to me. Rosses are slow coming, but if green keeps making units I like, I think I'll have a fair chance at +10ing both him and Echidna. Now...to grind out the TT rewards on the last day...😬
  8. got up to 20 orbs again and thought to go back into the FE6 banner for Echidna. No lady axe weilder, but I did get Igrene and a Ross! That brings the boss up to +2! Igrene, sadly, is -Atk/+Res...I've been @Rezzy'd
  9. 115 orbs has gotten me no Altina, but I did get 3 Sothis (including a +Atk to replace my neutral) and a Marth. I'll consider this a win and wait for next month's banner.
  10. Free pull was a neutral Sothis. I'll take it. 😁
  11. Probably a Legendary/Mythic banner around April/May. Or a Wave banner. Or Lull banner, would be my guess. Hopefully I'm not lulled into anymore banners though, my orb stash is nonexistent.
  12. Finally got another 5* on the SS banner. I'll have to wait for Duophraim to come back since Gerik wanted to fix his Atk bane.
  13. @Anacybele I guess since you don't need anymore B!Ikes he decided to wander off and be my free pull 😂 It's a small mercy to me since Duophraim is playing hard to get.
  14. is it bad that I'm more excited for the freebie/demote units? Free pull on the weekly rerun gave me Python, so...my chances of getting those units is significantly high? Echidna is one of my top faves and to complete the orphan trio, Chad is there. Although, I'm kinda swimming in Axe infantry now since I've gotten Gerik and the Useless Emperor, and Ross. Ross is Boss.
  15. After playing through the routes, I can safely say that both Edelgard and Rhea need serious counseling. Edelgard moreso than Rhea. Playing CF and SS killed me due to every single plot convo making me want to hurl something at them. A little bit of talking would go a long way, and this is coming from an introvert. Edelgard especially ticked me off with her "get rid of the goddess" schtick, and it's just, "...you do realize she's in my head and can hear you, right? No? Okay, wait a couple chapters."
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