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  1. After playing since release, despite a brief two-month break, I'm finally hanging up my cape. I've managed to +10 a good amount of units, but my personal life has just become too busy for me to continue playing with any regularity. I still love Fire Emblem and will fondly remember my time in this game, but it's time i take care of business. To further dissuade me from coming back, i'll be erasing my game data. I'll probably still check in for the art as this game has had some of the best character art i've seen in a while. Best wishes to everyone, may your strategies prevail.
  2. Sitting at 3 Chrobins, 2 Robin, 2 Lucina (exact same trash nature, too. +HP, -Spd) and a whopping 4 Owain...from 5*
  3. Free seasonal is...baby twins! Just a little miffed they're the freebie after throwing 200+ orbs at them on their debut...but it's fine. They made up for it by being +Atk. Got two Plumeria and an off Catria for the Hero fest. Legendary banner netted me 2 Otr, 1 Eitri (pity breaker that she has been), 3 Claude, 1 Ashera, 1 Seliph, and 1 Elimine. Not too bad overall.
  4. 23 pulls trying for Elimine, but no Saint yet. I've gotten 1 Ashera, 1 Claude, and 1 Seliph (no colorless orbs), so pretty decent luck so far. I'll try again after payday until I can spark. Ashera only needs 4 more copies to be +10 while Claude needs 7.
  5. Final vote now going to Touma! That leaves 3 for Chrom, 2 for F!Robin and 2 for Touma. Better luck next year, Robin, I guess.
  6. Touma in top 20! I'll probably do a last vote for Chrom to ensure his place and one to Touma so TMR might get banner later this year.
  7. Not too bad for the start of the new year, despite catching (hopefully not covid) a horrible cough and fever. Tickets landed me 3 5* units! One was off-banner, being Annand, but I did get Dagr+Nótt...even with a terrible -Atk. Still gonna try to find Fafnir. The other 5* was Duo Peony+Triandra from the revival. Still need to gather the other tickets.
  8. On topic of Summer Edelgard, while it would be an immediate cash crab, there's one thing people are forgetting. Her scars from TWSID. Edelgard is very self conscious about them, so it's doubtful she'd wear a modern swimsuit. It'd probably be one of those Victorian longjohn type of things and her being defensive about her choice to wear it.
  9. Sounds about right. I've gotten 4 Eitri, 1 Dagr, and 0 Thórr. I've also gotten 3 Brammimond to my 1 Queen Micaiah. The Want Meter is clearly broken.
  10. Got 4* Basilio and a sparked Priam. Pity rate was broken first by Edelgard and again by M!Byleth. Black Eagles are officially my sworn enemy (doesn't help its the only route I played as M!Byleth).
  11. I might, MIGHT, set my account down after Book 6 if there's no units I particularly find interesting. I've met my personal goal of +10'ing all forms of Dimitri and helping a few other of my favorites to that level. I don't particularly care about competitive play and find all those modes a chore to grind my grails and other stuff. I've had fun, but I mostly just want to finish the storyline. I already set down FGO since maxing Gilgamesh out. I have no issue doing the same to FEH, it'll help curb my spending habits. Once I finish my personal goal in UtaPri, I'll be saying goodbye to mobile gaming completely. I have too many other games and activities I can dedicate my time to.
  12. I've never cared for Nowi, but DANG if that art doesn't make me want to build her. Too bad half my +10s are blue units, so that's one project I won't be getting to. Edit: Just saw her attack and special and HOLY SHIT! She just bumped up a few ranks in my merge projects. What's that? I have a spare Seiros? Eat well, Nowi.
  13. Gimme Inigo! *120 orbs and 6 tickets later* 3 Caeda+Plumeria, 1 Sonya, 1 Hector No Inigo... ☹
  14. OG!Micaiah got one of my Florets. She already had +Atk, but now she's also +Res. +10, 15 dragonflowers, she's at 68 atk and a whopping 51 res. If they made a close ward seal, she will get it and eat all the dragons for breakfast.
  15. 2 4-star Ziharks, I'm happy. Ascended Laegjarn banner, I got 3 of her, including spark and 2 Volkes in the 40 pulls. I am very pleased
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