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  1. I've solo yolo-ing after getting 5 orbs...On the bright side, I did fix Byleth's -Atk, she's just still +Res anyway. I'll wait to see what happens with my birthday this year if I'll be able to pull for the rest of the Sylvain merges I need. Otherwise, I'm about done on this banner.
  2. Why does it look like Hel!Robin is wielding a Light Tome? Just my only concern. He looks pretty badass and more Grima-y than he'd prefer, probably. Still, Hel garments do add a new twist to the rotation, unless they only do it after two full rotations. After the next two Askr>Nifl>Embla>Muspell we might see a fairy Resplendent.
  3. I haven't seen a 5* Altena. Ever. Every single one I've pulled has been 4* and I think I've feathered 30 so far with 14 manuals kept. So, grats!
  4. It was between a neutral or a +Res for me. I went Neutral. I also sacrificed my only copy of Lugh to give him Gronnserpent. Because why not make him a speed-tank EP unit instead of a dime-a-dozen blade-PP unit? So...he now has +18 to Def and Res on enemy phase. I do not regret sacrificing Rhajat as well.
  5. Okay...450 orbs later, my overall haul is: 1 Byleth Duo (-Atk/+Res) 1 Ingrid (-Atk/+Def) 1 F!Julia (Nature is moot since I have a good one already) 1 F!Mareeta (New, but not that exciting. I can do another Dream Corrin merge instead of keeping it for NFU) 1 Brave Ephraim (+Spd, ick) 1 Dorothea (+Atk/-Spd, also ick for that bane) 1 Queen Camilla (-Atk/+Spd. I think I see a pattern here...) 1 Phina (Neutral. Brings her to...+2? +3?) Aaaand...6 SYLVAIN! Which only brings him to +5. I agree with @Anacybele, Sylvain's rate on this sucks compared to other 4* Focus characters. 2 of these Sylvain were 5*. I don't think I'll be doing as much for CYL as I had hoped...
  6. Well my FGO luck pre-empted my luck here. Bought the orb packs, plus a $20 pack and only got Bikinileth and Brave Ephraim. I guess Ephraim didn't get the memo that I didn't need him anymore, even if his Brave self is now +2. It could have been a Sylvain with +Spd/-Def instead.
  7. *sigh* nothing yet. I'll have to wait until after work now to purchase the orb packs and try again. Not even a single 4* Sylvain. 🙁
  8. Guaranteed SSR was Maid Alter! After try hard for her last year to no success, I'm happy it was her~ Haven't tried for Skadi, I'm thinking of holding off until the summer banners. Edit: Scratch that, decided to do 5 ticket pulls and Skadi came on the fourth. I don't know what's going on here, but I fear for my luck on the Heroes Summer 2 banner.
  9. I say we start a petition for Cavalry buffs. I also forgot about Soren...
  10. And they have probably the least amount of skills catered to them. Then again, it follows how units in the main games are. There's only fraction of fliers and armors, a little more cavalry, and then the rest are infantry. Red tome cavalry would've probably been an improvement, especially since he's normally a Dark Knight. I mean...they made Sylvain a cavalry mage (which is something I was so hoping they would do!) and nothing has stopped them from having more than one cavalry mage in a set release. Greil's Devoted had Titania for the TT and Mist for the banner. Owen and Reinhardt premiered together at launch, and I'm sure there's other examples.
  11. yeah...just saw that. Actually...i think I had this exact same issue when I was working on Naesala and NFU was still recent. Well, bummer. Guess it's Fury/Desperation/Blade-tome after all.
  12. Well, I just got my Adrift M!Corrin manual, so I think I'll be giving Sylvain NFU for giggles and shenanigans. I can also be tempted to turn him into a mix-phase unit with CC, if I have any spares lying around. Slap the Spd/Res solo seal on him and he gets +6 to all stats on his lonesome. Still debating on giving him Gronnblade, but I think I'll see how his weapon works first before devoting the feathers for it.
  13. I think I'll slap Byleth on my TT team, farm all the orbs, then go do my pulls for the summer banner. I think I can get another 60 or so orbs to bring my total up to 120.
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