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  1. Thank you, GC, for the last feathers needed to complete this project! Debating on if I should give him QR3 or something else instead of Renewal, but for now he's finished. Now I can work on...maybe Klein or Chrom. I have enough copies in reserve to +10 both outside of the required feathers.
  2. I was able to scrounge up enough sq for 2 10x pulls and finally got Jalter! Now I just need to farm the heck for true scripts for the hero proofs needed to max out Caster Gil. At least my vacation started in time to actually spend a full day farming and use up my 300+ apples.
  3. This gives me reason to A)5* Chrom and start building him finally. And B) I want that Mirror Stance seal for my Micaiahs! Forget everything else, that's my prize!
  4. ...the music isn't that bad. I mean, it isn't Uta no Prince-sama, but it isn't ear-bleed inducing. I understand if J-pop isn't your thing, but what do you expect for a company based in Japan, let alone featuring a game whose entire theme revolves around J-pop culture?
  5. *sigh* another 6 pulls and still no Jalter. At least the banner runs through my next payday so I can try AGAIN. Emiya and Siegfried both ended up max NP, though, so any extras are rare prism fodder.
  6. if my Surtr didn't happen to be +Def/-Spd, I would've given the SS4 to Picnic!Lukas. In other news, I decided to throw a couple orbs for a solo YOLO on the Christmas banner and got the Tree! She's +Res/-Def, so, kinda meh. But I'll take her. Now I need to go back on 3H and wear the regalia to celebrate. And finally finish CF and SS routes. Because Black Eagles suck to me and the routes pain me to play.
  7. @Tybrosion Cordelia looks lovely and threatening. I feel your pain for the grails. I still need 1k to get the last copies needed for Picnic!Leo. I'll probably quit FEH after that since I'll likely have Dimitri +10'd by then.
  8. Considering that Itsuki's role is "manager" and supports the rest of the cast, I beg to differ. It would be perfectly fitting to give him a support role such as refresher.
  9. Got stoked when I saw chibi Tsubasa. Watched the trailer aaaaaand...no Touma. I realize that it would have been a blue overlap, but they could have made him the TT reward, put Kiria as Green, make Itsuki summonable and keep Mamori in reserve. Guess I'll do my free pull and be happy with Itsuki, who better be the dancer of this lot.
  10. Well, I think my good luck in getting Ereshkigal and Abigail in 1-2 10x pulls just backlashes. 4 pulls and no Jalter. I'll probably get 90 more quartz on payday to try my luck again, but we'll see.
  11. That...that comic is just too cute! I wanna cuddle Lilina for being so adorable.
  12. It's between him and Altena. Considering Ced is in the third showcase slot, it's highly possible he'll be the demote. IS loves to demote greens for some reason.
  13. Thanks to all these incoming feathers, Boey is coming along nicely. He's now sitting at +6 with maxed flowers. Ross isn't too far behind at +4. And now I realize that instead of too many blues to build, I now have too many greens. This coming banner is a skip for me. It's nice and pretty, with two likely demotes this time, but not that appealing to me.
  14. GSSR was Nero Bride. I feel kinda meh, but considering that my Saber team lacked any real support units, I'll take her. Arthur and Suzuka are still my heavy hitters on it. On the plus, I still have over 100 SQ for when Achilles comes around.
  15. Solo-yolo'd Dimitri on the Legendary banner with 8.5% rate! Only two more left~♡ I think my rallying support for him in the VG made him come home 😆
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