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  1. Critical hits can't miss. Naga's shield is broken.
  2. So now that its released does anyone here know if the Roy amiibo does anything? And if so, could you tell us what it does? Thank you.
  3. Lightning shouldn't be able to strike twice when attacking. Also the "chopstick" weapon. I mean, if you look closely, it's clearly two chopsticks.
  4. I'll try to avoid any unnecessary bloodshed. If I start a war, then I'll be sure to leave you out of it, Deviddo. The weather in Nohr is salty rain. It's quite pleasant.
  5. Hello, everybody. I've been around here for a while, now but haven't made one of these introduction threads until now. I love great art, but am no great artist.
  6. Fighter Arthur's hitrates are ... problematic. It would be woth it it to try dreadfighter Arthur on Lunatic Casual, though. Arthur isn't really viable on Lunatic Classic, but dreadfighter Arthur can tank anything else. Fighter Beruka isn't that great if you don't have any good throwing axes.
  7. I'm pretty much certain that distance has nothing to do with accuracy.
  8. This. I killed Shura, I'm such a bastard.
  9. Sophie and Caeldori for A+ level friendship.
  10. MyCastle is now Nohrian. MU name: Kyle Mu class: Basara Affinity: Nohr Region: NA Resources: Cabbage, Crystals Battle Level: Easy Notable skills: Kyle - Mag+2, Future Sight Effie, Arthur - Aptitude
  11. I just finished Hoshido Lunatic Casual. The Endgame was an easy two-turn clear for me. Garon was almost as much of a pushover as whats-her-face. You know, the dark dragon from FE6, I think her name was Iodine or something.
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