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  1. Love Felix still being so high in the listing. Pretty remarkable, considering he just recently got an alt/into the game. Not too ecstatic about the Gatekeeper, but memes have never done much for me anyway. Don't see the appeal of the Byleths either, so I hope Marianne pulls ahead. Also I am very happy about Dedue in 9 (put him in already, Intsys!), Takumi being back in the 20s and Rhea making it twice. ❤️ Overall, I could live with these results, but I hope Chrom and Marianne manage to pull an upset.
  2. Oh great, my favourite gets really high in cyl only to be shoved into a TT and left completely underwhelming as a unit at best. His art is okay, but I am so disappointed. I don't care about merging him or how this could be good in the long term, it feels like a slap in the face right now. He got the same treatment as pre-ts Lorenz for crying out loud. (I like Lorenz, but we all know what I am talking about). I feel so demotivated for this game already, am having one of the worst months of my life and when I thought I'd get a little pick-me-up, they give me this.
  3. Oh great. Another 6+ months before I get a new chance at Felix. 3+ before he might be on a seasonal, but I am not holding my breath for that. I love the Church characters and was rooting for them to be added eventually, but... It's like Intsys took one look at CYL and decided to completely ignore the actual placing. Fhaerghus Four? Guess they are just three to Intsys. I've been getting my hopes up almost every month and at this point I think he just isn't going to be added. At least not before the game dies. Sorry, I had to vent a bit. Gonna try for Flayn and maybe a copy of Seteth or two.
  4. And there go my hopes for a Takumi+Tiki Harmonized Alt. Come on it would have been so cute and everyone would have lapped it up. We could have just handwaved Takumi's presence on this banner by saying he has dragon blood and gets possessed by a dragon or whatever. Oh well, I will probably still try for the duo and F!Grima, but not too much. We might actually get a Three Houses banner this month and Felix should be on it (though with the way Intsys has been treating him, I could see him left out yet again).
  5. Aaah Takumi! This is what finally makes me break down and spend money on this game. I should've known. His outfit looks great and they are really doubling down on his whole association with death... Which is sad, but also cool. Also good to finally add a new merge to him. I don't care if I am the only one that still uses him, this Resplendant is explicitly cartering to me and I couldn't be happier!
  6. Takumi all the way. Even if he is almost certain to lose. After that it'll be Dimitri or Tiki (though I assume she'll lose too)
  7. It's been a long time since I played, but it must be in one of those early chapters when the birds are introduced.
  8. The hawks defintelly do engage in piracy, but they only ever attack Begnion ships out of revenge for the Serenes Massacre. That's why Tibarn is disdainful about the Ravens actual piracy, because they do it solely for profit.
  9. A tsundere doesn't have to always 100% display all the traits at all times. But when you look at Takumi's Japanese My Room dialogue, he really reacts like it, he comes this close to saying he likes Corrin only to turn his head aside and go "No, it was nothing!" while clearly embarassed. He also has multiple moments like this in his supports where he wants to say something or confess something but breaks off due to embarassment or says it more vehemtently to cover up. Felix meanwhile has multiple moments where he is clearly concerned or more emotionally atrached than he lets on, but covers it up with anger. Like he is clearly concerned about Dimitri's state post-ts, but voices it as "Do something about that thing, I can't look at it."... while then proceeding to stare at "it" for an entire month. It's also the japanese voice actor really selling the pouting and obviously affected tone in a lot of scenes. He can only thank Sylvain after he already turned around to leave in their A+ support and still has a huge blush on his face and is very hesitant to say it. Basically both of them have a lot to their characters that goes beyond the archetype, but the main feature: Hiding affection or concern behind angry outbursts or pretensions of disdain, is still there.
  10. Takumi and Felix: Bring on the tsundere boys. Flayn and Sakura: Bring on the cinnamon rolls. Lorenz/Ferdinand and Maribelle: Bring on the high nobility.
  11. Not sure about the one on the right having short hair. It could be tied in a fancy hair knot.
  12. Was waiting all this time for Felix to get released before making another update, but it seems that will take even longer, so here we go: So 38 new 5*s between now and September (not counting the ones I got and foddered inbetween)
  13. Disappointed to be waiting even longer for Felix, but it is what it is. If he had debuted on this banner, he would have colour shared with Lysithea anyway, so it's probably for the better. My biggest fear is they'll make him a shitty GHB unit, like they have done to popular males in the past. Still got Solon to check off for White Cloud villains, so I'll keep my fingers crossed. Anyway, I am contractually obligated to try for Anette, as she is one of the cubs. Lysithea is also one of my most frequent recruits, so I want her as well. I however do not want to go below 200 orbs in my orb stash in case they pull a fast one and the next 3H banner is in early April or something. Poor Ferdinand. I am not the guy's biggest fan, but it's obvious he got screwed over.
  14. This is a win-win for me. If Altina wins I get a great unit, if Sothis wins I grt Time's pulse. Best possible outcomes to me so far.
  15. If Altina doesn't win the gauntlet, I'm gonna have to pull for her here, but I already have L!Roy, so this isn't appealing. Bonus doubler could be nice I guess, but it's not what I am aiming for. As for the Mythic, if it is indeed , that'd be another place to invest orbs. Colourless would seem likely and I ain't too hot on merging my Frima further. So yeah, not exactly an ideal banner for me either way.
  16. I'll support Altina, though it makes me feel a bit bad, since I like C!Sothis a lot. I just don't need another copy of her. It'll be interesting to see how much support Leif gets just to prevent Edelgard.
  17. Hm, I am pretty nervous about the coming VG. There's gonna be so much salt, we'll be talking about it in the same breath as that horrible CYL1 VG disaster I am sure. As for my thoughts on the potential winners: Altina: My number one pick. I wanted her back when she first came out, but was short on orbs and did not want to jump into red hell too much. Tried a little and got Sothis. I would really appreciate not to have to fish her out of those godawful mythic banners. Only downside to her winning would be her increased presence in AR, where she is already toxic enough. But oh well, I'll just have to 'git good' and start using my Duo!Ephraim properly I suppose. Alfonse: Not much for Blue Tomes, since I have dozens already, even if he is amazing. That fodder is pretty delicious though. But if I wanted to potentially feed Special Spiral to Felix once he gets into the game, it'd mean wasting CC fodder. Hm, I'd have to wait and see, but I can't deny Alfonse's appeal. Sothis (red): Like I said, already have her. Still some really neat fodder to be had here, so I am not opposed to getting her. Leif: Pretty amazing unit, but not too great with fodder. I am not sure how much I'd use him, but I wouldn't be too mad. Sothis (green): Another merge for her would be nice, although not really necessary. I don't have many armours to built up, but she could be helpful there too. Azura: Ugh, please no. I already have a good copy, with no interest in merging. Her fodder isn't too good and we already have Peony who is nearly just as good. Alm: Not a unit I'd use but good fodder. Edelgard: Her C-skill isn't too bad, but hardly worth losing the chance at one of the above guys (minus Azura. I think I'd actually prefer Edelgard over her, purely as fodder). I don't want her winning, but we'll see how things play out. So yeah, I'll be supporting Altina mostly out of self-interest. *shrugs*
  18. Aww guess I did. I am happy you got such a nice copy. Congrats! I actually did get a Takumi on my free summon. It's the second one I pulled (excluding the free copy) since I started playing. Don't thin I'll ever +10 him, but those extra stats are still neat.~
  19. Edelgard, but that's a powder keg of a conversation I don't feel like touching today. Sylvain for.most of the reasons losted above. But I actually like that the game tried to address the misogynistic attitudes of the flirt type characters and made Sylvain very obviously display one of the darl sides of it. My problem is that the game doesn't give him a proper realisation on it and simply acts like he suddenly got his shit together one day because he found a girl to settle down with, so it's all fine. There's only really one line in his Byleth support that hints at him maybe forming some kind of understanding, and his suppports with Mercedes get off to a good start but then completely miss the landing when it all turns back around to him and his pain instead of the pain he causes. Compare this to Lorenz, who has aj extensive character arc with all of his supports about realizing what a tool he was and the game never feels the urge to coddle him or treat him like he's got it worse than everyone else, despite those girls he flirts with likely having just as bad of a time with crests as he has. (or living the lifes of commoners, where nobles playing around with them is just another reminder of where they rank in society) Also just saying, even if one if those girls had been a materialistic shrew, Sylvain approaching and actively egging her on with the sole intent of humiliating her does not make me feel a shred of sympathy for him. At the end of the day, I still want to like Sylvain, and there are things I enjoy about him (his interactions with his friends for example, outside of flirting with Ingrid, of course, amd his occasional shows of scary amounts of competence), I just wish the game had properly finished the arc it set up for him, like with Lorenz. Anyway, another one I don't like would be Bernadetta. On the surface, people would assume I'd completely love her as a character, for also having issues with anxiety. However, I heavily dislike how these are treated as a source for jokes 95% of the time. Bernadetta is treated like a joke character and you can almost hear the game shouting "Look at how whacky she is, isn't it just totally adorbs!!?" Don't get me wrong, I can enjoy comedy at my expense. I really love the manga/anime Watamote for instance, but the difference is that the author was poking fun at their own similar behaviour, a cringe comedy for laughing at and understanding your own ridiculousness. Bernadetta feels like a walking punchline from people with little understanding of the topic. And then we are meant to really sympathize when she makes moe eyes and explains her backstory to you, which is hard, when all the game did before was point a finger at her and tell us to laugh. Honestly this frustrates me a lot and my opinion of the character is very low as a result.
  20. Lost all three rounds. Figures, that this would happen in the one VG I cared about (even if only slightly)
  21. I am just going to go with what I want, since I assume Intsys will give everyone their academy looks and war alts only to the more popular ones. Ferdinand - He looks like a greek god during war phase. The mane also fits with his disney prince image. Linhardt - I prefer academy, but war looks nice too. Caspar - War phase is the only design of his I can take seriously. Bernadetta - I don't really like her either way, but her academy self looks like a scruffy kitten, so it wins. Dorothea - I really love both versions, but war wins out on maturity. Dedue - War, since his hair in academy phase is atrocious. He looks very handsome to me after the timeskip. Felix - War. Just not too much of a bun fan (unless it's double buns). Also his war phase outfit has Thigh High Boots, so it wins by default. Ashe - War. I like how he looks gentle yet more mature. Sylvain - War, although I think his Academy self has better hair. The outfit just looks better on him. Annette - Academy is cuter. Something about her war phase hair just looks off, but maybe a different artstyle could change that. Ingrid - Academy. I love her long hair and think it's such a shame it gets reduced. Lorenz - War phase. He looks so much better there. Even with his personality, I'll have a hard time pulling for academy!Lorenz cause I am shallow as heck in gacha games. Raphael - Academy I guess. I am not terribly fond of him in either incarnation, but his hair in war phase just puts me off. Ignatz - War phase. Looking like a real scholar type in that one. Lysithea - Hope to see her in her war phase look someday. Marianne - I prefer academy, due to the very scary looks she can pull off in that one. Leonie - War phase appeals to me much more. I just love her hair there. Cyril - Not too invested, but War, I guess.
  22. Seperating into my top 10 from 3 Houses (cause they are the freshest in my mind): 1. Felix (Sword Infantry) 2. Dorothea (Red Tome Infantry) 3. Rhea (Blue Dragon Infantry) 4. Dedue (Axe Infantry) 5. Lysithea (Red Tome Infantry) 6. Sylvain (Lance Cavalier) 7. Ingrid (Lance Flier) 9. Seteth (Lance Flier) 10. Leonie (Red Bow Cavalry) ... And my top 10 from the other games: 1. Mitama (Staff Infantry) 2. Luthier (Blue Infantry Tome) 3. Rafiel (Green Beast Dancer Infantry) 4. Forrest (Staff Cavalry) 5. Orochi (Red Tome Infantry) 6. Skrimir (Red Beast Armor) 7. Ena (Red Dragon Infantry) 8. Calill (Blue Tome Infantry) 9. Volke (Colourless Dagger Infantry) 10. Laurent (Green Tome Infantry)
  23. Voting for Altina, since she is the only Legendary/Mythic I still want to get. Would personally be disappointed if the winner ends up someone I already have unless they have amazing fodder.
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