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  1. Ok I finally have time for this yay. Chapter 1: 6/6. Marth and Jagen charge through the middle, Caeda kills stragglers around her while everyone tries to give up their items. 1 space off seizing on turn 5 though 😩 Chapter 2: 5/11. Darros recruited turn 1, Jagen charges to the boss t3 (with Castor recruited shortly after) and feeds the boss kill to Ogma t4. Marth gains a shitload of XP. Chapter 3: 5/16. Marth, Jagen, Ogma and Castor beeline to the left, Caeda goes to the right to recruit Navarre. The scrub Axemen don't do much of use. Needed a crit from either Jagen or Ogma on Hyman (otherwise he'd be left on 1 HP). Chapter 4: 6/22. Navarre kills most of the dudes on the right, everyone else goes left. Darros/Bord help kill a few stragglers in the centre. Boss again needed a crit.
  2. You should totally list which units you failed to recruit. :P Nice work though, was fun to follow!
  3. THE B-FORCES are finally up to chapter 17. i'll let other people give out unit details or whatever tl;dr l'arachel just about capped everything. colm also kills everything. so does arthur. saleh is actually a really good unit somehow. most others are scrubs. should finish up pretty soon hopefully?
  4. Chapter 9 for the B-SQUAD I don't have a recording because I'm lame. Colm is ridiculous though.
  5. Could have pinged me then I'd have noticed, I barely check the site these days otherwise. Unfortunately I don't recall exactly off the top of my head since it's been so long, but if pressed I'd say OHKO benchmarks on C5 wyverns, Fred OHKOing non-Pavise+ thieves up to C7 with Eph's or the Silver lance, non-Aegis+ soldiers and fighters? being OHKO'd by a tome forge from chapters 9 to 11, and whatever mag (51?) is needed to OHKO non-Aegis+ Knights in C12 (alternatively, can get lucky and get enough mag growths within the chapter and only need to OHKO the cavs at 48(?) mag, though this will be finicky and less forgiving with skill distribution) and general needing to keep up in HP/def throughout the early to mid game. A lot was done on the fly otherwise; the majority of levels were rigged, but not all, due to general tediousness and time concerns. (What was done already was quite enough tbh.) Morgan needs much less rigging overall (besides his pre-promoted levels, where rigged levels allow for better snowballing), but would like as much HP/Skl as possible for the lategame strats. Other stats will grow sufficiently. I don't remember Lucina needing much, though bad growths might make Chapters 22 and 24 markedly less consistent, so dunno.
  6. I'm too lazy to record, sorry. Also we're TOO MANLY FOR SAFE UNITS or something. Not 100% sure yet.
  7. More brainstorming below for C2. Basically the Mountain Barb can't have Vantage+ (so a backup strat in case it has Gamble). Ok, so we do standard stuff, just in a different order. Virion/Robin shoots middle left Merc, Lissa moves up for support bonuses (if needed/available), and Chrom moves up, takes Robin, switches, and shoots twice at the Mountain Barb. Chrom falls asleep/misses twice so it's on 13/33 HP if Robin has average (9) Mag and C Tomes. So basically we do things in a different order for the run to not fail when things don't go as planned. Stahl picks up Vaike and hits the Barb from the right. Hopefully he doesn't get 8% Gamble critted. Fred picks up Vaike, grabs Stahl's Bronze Sword, and OHKOs the merc. Sully moves below the mountain barb, picks up Vaike, grabs Fred's Bronze Sword, and stabs the Barb to death. If it has Vantage+ and not Hawkeye then it has a good chance of whiffing the hit too: On EP a Soldier attacks Sully (Sully survives on 2 if it has Luna+) and another attacks Fred. Maybe a 25% DS happens! Sully has to connect 67 disp on EP since the Soldier is on a mountain, so this step is super sketchy. Bleh. Turn 2: Virion pairs up with Fred and moves back to stab the leftmost Soldier on EP. He might heal. Miriel pairs up with Lissa, who moves to heal Fred. Sully GTFOs and grabs Miriel's stuff. Stahl also GTFOs and grabs Sully's Fire tome. Robin grabs Sully's Fire tome and switches to Chrom. On EP Fred exactly kills the left Soldier and Chrom finishes off the other injured Soldier. Everyone zergs in. I actually had huge problems clearing it from here, so possibly some refining needed to do earlier; I still think the turn 1 has a lot of tinkering to do though, but maybe I am wrong <.<
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