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    I love digital art and playing games ! * U * I go by many usernames online, but every mimasho you encounter is probably me. The game I've played consistently the longest is Kancolle. DMM is my home lol ; u ;
    I also love mmos, Blade and Soul (JPN, CN, KRN) and Tera (US, KRN) are the ones I play ! English/한국어/中文/日本語 OK !
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  1. I love the Oboro and Saizou art, but I'm curious as to why that support ? It wasn't that great imo, compared to her others >< Eh, at least they didn't put S in xD Though tbh I would have expected Saizou x Kagerou or something ? and holy Kurodeko's art looks so familiar, reminds me a lot of some kancolle stuff !
  2. akdfjs Oboro's third...and it's her birthday ヽ(o♡o)/ EXCITEMENT please bring the merch in muahaha ~ I didn't vote for Takumi as much because I thought he'd get first ?? XD either way, it makes me kind of happy they're both third lol and Belka's higher than expected !
  3. hmm that's really strange, I preordered mines three days ago and it hasn't charged me ; A ; but yeah, definitely try calling in ! Although it may be because sometimes gamestop will charge you for pre-orders, but not the full price until the game actually comes out ? For example, a friend of mines preordered in store and she had to put down $25 or something, so it may be similar with online things ? ; u ; I'm actually...on hold with gamestop atm and they told me to wait 30 minutes lmao
  4. omg !! I feel so silly now aha ~ imo, He doesn't need it; he does best sticking with something like Dark Knight or Grandmaster (if you have DLCs) ...unless you want the skills that come with the class promotions...? ; u ;
  5. lol no, you get sorcerer and dark knight (Nohr counterparts of spellcaster)
  6. I'm bumping this up because I think people have forgotten that this thread existed xD Also, what's the best class for Aqua!Sophie ?
  7. I chose option 2. Honestly, it all boils down to your own opinion -if you haven't played it yourself or seen any gameplays yet, it's a bit unfair to judge it based on what you've heard. Watch a few youtube videos and see what you think then. Besides, it's likely that the localized version will be different than the Japanese one, so I'd definitely say wait until a good 1-2 months after it's release and you know what to expect if you don't want to have to return it after realizing you hate it or something xD. Also I did a no-grind Lunatic Hoshido and IK run and it was fine, so I wouldn't worry about that. (No grind as in the only maps I've played are like 1-3 children paralogues and the rest have been main chapters, I don't even do the side stuff)
  8. aah no problem and so glad it did !! * U * The second map's actually extremely easy (especially compared to the first xD) have you tried it yet ? if not, don't worry, there's really not much method to tackle it other than head on, I believe haha ~
  9. Are you talking about the first one with the three ? I remember having trouble with it the first time, then I restarted and did this: Pair up Owain and Severa. Put Inigo in the VERY corner of the map, bottom left hand side. Put Owain + Severa pair directly in front of Inigo. Units will all swarm towards you -during your turn, either use the boost items or heal up. Your three units will automatically destroy anyone who comes near them during enemy phase. Severa will attack with Inigo, and Owain will have defense guard with Severa, when the boss comes to you, swap into Owain (whose stats have NOT been lowered significantly) and he will destroy the boss. ^ I literally copy and pasted that from a thread I posted in a few months back when it first came out xD But yeah, that's what I did and it worked for me !
  10. OMG as much as I'd love one...please no. I bought a JPN new 3ds XL just to play it and I don't want to have to buy another new 3DS again, because I know I won't be able to stop my grabby hands from doing so otherwise sobs ; m ; I really don't know though, faceplates are definitely possible ?
  11. I guess I'm in the minority here, but I've used both consoles and prefer the new 3DS XL much more as opposed to the old 3DS XL system ~ imo, the circle pad is a lot smoother (I didn't realize how unresponsive it was until I played exclusively on my new 3DS for months wasting away on FE:if) and the 3D is SO MUCH BETTER. You can actually move around now when you use the option, and you don't have to be a certain distance to get it to work. I also think the volume settings are a lot better (your options are wider and it's easier to control). And of course, the auto-brightness settings are extremely responsive, so if you're like me and like to play fe:if at night until you pass out, your eyes won't start to see spots from staring at the screen too long afterwards xD I'm seriously considering buying a new 3DS XL for the localized version when it comes out as well but that probably won't happen since I've already spent too much on this series lmao
  12. pls Amazon. You're the only one I trust. I need that special edition art book and pouch so badly ; m ; THAT POUCH / I will be obsessively refreshing the page for the next few hours ~ but omg so broke I already spent over $500 on the japanese fe merch stuff aaaaah
  13. aha PLEASE do xD I've been avoiding tumblr lately because of all kamutaku stuff on my dash hnng Ah that's what I'm hoping ! ; U ; the TakuObo fandom is actually depressingly small, even amongst Japanese players... and in game, too; I've visited hundreds of castles, and only a small handful have that navy haired Kisaragi LOL aaand to stay on topic, I forgot to add but another guilty confession I have is that I dislike Asama (same reasons as Zero) and tbh I married Leon myself, but I really wish it wasn't an option to marry your siblings... the whole S support, especially for Hoshido family, it's just...aaaah ; m ; (worse than M!Kamui x Soleil imo lol)
  14. *coughs* well hello ~ THAT aside, my guilty confession is that I absolutely can't stand Zero ; m ; I want to love all the characters so badly, I just...can't. I also really dislike F!Kamui x Takumi and Hinata x Oboro ~ their supports are pretty bad, especially if you have a good understanding of Japanese and compare it to all the other support options sighs
  15. OBORO by far... to a lesser extent but second nonetheless is Belka, Takumi, perhaps Sophie, Luna, Hinata, Leon, eeh idk. But Oboro is my #1 for sure xD I would list all the reasons why but this website couldn't handle it lolol
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