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  1. So, because of the fact that the Nohr path seems to be quite limited when it comes to exp compared to Hoshido, I wanted to know if the game would forgive a couple of mistakes or so when it came to choosing which units to Lv up and whatnot. Also, which units are definitely not worth leveling up for both paths?
  2. So i was looking around the skinship transaltions and came across this: Elise: I want you to fill me with your love. This game is going to get butchered in the localized version
  3. First off, I don´t own the game, so I apologize for not being able to give you a reliable answer. The actual marriage thing, I believe it does occur. I haven´t been able to see it in the streams (I didn´t watch any completely) but there is a magazine scan (I´m not sure if it was a famitsu scan. I´m referring to the one that confirmed marriage and children were back) in which it showed some sort of cg in which the two characters appeared to be in the wedding ceremony (In the scan it was male Kamui and Felicia). As for the children, I don´t really know how they appear, but I can assure it is not the natural /born-time passes- child is old enough to fight with you/ thing.
  4. That would make the fandom even more disrupted than it already is To be honest though, and to answer your question, that doesn´t make you bad or anything. I just doubt it would ever be implemented. Should it be, a good part of the fans would stop playing. I personally wouldn´t mind it, but I dont think I would use it.
  5. That Camilla-Hinoka was really interesting. I wonder what the other siblings are like with their opposite... By any chance do think they´ll be available soon?
  6. By any chance, does anyone know if I can marry flora?
  7. I don´t know where but I read Foleo, contrary to the appearance, is a boy.
  8. Can Kamui S-rank the children of other characters as Robin could in Awakening?
  9. I really want to see kagerou supports and skinship. I think she is really cute
  10. I see, thanks. Have you got the page where they showed that or anything of the sort?
  11. Now that the children are determined by the father, does that mean the male avatar can only have 1 child?
  12. Anyone got the pic of Kanna with sakura as her mother?
  13. Well people, the bed is calling me. I really can´t keep this up. See ya all later. Don´t spoil yourselves. That much...
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