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  1. How history is precisely written is what bothers me the most from Crimson Flower's ending as apparently the japanese translation was that the other two lands were wiped clean (I'll look for it again just to make sure) and it doesn't help that omega mentioned earlier that it was a historian's point of view about that which doesn't help but of course a nation's history never labels itself as the bad guy which the USA isn't the only one that has its own darkness like Japan and so forth but I don't want to get off topic. Edit: (I need to call it a night)
  2. Randolph joins the army to further his family status despite the fact from what we're told him and Fleche were doing fine. Randolph was doing it for glory and trying to reap the benefits after the war for his work. I'm not seeing how the Adrestian Empire doesn't have the same flawed tradition and glory seeking fools as any other country in a Fire Emblem game... this isn't just a Faerghus only thing. Edelgard has people who join her side for the benefits that come to the victor like that one blond noble from the Leicester Alliance.
  3. I genuinely want to understand where he's coming from with Dimitri is to blame for harboring Rhea when as @Shanty Pete's 1st Mate stated before why it doesn't make a lick of sense of it being fair to say Dimitri is responsible for what happened to the kingdom. Like that gives Edelgard the complete justified right to come through Faerghus as she pleases to get her? That wouldn't slide irl where other people would find it abhorrent. If Dimitri was granting sanctuary to someone that had openly proven crimes against humanity than that would be a better case, but here it's Edelgard's word alone.
  4. Except Edelgard never brings up possible negotiations to our knowledge over the course of the apparent stalemate. Also what exactly is Faerghus toxic culture? Are you referring to the fact how they about chivalry when literally any nation ours too in real life is based on such a foundation of pride in one's country? There's nothing he can literally do about it, it's not like he can grab them from across the battlefield and slap sense into them. Them turning into monsters for the power boost is the equivalent to One Piece's Alabasta's 4 Elite Guards using the Hero's Water to die saving their king and country with their lives. Again I don't understand how you can side with Edelgard who is the aggressor no matter how you slice it she causes pain to the people of Faergus all because she doesn't at least try to have any open dialogue which is fine in character for her in how she's written but doesn't mean people have to like it and why they have a tough time supporting her methods.
  5. On that I can agree with but just because the invitation is open doesn't mean you take it as Edelgard ends up being the aggressor which doesn't paint a pretty picture for how the rest of the world would see it.
  6. As I just stated both of them coincide but he doesn't lose his responsibilities to the crown as he did in other routes where he's unhinged to the point that he is reckless with his life and dies in one because of it and that's why Edelgard's statement of him losing his sight as king is flat out wrong. Yes we don't know, but in not attempting to do so doesn't help put her in a good light and that doesn't invalidate Sylvain's point. So you agree that he and the rest of the kingdom weren't wrong to defend himself? But he's to blame for why the kingdom ends up the way it does despite the fact again he's doing what all of his predecessors would have done given the agreement between the kingdom and the church which he is again following his responsibilities. Edelgard still made a choice to attack and Faergus is defending itself rightfully so, Edelgard had a choice and she didn't want to keep with this stalemate as she wanted Rhea no matter who she had to go through.
  7. The problem with your argument there is that she also goes after the Leicester Alliance which doesn't. Also we're never given nothing of a indication that Edelgard has talked to sending Dimitri a letter about handing over Rhea for such and such crimes. Dimitri is doing what all his predecessors would have done because from what he knows Rhea and the church people are in danger for something they may or may not have done. Also when did it become wrong for the nation being attacked to defend itself?
  8. Where are you getting this he causes a war? There's already a war going on before hand that Edelgard declares when Rhea retreats to Faergus. Edelgard is the only one that declares war in every single path of 3H this does not change. Also you know full well Dimitri wasn't for Dedue along with the soldiers becoming monsters though they volunteered this was behind Dimitri's back as the rest of the soldiers viewed it to be their last stand to protect their king and the kingdom. Dimitri doesn't like it but the damage has been done already. Rodrigue and the rest died in trying to protect their home as they tried protecting it long before Dimitri was found in Azure Moon which I repeat again Felix says it best to Byleth in Azure Moon why they fight.
  9. Explain where she was in all of this instead of saying had nothing to do with it when like or not from Dimitri's pov (the audience themselves too if AM was their first path) she just had a conversation with those that slithered that said they did it all for her so she can rise up. Also calling him "King of Delusion" was a disrespectful quip all that was needed to say was farewell Dimitri nothing more nothing less. Also you do realize that Dimitri and the rest of Faergus as Felix and the rest (church included in joining forces) say they joined Dimitri not out of love for the fool but because the Imperial Army and what it is doing needs to be stopped as they plunged the land into a war. They were fighting the Imperial Army before finding him so either way it made no difference.
  10. I would argue the closest to that from Edelgard is her about to kill Dimitri in her telling him "Farewell King of Delusion" which was a unnecessary quip the same applying to Dimitri calling Randolph a monster when both should have just killed them and be done with it. Though actually with that said I'm aware Crimson Flower has some mistranslations though the Edelgard pretty much no you response still wasn't any better from what I saw in the actual translation in Japanese where as Azure Moon's Edelgard telling Dimitri he has no idea how the poor feels of what motivates them being nobility when she herself is too in being baffling was better explained in the actual translation.
  11. Well you know Dimitri and Edelgard have the right to defend themselves or any person for that matter if their life is in jeopardy especially when it's the battlefield or attempted assassination kids included sad as it is. Reason why I ultimately get her killing Dimitri in Crimson Flower, what I didn't approve of was her taunting Dimitri when that was the information he had the time and her not explaining to him fully there as he was a king that was defending his country from the person who raged war in being the invader though that why in itself I don't for the like of me understand that line from Edelgard afterward with her saying that Dimitri lost sight of his path as king like.. what? When Crimson Flower is literally him having not gone insane in losing his path as king in being so obsessive with revenge that it makes him lose his responsibilities to the crown like the other routes just that him killing Edelgard and defending his kingdom coincide here which he was in his right to do so as any king should for their kingdom. Though hey another comparison between the two of them in being foils with Edelgard to Dimitri in CF and Dimitri to Randolph in AM.
  12. I'm not fine with it like how I'm not fine with him taunting Randolph though jerkass had a point and should have just killed him to be done and over with it instead of torturing him which is what Byleth proceeds to do. I pointed out why it led him the way it did in the Gronder fight and why it wasn't a narrative OOC moment as opposed to Claude there in that battle. Last I check everyone agrees that Dimitri is off the deep end in AM and VW including his fans, no one is defending his actions just simply makes sense. I don't get why you can't come to terms with that.
  13. When you're obsess with revenge you don't think rationally especially when you've been alone for 5 years on the run with assassins some of whom tried gaining your trust only to backstab you to then not being able to trust even prior allies fully. Also remember before that chapter in Azure Moon they come across Lorenz a Golden Deer/Leicester Alliance member the same as Claude who was their enemy in that fight as far as Dimitri is concerned that piles up on him not wanting to chance allying with Claude as to him probably just another obstacle that's keeping him away from his goal Edelgard.
  14. Er... but it happens after Bernadetta dies which it depends on your view of it like say if you don't approve of Edelgard burning Bernadetta's corpse when she should be given a proper burial instead.
  15. It's not a narrative short coming from Dimitri, it's in character if you paid attention to how his character has turned out after the timeskip the same way Edelgard can't find it in herself to trust people that could have made a lot of blood not having to have been spilled the way it did but she's trying to make sure she can reach her goal just like Dimitri can live for his goal which she too is in character. One fine example of how they're foils of each other.
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