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  1. Wait, but you've been on this section for almost a year... ... in any case, sure there's plenty to do in 3H without the dlc.
  2. Catherine's is pretty useful for the purpose of sending her in the arena with your eyes closed iirc. Same for Felix. That happens almost immediately honestly. What takes a while is for there to be enough of them for your whole squad more or less. As for losing a battalion mid battle, can't say I see it happen all too often, but eh.
  3. I mean, yeah, at first glance they mathed it wrong(+10% to +15% is a 50% increase while 15,000 to 20,000 is 33%, etc) Though if there's some kind of limitation on the quantity you can buy, or the quantity you get to use on a character in any way, then that's fine
  4. Iirc, Maddening destroys exp gains if the target isn't 7 or 8 levels above your unit's(don't quote me on that, it's been a while). As you saw, this cannot really happen until a few chapters in. This gives the false impression that maddening exp gains are worse, when really they only are when you're trying to pass the current chapter's recommended level, for the most part.
  5. Limiting the tedium of the monastery in general is definitely a very important change. I thought they'd actually give us a qol update at some point, but, nope. Really hope that's not a sign of things to come.
  6. Man, a year and half ago I could have thrown a ton at you, but I'm kinda drawing a blank right now. Hmmm... ... guess I'll go with discouraging save scumming, but rebalancing the greenhouse, certification and fishing so that they don't reward it so much. Fishing doesn't need to be this random, we have several types of lures and several types of fish icons, that's enough to cover every fish in the game. Certifications shouldn't consume the seal if you fail. The greenhouse does not need to be so convoluted, and similarly, we have so many seed types, randomness is completely unnecessary.
  7. I'll point out that Brawler shares the mobility advantages of Grappler. Class doesn't get used much so I assume it's not that well known.
  8. He is, yeah. I believe the setup was a 100% crit vengeance with Cyril, but a mere Luna crit works too.
  9. It's definitely possible, you just have to brute force it. With Ashera there's no real way around it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PELCHxak-C0&lc=UgxIsPhfz2BuHHOoJ014AaABAg.99OeQ68asb_9C39wO2VT48 ... she does auto refill a lifebar once, so she technically has five, but you don't have to deplete the first one completely either.
  10. I feel compelled to defend 3H's hard mode because I think many of you are being hyperbolic here and FE gets much easier than that, but eh, who cares really. All I have to say is, I'm completely fine with the easiest difficulty mode being easy; that's why it's there. I am, however, a bit frustrated when that easiest mode is called "Normal". Partly for dumb reasons admittedly, but mainly because it feels, how should I say... manipulative? Treating the player like an easily satisfied idiot? I think Sakurai said it best(or rather worst) with the introduction of elite smash in Smash Ultimate: "When you reach this level, feel free to pat yourself on the back, you're good, period." The subtext being that that wasn't true at all(at first anyway), and I'm pretty sure he knew that. ... I guess this isn't an isolated, or even recent issue, though, this case just happens to be directly in your face. We're also talking about a series that almost died in part because it was too hard, so... yeah. ... That is very true as well, the easiest modes in FE tend to actually be "Shallow mode" in disguise.
  11. Sure, why not. Saint S Faith Combat White magic x3 uses, White tomefaire, White magic range +2 Mag + 25%, Dex +10%, Lck +20%, +2 Move Mastery: Intervention: If HP > 50%, killing blows will leave you at 1 HP. Saint only. ---- Apparition S Reason, A Flying Received damage/2, Hover(has flier movement), Imbue(physical attacks get 25% of mag as added damage) Str +10%, Mag +20%, Res +20%, +2 Move Mastery: Phase: All the unit's attacks on player phase become brave, regular brave attacks are unaffected. Apparition only. ---- Commander(mounted) S Authority, A Riding Battalion slot +1(can equip two battalions at once basically), Canto, Battalion damage +10. Brave attacks are impossible. HP -10%, Str +5%, Mag +5%, Spd -20%, Cha + 30%, +3 Move Mastery: Supreme: Slot 1 battalion bonuses are shared with allied units within 1 range. Commander only.
  12. I mean, if what this is about is tier lists being accurate vs self-explanatory, I think it's tricky. Both are important as far as I'm concerned; if a tier list is unhelpful, it serves no real long term purpose and is only entertaining to make(which, to be frank, is fine as well, realistically people who need help probably don't primarily seek tier lists). And availability is very much not self-explanatory, its value varies depending on the game itself, its balancing, its difficulty progression. Availability is opportunity. Some games like 3H are opportunity-friendly early on, others have Seth. Importantly, past a certain point there is less place for opportunity left because of competition in deployment slots or a difficulty to contribute on base stats/with limited training. That's for general availability, there's also punctual availability(which honestly Athos falls under), aka being around for specific chapters where it matters. Fortunately that's much more simple and I think most of us agree that that's highly valuable. But that's still something you have to actually explain. The way I see tier lists is as a rating of how much each unit can reasonably contribute to clearing the game with ease, overall. As a result, obviously availability will often matter. But I do recognize that it might not be as helpful as a plain "unit good/unit bad". Now if the debate is if availability matters, I mean... yes, it does. It's a factor among others, it just cannot save an unit on its own if everything else about it is bad, and as I said, it's opportunity, if there's no room for it, then it's less valuable. We just need to not be all binary about it. An interesting example is Lara from FE5. Or it would be if capture baiting wasn't so potent and she was more of a combat unit; point is, she is available for a while before becoming the usual midgame dancer most FEs get, and I'd argue that yes, this is strictly a positive(there is the matter of her needing to survive). The only question is how much of a positive is it, it's not necessarily big. Edit: Last part was removed because I'm just going to derail the discussion with stuff like that. Re-edit: Last part is now actually removed, alcohol is bad even when you don't drink.
  13. I may be out of line here but I'll just say it, people on the internet will rarely love you just for being you. The good part is, as a result I strongly doubt it's anything personal. But yeah, if you want attention, you have to give people a reason to pay attention. That goes for any of us, really.
  14. I always hate that I can't give proper credit to even a fraction of them in those. I'll go with what comes to mind. "When couples spend many cold days together, their families will grow. Food will not last as long, so be careful!" - Random bookshelf in a random house, Shining Force III "Die like your father, you pinheaded son of an icecream maker!" - Geese Howard, Fatal Fury Special "Mm. Now if you'll excuse me, I must go set my own city on fire." - Selvan, Radiant Historia "I never cared about justice, and I don't recall ever calling myself a hero... I have always only fought for the people I believe in. I won't hesitate... if an enemy appears in front of me, I will destroy it!" - Zero, Megaman Zero 4 "But, I have to go... I don't have a choice. And every time I hear the word "impossible", it just makes me want to prove everyone wrong." -Vyse, Skies of Arcadia
  15. Would you believe me if I said I was going to include pretty much this exact first sentence but ultimately went "nah"? I blame Echoes swamps. I mean I blame myself and then Echoes swamps. They're the same color, too. Edit: Well some of them are, anyway.
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