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  1. Ah, okay, the 1/4 odd makes more sense, then. And unfortunately it's really difficult to gauge those two, I'd need to run a set of 5000 attacks to get potent results, and I'll fully admit I don't have the courage for thatXD. Regardless, those are odds low enough that 100% accuracy probably wouldn't help much, it's obvious enough that they're very rare. That's unfortunate! It's not like I've learned nothing but... the way the numbers grow, I just can't make complete sense of them. Doesn't help that the game does not provide a reliable baseline to work off of, since the prologue exclusively gives you units with a 20% exp boost through their personal... Then you have different tiers of enemies giving different bonuses and I can't even tell if beginner tier or intermediate enemies are supposed to be the base unmodified value, considering the former are rarer... Normal to Hard does modify exp but not consistently... it's all a bit of a mess. And now we have Maddening. Yeah, you're right. I just basically came in to post my findings, so that was me letting out a bit of frustration. Though I really need to look into datamining to some extent next time around. Not saying it's easy at all, but I can't help but feel... limited, without it.
  2. . Welp, I just wasted my time then, for the most part. It's really nice to have all those odds, though, I only got the combat ones on my own. Though there is one thing that doesn't match about the Crest of flames; in 500 attacks, the preventing counters and +5 damage effects activated 12 and 16 times respectively, and never separately from the healing, or together. The healing activated 103 times, which matches... but as a result, the other two effects should be much, much rarer than 1/4. Also an additional tidbit, the crest of Indech cannot activate off of brave effects at all, from what I've tested. Outside of that, I have a lot of raw exp data that I'm having trouble extracting a formula from, anything you've seen within the game's data that could help, by any chance?
  3. That's weird. Got it on every route, with only Ashe, only Catherine, and both.
  4. Can confirm. ... er, that it isn't an exception. Simply having Ashe unlocks it, but you miss out on the battalion tied to Catherine... assuming there is one worth anything to begin with.
  5. The point being, you should still have enough uses unless you spam them; her chapters aren't even demonic beasts heavy. There's also the fact that Kotaro is the chapter boss while Petra can be ignored(more or less easily depending on the route/chapter), but most importantly... just use gambits man. Low uses doesn't mean they magically don't exist, and no character uses them as their main source of damage, not even Hubert(who cannot face Petra anyway).
  6. That's twice per character though(well, not always admittedly), which you have a dozen of. The difference with Kotaro is that you had to deal with his high dodge, but here, you don't.
  7. Phew, okay, that one will be shorter. Ashe is wyvern lord. He's good at axes and needs the damage, and chest opening utility without having to hoard chest keys of check every map is nice(as the game very much does not provide free ones often, it stops doing that quite early in fact). Ingrid...? I read Ignatz. Well that's easier then! Wyvern lord! You'd think Falcon knight because of her relic but it's impractical to only use that, and she otherwise really likes the better damage from axes and a +3 base. Lorenz I'm not sure, I guess wyvern lord by default just because he can? He's very comparable to Sylvain as a DK, with better damage(don't forget about that personal), but some speed issues, and no ranged healing. And since he doesn't get to be a super paladin... In general his speed is in this weird place where it can't really be fixed since it always barely reaches the best bases for his tier(WL notwithstanding, that's too much work), so you kinda just have to deal with it. That's partially why he's probably better on a wyvern overall, even though that's really boring for an hybrid unit. I guess he could find some success in a levin sword build on faster classes? Idk.
  8. This is not necessarily true(or rather, fair), both have an easy time into wyvern(one strength, no weakness) and Caspar's personal is legitimately nice to have in many situations, since axes like the extra accuracy. Raphael gets his speed fixed by WL's base+mod and has easy access to weight-3; he otherwise brings potent durability and great damage(gets a +mt support from Ignatz, too, although it's not that relevant here since they're from the same route). Definitely not essentials and won't always shine on the path to wyvern, but once there they're not underwhelming, they'll clear you the game just fine. I think I've ran my mouth about Annette way more than I should have already, and I'd never pretend she's an essential recruit anyway. See I agree with the rates, but got some pretty bad surprises when I tried to rely on his tanking; in the end he otherwise has pretty mediocre natural durability(magical especially), meaning in many cases it amounts to tossing a coin. Which is not that big a deal considering DP and all, but I don't know, I think it's nice to be reliable in that department, and he's kinda not. And +6 weight on top of weapon is pretty bad still, especially if it's axes; one way or another, it cuts into his offense. I just don't use the thing anymore, it's cute but I don't think it really makes him a better unit outside of speedster classes. He's still amazing however, especially early on. Gets stuff dead better than most anyone else. I will say that he has a bit of a tougher time getting into wyvern lord than most physical units due to being neutral in everything, and a weakness in authority is always a bit of a problem. But overall he probably will not disappoint, his stats are just too good. You know, I kind of have to say guys, in the end considering the tools we have I don't see the big deal. She's a foot unit stuck at one range with manageable charisma, two gambits(that can be made safe through canto, or range) and she's generally out.
  9. I think even neutral is almost impossible. The +2 bonus every time you tutor and to a lesser extent +4 from weekly studies really add up, in the end it's probably around a 800 points difference by the end of the game? Something like that? Honestly, my experience is: do not go for it on a fresh playthrough. It's not worth the trouble in the slightest and you'll get it way too late for it to matter; S+ is for new game +.
  10. Is Leonie that good an example, when her canon master class is much more likely to be bow knight than great knight, and it'd be weird for her to stop at paladin, making her actual main weapon bow, and thus suggesting that archer is a proper route for her even though her timeskip outfit is only on cavalier and paladin... bleh. Anyway, it's pretty solidly Edelgard, I think. Nothing comes close to Raging Storm providing up to 5 more actions in a turn... not even in the whole series maybe. Contrary to the description, it doesn't actually have to hit either I think, it works regardless. Even Dimitri's wrath vantage build with infinite counter range can be beaten with gambits and the firesweep sword art.
  11. His advantage is that he can essentially gets both archer and brigand masteries at once. Make him a brigand, learn death blow, then go sniper. If he has good enough speed, go bow knight, otherwise, stay a sniper and abuse hunter's volley at max range with max accuracy and death blow. He can also abuse less accurate weapons easier than others, so you could build around that, I don't have any specific idea as to how, though. And indeed, mage works too as the biggest weakness of his main spells are their low accuracy(to compensate for high crit most likely), which doesn't matter for him.
  12. Absolutely, you're getting a more accurate average on the very level itself, but then you have a faulty number for everything that comes after; besides, it is your personal choice to interpret a, let's say 14.7 as 14 or 15, to me it translates as 14 and thus it remains accurate; but what I'm really trying to say here is that in a context where you're selectively considering averages to that extent, you'd simply have to note that on level 20 specifically, despite an average of 14.65, the only statistically relevant value is 14. I don't think it's worth getting everything else wrong to avoid having to do that. I guess a compromise could be to put the decimals between parenthesis, to notify of the issue. Promotions in FE7 are indeed tied to promotion gains rather than class bases, so there is a difference in when the stat boosts occur; but they're still flat stat boosts. I have to say I fail to see how the difference you're describing is relevant outside of the problem you've brought up above; again, averages aren't a game mechanic. That being said, it basically largely amounts to Strengthofmorning's decision here, which is one person like you and me. So it wasn't exactly relevant for me to bring up either way.
  13. I was mostly referring to a combination of their HP, Def, and Res. Though I wasn't telling you to throw them in the middle of 10 enemies either.
  14. The issue I have with that approach is, sure you have a solidified value for level 20, but when it comes to level 21 and 22, you're behind averages, at 14 spd instead of 15. What if level 21 was the level of reference here, that we cared about, instead of 43? Wouldn't it matter to get it accurately? And as a result, doesn't it matter to get it accurately, period? From 19 to 22, on average she's supposed to gain 1.05 from growths. With that method, she's gotten 0.7 for no good reason. That's why I used the stat booster example, when taken to its extreme it shows that the very reasoning is flawed. The averages on Serenes work that way as well(which I misremembered); for example, when promoting, Lyn's average Skill jumps from 18.4 to 20.4, and not a flat 20. It does cut decimals on caps though, which I don't really agree with but is even harder to fight against, and irrelevant in Three Houses. - Basically I think I need to debate this with more people, but I don't see any kind of food beyond +spd to really be relevant. This is because the other major stat, strength, gets the ingredient for its main recipe from doing auxiliary battles, which consumes a weekend and essentially equates to grinding. The spd one, however, you get from fishing, which only consumes negligible amounts of money and doesn't have to give you any big advantage as long as you don't sell what you get. Post timeskip, you have more activity points than you need to cook once a weekend, too. So basically, a sketchy speed problem gets fixed to an extent through this. Not in ch22 though, since cooking effects fade after ch21 and you don't get to refresh them. - Honestly, I just went through a playthrough where I tried to get 5 units neutral in riding to +1 move at once, and... it kind of opened my eyes on how much of an investment it really is. Everyone barely reached the minimum rate to get into Dark Knight/Bow knight by 30, too. I'm feeling pretty confident spending between two to four months tutoring something completely unrelated will make a sizeable difference, however, I look forward to your own conclusions if you ever share them.
  15. Yes, it is. Don't remember on which chapter/month, however:x
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