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  1. Okay, have to say, NoA has certainly beaten my expectations here. Next to zero advertisement 5 business days before release is almost inspiring. Even NoJ suddenly slowing down and IS diverting attention by doing CYL right now... what is even going on ? Imma try to find retailers who break street date starting tomorrow (worked last time), but at this rate I'm worried even they won't know the game's coming. Also for the record, then January 26th edition of Famitsu... does not feature Engage, it seems.
  2. No worries. Afaik we only have Pandreo as an example, but we've seen him a few times in japanese: That's the kanji for Mystical.
  3. Nah, it's mystical. There's only three Qi adept classes we know of at the moment.
  4. Can't possibly imagine what kept your attention away from them.
  5. Hi all ! Okay, I think we've gotten to the point where our understanding of the game and the amount of information we have on each emblem is sufficient to attempt something like this. This is just for fun and definitely spoiler-y, feel very free to ignore it. I'm going to stop at bond 10 because there's too much we don't know beyond that, and ignore skills only available through inheritance (or inheritance in general), but whoever wants to join in, obviously use the format you want. Also note that I consider Engage less important than Disengaged, but that may not end up being too accurate in the game itself. So ! Apparently you're supposed to post the list first, so, here. Marth : 4/5 Celica : 4.5/5 Sigurd : 5/5 Leif : 4/5 Roy : 3.5/5 Lyn : 5/5 Eirika : 5/5? Ike : 4/5? Micaiah : 4.5/5? (but if she can aoe warp... yeah.) Lucina : 3.5/5 Corrin : 5/5 Byleth: 5/5 Do you agree or disagree, like, comment and subscribe, etc Have a nice day everyone.
  6. That was always a liberty taken by Heroes, the kana is clearly Master Lance and Master Bow. Though I'm surprised they're being that inconsistent. ... also wow, they really straight up gave him a 1-2 range brave didn't they. When I first saw it I thought they'd get rid of the range. I guess it lacks enemy phase utility so that's kind of okay? Doesn't seem so for the Avo, the Spd stat is lowered a ton. Also... a 4 Mt difference between the two suggests that Tetra trick does not in fact halve damage... wonder why its output is so low, then. Halves Str perhaps? This also implies that the Master Bow has 6 Mt. If it's even something you can equip. Adding the Master Lance to the doc, in any case... thing is getting very spoiler-heavy...
  7. Nope, it adds 2 move. So in ways it's better. ... in most it's not, though.
  8. Oh, no, don't worry about it. That's not what I meant. Also Roy's second skill is pretty good. That's nice.
  9. Ah, shoot. I don't know if I want to know all that. Ah well... ... holy cow Favorite food is insane...
  10. Uh. Thought Lapis' would be the counterpart to Merrin (which SEEMS to be +10 Hit and Avo to females within three spaces) considering the visual similarity. Lots of gimmicky ones, as usual I guess. Wasn't Perceptive player phase only? Infinite uses on Normal.
  11. Yeah, chain guard makes the user take 20% of their health. Then it deactivates because it can only work at full HP. Etie does seem to be the Str Archer, that being said don't forget that she has Marth (bond 4 should be +1 Str +2 Dex +2 Spd), and the Longbow is actually stronger than an Iron (also by 1 point). So she has 2 Str over Alcryst, and he should have 2 Spd over her, maybe just 1 if she's still weighed down by Iron
  12. Dang, that person is already at 750 battles that early ? How is that even possible ? Their units don't seem to have a particularly high level...
  13. To our knowledge there's actually no stat boost at all. The triangle is exclusively about breaks this time around. ... though I mostly spoke in theory, on higher difficulties making enemies deal 0 damage to you is probably going to be very demanding.
  14. I suspect Marth!Vander or Sigurd!Vander are going to be really strong still. The only thing limiting him is his speed, and no one can replicate his mobility. Also now that we know that breaks cannot happen if one takes zero damage, axe users may be at a bit of an advantage, since sword damage is the lowest of the main triangle to begin with.
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