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  1. Well catastrophic speed not being a huge problem anymore in maddening really helped this class imo, allowing swift strike users more flexibility in whether they contribute on enemy or on player phase, or both, when Paladin tends to work best as a hit and run class from my experience, and fortress knight is fortress knight. So there is merit to its existence, even though it takes work getting to it. On paper, anyway; haven't touched the class outside of hard mode. The training does take away from getting to S+ in lance(or whatever else you're going for) which is doable in a timely fashion for Paladin as a final class, so eventually its PP would suffer for it, but that alone doesn't make the class useless. Didn't really follow the "meta" for the last two months btw, so apologies in advance if I start saying dumb stuff... moreso than usual at least:p
  2. Boy does it suck to be Marth these days. And that comes from someone who really doesn't like Marth(mostly because of Smash... mostly). Imma throw votes his way, even though I didn't plan on voting at all. I like Claude more but Marth has more than earned a spot at this point.
  3. Daw, I wish we could have picked the last accompanying student. Ah well.
  4. To be honest, while the above is true this is around the time where mage Lorenz can reasonably have an enemy phase, and there's his own passive to consider. As a result, while Lysithea is ahead(10 to 12 + 15 + 2 vs 16 to 19 + 13), it's not actually by that much, and Warlock down the line grants him damage +5(on top of bumping his mag stat up a little). B rank Reason is also very dependent on whether or not you focus on getting Warp on Lysithea/ Frozen Lance on Lorenz. It can happen sooner on Lorenz, just as it may not. There's no argument to be made there though, she's definitely the superior mage by quite a bit.
  5. Do note that Lorenz is the only character who gets Ragnarok at B.
  6. Trying to inflate mage speed to reach doubling tresholds on maddening is typically an uphill battle anyway. I do think getting them to Armor knight requirements is a decent idea as well, even on Lysithea. Helps with not getting OHKOed for much longer. Fortress Knight on the other hand, yeah, too complicated without grinding.
  7. Between the Blessing gambit and Guard adjutants, it's actually remarkably easy to put yourself at critical HP with no risk whatsoever. Then it's just a matter of never taking damage, which is already something many characters have to do on Maddening. Never used Defiant Crit myself, but in general glass cannon builds work very well this time around, thanks to canto, stride, shade, divine pulse, rescue if that's your thing...
  8. The reinforcements don't move if no one is in their range. At least not from the second wave onward, I assume the first is the same. So they can be ignored with a bit of prep. You could spend the first turn breaking and using the last gambit with your rallied Ingrid, so that the boss is forced to attack her. Do leave on or two tiles so that you get his stun at the start of the next turn, and then throw everything you have at him. If you don't have the offense to kill him on turn 2 + a couple attacks on turn 3, might be best to hold off on doing it for the time being.
  9. Eh, most characters with a decent magic stats can use all of these roughly as well tbh. Anyway, I'd say: Levin Sword: Assassin Lysithea, since she can reasonably get both fiendish blow and darting blow in a grindless playthrough, and Assassin provides enough speed to keep doubling + safety through shade. I can speak from experience with this one, it is maddening proof, for the most part. Blutgang: ... it's kinda just bad to be honest because you want to be OHKOing at 1 range with most magic builds, and magic combat arts allow using normal weapons instead. Beast Fang gives cavalry coverage and good crit, so overall it's probably best left on Marianne. Bolt Axe: It's kind of Annette by default, though GK Edelgard has the advantage of getting magic battalions(Annette has too much trouble entering this class, and fliers only have physical ones). Unlike the Levin Sword, you can't realistically double with this weapon on axefaire classes, so it's just for chip imo. Crusher: It's all about Dust OHKOs, which are the strongest source of raw magic damage(Dark Spikes against horses aside) in the game until Freikugel Lightning Axe with 37+ Res/Lance of Ruin Frozen Lance with 44+ Dex. ... so Annette. Arrow of Indra: Same as Bolt Axe but for lances, so a tossup between Hubert and Marianne. One has slightly better magic, the other has Falcon Knight. The latter of which seems like a huge advantage, but again, fliers don't get magic battalions and that's a huge loss of mt later on, so I don't consider them necessarily at the top of the food chain when it comes to magic arts/weapons, even though flight is obviously very useful.
  10. I wouldn't say he's completely unusable; he still gets Vengeance(eventually) and PBV, and a decent 20 Spd base. But he is much worse without a doubt.
  11. Cyril gets majorly screwed because he will never promote out of commoner and thus doesn't get better growths like everyone else. Catherine gets the incredibly good enemy swordmaster growths so she remains a really good unit, but she's still better off recruited early. Hilda will have excellent strength(enemy Brigand makes her growth 70%) and pretty much average everything else. For her in particular, starting with E authority halfway through the game is really bad, considering she has a weakness. That being said, she's still useable since she has a very easy time becoming a Wyvern Rider. But she's still considerably worse imo. About Seteth, he has better base ranks to compensate for his late join time, one of his focuses is authority so he joins with a good level in that, and Wyvern Rider autolevels his Axe and Flying rank to B and C respectively, as those are the requirements to enter the class. Basically he was clearly designed to work as a late recruit. His speed is mediocre, but he gets a brave combat art so it doesn't really matter.
  12. There's no real cap, but unrecruited students only gain so much Wexp per month(48 on maddening). For Caspar, if you recruit him on month 12 he'll have gotten 48*12 = 576 Wexp, which puts him at C+ Axes with 4 left to reach B, and C+ Brawl with 64 left to reach B. On lower difficulties, he should have reached B on both. Typically the best time to recruit if you want the stat bonuses but not to lose too much Wexp, is on chapter 5. It puts the character at level 11 promoted(and the game acts like they've been in their new class from level 1, hence why they'll get boosts). In general, beyond low weapon ranks(and E authority), the worst part of recruiting late is missing out on blow skills to some extent, and very few characters actually want to pay that price.
  13. Depends how many in your team can survive a counter. It can be a good strategy with the giant bosses to attack with everyone who can, gambit with everyone who cannot and gambit last with someone who can take a hit since they'll have aggro. Then turn 2, break everything that remains to stop the aoe and damage freely. Then turn 3 you can do the same as 1, and 4 you need to wrap things up or retreat because the aoe will likely kill someone. If you pace yourself well and your team is strong enough they should fall by the end of turn 2/beginning of 3.
  14. Level 24 is fairly average by the end of ch12 in my experience. And the above value matches with my playthrough, someone else's who reacted to the list in the general question thread, as well as Mangs' and Mekkah's. Beyond that all I can say is maybe.
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