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  1. Rip Ulster. You made me kinda mad, then I got used to you being around, and now you're gone apparently. Please be next Chulain or whatever
  2. That's kind of my only issue here, while also tied to her, the Saint staff is not a divine weapon, and Elimine does have her own(the Aureola tome, as you know). But good point about the animation referencing the bishop sprite and including both. Bramimond actually appears and has an active role in Blazing Sword. St Elimine on the other hand is much more relevant in Binding Blade(outside of the double dash thing) due to Etruria and the church, that are both directly tied to her, having much larger roles there. She's mentioned dozens of times. She never appears in the game though, none of them do. Barigan and Hartmut are the only others that are also more important in FE6, and Barigan only so because you can actually go to Illia and get his divine weapon in that game. He's easily the most minor of them all. Roland, Durban and specifically Athos are more likely to be tied to FE7. The titular Blazing Sword is Roland's signature weapon, the Durandal, plus he's also linked to Eliwood, while Durban is to Hector through the Armads. Both of them also get short appearances as... spirits, of sorts. Athos is actually still alive, a very important character in the story, and even part of the playable roster. Finally, Hammond is... debatable. But if they want to give each game four, she'll probably go Binding Blade.
  3. I'd never have guessed that I joined before you did. Though looking at older threads, there's definitely not many names I still see these days.
  4. Time zones! I think I'm in the clear though. Happy new year everyone!
  5. I'm late Well since I'm around at this time of year for once... Merry Christmas y'all 🙂
  6. That was my understanding, though my quick math definitely wasn't up to the task. With how little use it sees in FE6 on average, there is actually a real chance a missed triangle has yet to happen by accident, then. Across every single playthrough of this game. Crazy. And yeah I just didn't assume triangles rolled rns at all, since they disregard numbers completely.
  7. I've heard of that. Interesting that triangle attacks still burn at least one rn when by design there's nothing random about them. Has anyone ever had one miss? You'd need two 100s in a row, right? Edit: just to be clear, I mean having a miss on record. In any case, I guess you're right. I can't really think of anything else, and manually burning rns did change the result. Tell you what, I'll just put the video in the op, it's funny to look at if nothing else. I just didn't want to blow this out of proportion just in case the explanation was common knowledge.
  8. That'd be why Tomas was included in the Smaaaaaaash reveal. Makes sense.
  9. Anyone knows what that's about? I have video footage too if needed. Edit: Added the video. Sorry that I meander a little, this is part of me recording every boss being triangled to death, and I wanted to keep track of the numbers. I hit the record button completely unaware that this would/could happen. (Just to not bloat the thread with images, this alone shows it because with the crit animation taking place normally, the main unit strikes later. Here it didn't happen and I dealt only 20 damage)
  10. Right, the ore is a good point, though fortunately it's not strictly necessary as a regular Steel has 9 mt and Corrin should be closer to 20 Str than 11, plus other aspects can be higher, like weapon rank(+1 damage per rank over D for swords), or the pairup. And you're misunderstanding, I'm not assuming anything except like, Oboro or Rinkah being over level 13, and Corrin, idk, over 15 depending on boon? Obviously this thing implies preparation, it's a challenge. I've addressed the crit, Garon has 20, it's tight but you can negate it. He has 56 Atk but WTD from Rat spirit lowers that to 53. With +5 HP and +2 Def from tonics, plus Sakura's passive, plus Corrin's passive(because that also applies as an attack stance partner), and 15 AS or more(again, tonics can boost that if needed), you need 43 natural defenses to survive a round against him. That's not crazy at all, Oboro and Rinkah are just good candidates because they can tank with WTA from range which helps a lot with the positioning. There are definitely other ways.
  11. Just in case I wasn't clear, I've done this. It's definitely not impossible. Corrin can easily reach 29+ physical damage at that point. There's Hinoka's passive and the attack stance partner can be paired up, plus tonics, plus a steel forge, plus WTA plus at least C rank sword. That's 2 + let's say 2 from the pairup(archer or something) + 2 + 11 + 1 + 1 = 19. Having a 11 Str Corrin by that point is pretty easy, and I'm being conservative with the numbers here. And yes, the tank will deal 0 damage, that's expected, their role is to trigger the dual strike and survive. And I was looking at Lunatic stats I'm pretty sure. To be honest, just using pairup is much more straightforward and boring, but that's kind of Fates in a nutshell.
  12. I know, but Sakura's personal skill also has two range, so if you attack from range yourself... technically both Basara Oboro and Oni Chieftain Rinkah can use rat spirit for crit mitigation(and WTA). But, that's still some crit unaccounted for and you'd have to evacuate both the tank and the attack stance partner, which doesn't add up. A Corrin backpack + a bronze forge might have been what it was then? At B support every -Luck Corrin gives +3 Def. Garon has 29 Def and 26 Res though, so idk about that... Either way, surviving is absolutely possible. Then it's only a matter of dealing at least one damage. Edit: Forgot that Attack stance can grant Crt avo as well, notably Corrin's at C rank with most boon/flaw combinations. So Rat spirit + 10/2 Lck plus the aforementioned 5 Crt avo cancels out Garon's crit completely. You shove/swap Corrin at 3 range, attack with the tank at 2 triggering Corrin's dual strike, move Corrin out of the way since their turn wasn't spent, rescue the tank with Silas, dance Silas with Azura from out of range, move Silas out of the way, and voilà. ... Corrin's damage will be divided by 4 though, so, you know.
  13. Yeah, as Imuabicus said, you don't get beast effective weaponry yet. Ryoma, Scarlet, the beast killer, all are in ch 14. From my experience, Garon is about dealing chip damage until death, which isn't particularly interesting. With Sakura around and HP+def tonics, a few early-promoted units can barely tank him on a regular playthrough; from there you can exploit attack stance to apply damage, fall back, heal, etc. There are more ways around Xander but he's definitely a big challenge still on luna. Usually these are side goals, which you're not preparing for the entire time. Even if you were, idk, the preparation becomes the challenge? There's not really anything wrong with that either.
  14. I'd say Xander definitely fits the bill as well, especially when you have the option to end the chapter immediately, skipping both. Garon is statistically much worse but you can take your time, while Xander is still very dangerous and rushes you. FE5 has a few more candidates overall(Reinhardt with Saias still around, Olwen and Fred with their invincibility flag, Galzus in the petrification chapter), but they're usually pretty specific. FE7 has Kishuna... except you do have to kill him and he's a pretty good showcase of why you shouldn't tie rewards to challenges like these. FE10 has like a dozen of them, particularly when you fight the Dawn brigade(the BK and Nailah in particular), but also Ike in that one DB defense chapter.
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