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  1. I gave the game the benefit of the doubt, but they definitely didn't do a good job. Apart from the new student designs; more of that in the future, please(just apply it after class changing if there's no opportunity in the story).
  2. Haven't tried the build myself so I'll refrain from saying too much, but it's very easy to underestimate magic combat arts. They're among the strongest damage sources in the game and the accuracy formula favors them a ton. Those builds usually don't have an enemy phase at all though, for what it's worth on maddening. Better or worse than a rallybot, that's arguable, but then again as you can see in his skillset, she can do both.
  3. I'll definitely second this as well, in fact, disregard everything I say next if that's what it takes for the above to stick. ... I'm still gonna talk, though. It's important to point out that what being "good" means can be a bit debatable here. Fire Emblem games, once you understand them, are lenient at their core, likely for the sake of accessibility. Pushed to the extreme, this leads to low-turncount clears, or even 0% growth rates runs(I assume you're familiar since you spoke of efficiency but just in case, this involves modifying the game so that level ups don't grant stats, ever, for anyone), but I'd say that in general, any high-end run follows a comparable philosophy: do more with less. So if you want to progress, I'd say restrict yourself little by little, in any way you see fit, put yourself in situations where crutches aren't the solution, where there's no easy way out. Things that carried you through before, maybe don't use them at all next time. Another thing; you spoke of time a bunch. Now I don't know how much of that was in game turns vs real time exactly but, I will point out, the dirty little secret of this franchise is that things can also get very, very time consuming the better you play, because there's a ton of planning involved. If to you, getting better is tied to playing faster, then turtling(the playstyle you described basically) is pretty much exactly what you want to be doing. ... and then there's excelling at the game, which mostly involves knowledge and a lot of exploiting. If that's what you're aiming for, basically read, read, read, learn. Play also, but mostly read. It's a one time thing for the most part, most FE games are exploited in comparable ways. Unit that starts off strong? Use that. Warp? Use that. Units with more movement, flight? Use those. 1-2 range? Doesn't apply as much for 3H, but use that. Dancer? Use it. Etc.
  4. Ok, I won't lie, this is not necessarily how I go about picking classes in 3H in particular and many would tell you that growths matter relatively little there compared to other FE games. With that being said, it's a handy tool to have for cross referencing and making decisions faster since these things are still pretty big factors, obviously. So in that regard it's pretty nice. As you said, the logical next step would be to take class modifiers into account, as they're relevant here and I figure could be included organically? Character bases I don't think are necessarily a priority in comparison, although that also matters a bunch. Finally class bases play some role for certain characters/builds(armor knight to raise def being the big prominent example), though that's a very minor omission, since they tend to only take effect for classes the character probably shouldn't be in in the first place(with exceptions, like Lorenz). Also a smaller thing which might be a result of me misunderstanding the intent but, maybe don't make the ratings of both intermediate and advanced ratings a shade of orange. That's all I've got in terms of visuals, though. Thanks for sharing!
  5. Teehee. ... I only came here to say Radiant Dawn, yes I am an extremely funny individual thanks for noticing.
  6. It's difficult to cut anything from the game as is, as every route has a pretty good reason for existing. SS could maybe be a candidate if siding with Edelgard wasn't framed as such a contentious choice, I suppose, but that's about it. Trashing VW in particular could only be a good idea if the Alliance was scrapped as well(or at least greatly minimized). Otherwise, making any of the three lords routes dlc would greatly undermine the premise of the game(and would probably have been received very poorly after Fates) so I don't think that's a good idea either. ... this thread reminded me that VW gets progressively less and less credit from the community as time goes on, and I think that's a shame. I'll spare you the wall of text, though. Maybe.
  7. Hmmmm kay, let me try to format this as simple as I can. Note that I'm just rating the change in opinion itself. Winners: Edelgard. Pre-release material left me a bit underwhelmed. In the end I really like what they did with her... but also I don't, on Crimson Flower. Still a win overall. Hubert. Expected a bit of a walking trope, his post-mortem letter basically single-handedly salvaged his character for me. Still a bit repetitive. Sylvain. His family drama was really interesting. I had a good impression but he went beyond. Lorenz. Was expecting him to be entertaining, turns out I adore the guy. Hanneman. Better than expected! His past and perspective are welcomed, even though he's a bit repetitive otherwise. Big winners: Dedue. What can I say, bros are no stranger to Fire Emblem, but this guy... he's almost Finn tier. Took me by surprise. Rhea. Expected them to miss the mark on this one, and they didn't, she's truly interesting and layered. Seteth. Judging from popularity polls I'm not alone here. They did nothing to make him look interesting pre-release. In the end he's important, complex, and has some of the best supports in the game, both for him and the characters he's being associated with. Losers: Petra. Black Eagles students suffer a lot from how the branching path deals with their character imo. She in particular is here because I had high expectations, and in the end she's largely just serviceable. Dimitri. Yup. Basically his path evoked feelings of "I guess I'm too jaded a person to be emotionally invested right now...?" He's still okay though. I do still like him. Mercedes. High expectations, but I just don't feel like there's that much to her in the end. I know it's partially her character but, I don't like how... emotionally monotone she is. Hard losers: Caspar. The kind of characters where you tell yourself "nobody will like them, but I will" Turns out... I really kinda don't, which is a bummer. Ingrid. I... I mean she's a nice girl but... why did they let her fight Faerghus? Why is she so static a character? Others have problems similar to hers, but she in particular disappointed me perhaps the worst. Catherine. So I didn't actually have high expectations here or anything, but... I mean I haven't seen many of her supports so this one is potentially unfair. From what I do have seen however she's one of the very few I actually dislike a little, and she just has less of a place in the plot than it feels like she should. Something happened but I'd ultimately rate them the same: Lysithea. What can I say? Her overwhelming popularity got to me, it really did. Especially because it felt very much unwarranted, from the start. Yet, I greatly enjoy using her as an unit, as she's very flexible. Her backstory is also pretty good and I have nothing against her character. So I pointlessly fought against the wave many times(only for FE youtubers to comparatively effortlessly fix the problem, as usual), but... I still like Lysithea, ironically. Jeralt. Expected a badass for lack of a better word, which he really isn't. But he's a genuinely caring dad, which I didn't see coming, so I still like the guy. Also while he's the worst part of Leonie, she's actually a pretty good part of him, if that makes sense. Cyril. He could be up there in big winners because I was blindsided by aspects of his personality, but, you guessed it, Rhea Rhea Rhea Rhea Rhea. He has great supports, but is arguably among the worst outside of them. So I'm still kinda neutral on the little dude. Leonie. I expected to adore Leonie. I do adore Leonie. She's better than I expected, some of her exchanges with Byleth just work on every level for me. But Jeralt Jeralt Jeralt Jeralt Jeralt. ... so overall I adore Leonie, but she's still a missed opportunity somehow. It's weird.
  8. Broken ones notwithstanding, I really like the flexibility that they give the player. But really, in general limited uses aoe/buffs are a pretty cool idea for FE, be it from battalions or something else. I did welcome that shakeup of the formula in any case, it made 3H's gameplay feel very fresh. If you mean Charm, it doesn't affect defense and barely does attack.
  9. I just recalled, there are griffons here and there in this game's imagery, and as such, myself and a bunch of others were pretty positive griffon rider was making a comeback. Which reminds me that some around here really wanted them, so... yeah, apologies for the false hopes.
  10. I said the sauna was basically going to be post-release fanservice because they just couldn't help themselves. That was incorrect! I also thought map and dialogue locations, as well as other details such as the weird homes in the background in the lava chapters, or the house that healing tiles are stuck to on a bunch of maps... all of those would be way more meaningful than they ended up being. Lesson learned, don't read too much into that stuff! Oh, and most of us assumed Byleth's... "talents" would come directly from one of their parents(and I was one of the few Jeralt-strongest-knight-ever/looks-remarkably-like-Nemesis supporters, which makes me even more wrong). ... also, not a jab against the guy but, just watch any of the Mangs' pre-release videos. He got very prediction-happy, and it's almost uncanny how much he got wrong.
  11. Y... yes. I'm willing to say TC knew that much though?
  12. Yup. Brought her up because they're the same effect.
  13. Not to my knowledge. For what it's worth, I'd never have said Annette's was 10% either until I actually tested it. If you really want to make sure, whenever a magic tournament comes up you can take advantage of that, since tournaments allow characters to attack a lot in a relatively small amount of time. A set of 100 should give you a decent idea, and that shouldn't take more than 20 minutes.
  14. Did you take advantage of a dancing battalion? I've only roughly theorycrafted it, to be honest(and done it on hard, but that's pretty different obviously). I am aware of the stats though.
  15. Well, here's the thing, you'd think a 60% crit rate is unreliable, but when applied twice it becomes a 84% chance to get at least one crit, and thrice is ~93%. Crits are strong enough in FE that even getting one makes a massive difference. I get the feeling you're going to tell me that's not reliable enough, and to that I'll say, it's plenty for me! Also note than WM may only hit twice, but they get +10 crit than FIF users, so it evens out the odds. Now admittedly it takes a bit of effort to get to 60% displayed crit with FiF, but it's doable. The reason I brought up monsters is because Assassins and SMs are comparably something more builds can reasonably ORKO(including gauntlet users). It's not necessarily about monsters being dangerous either(although they can definitely be very problematic if you have many other things to deal with, play maddening, etc), the goal is clearing them faster. As for endgame bosses, I'm unsure how easy it is to take down the final boss of SS in particular in one turn without gauntlet users(again, all is possible with nigh infinite stat boosters, though), and they're really helpful for the AM one as well. I hear both are pretty tough maddening chapters when cleared "normally". We've been over this already... And yes, gauntlets do have shortcomings, it's a fair thing to say. The argument still stands, though; if you put Caspar on a Wyvern on madd, he'll still be pretty awful, many have tried. Grappler on the other hand, salvages him, proving that it's an effective class. Doesn't mean you have to use Caspar, it's an example(although if you're going SS, he's one of your key units in ch 13. So it's a pain, but it's not pointless at least). And I did drop Raphael on my VW run so I can't really defend him. Competent male units with a gauntlet proficiency are Felix, M!Byleth, and Alois. If you're BL, there's Dedue. If you have the dlc, there's Balthus. If you absolutely want more, well, Caspar and Raphael can generally work as late recruits(no blow, but better base strength). Is that less than other weapon types? Yes, yes it is. But you do have options still, and either Grappler with FIF or WM tend to be the best builds of most of these characters(Felix being very debatable). ... About Alois, he joins with Grappler all but unlocked and a solid strength base. He's no Seteth but he ORKOs things with even less investment. He's not a bad unit.
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