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  1. Probably because they cost no money.
  2. I'd say the player's interactions with said ensemble of spaces can be considered a space in and of themselves. We do not play as AI ideally would, and when faced with a puzzles complex enough, trial and error can generally be expected. This is of benefit to the enemy if we consider that its ultimate goal is to defeat the player(even though it is actually to entertain them); every mistake is a win, and most every attempt carries a risk. DP doesn't remove said risk, but it minimizes it as there is much less to lose, and in a more relevant fashion, it minimizes enemy victories as they get immediately overwritten. This interaction space can be simplified, as you did, but I'd argue it shouldn't be; time and nerves are a factor to the perception of difficulty and the satisfaction in overcoming challenges. You're not wrong though, in an rng-less, sterile scenario, structurally DP doesn't affect the puzzle itself. But if we accept that human perception is relevant here, which I'd say it is, suddenly it does, in a much more direct way than grinding and co do. You've made your point, I can admit that there's a difference. Yet functionally, I'd say it matters little, because games are primarily about the player, in one way or another(largely how do we entertain them vs how do we get them to give us more money), and the player's experience is a key point of game design as a whole. It is worth mentioning that DP is automatically used whenever a game over is triggered, which I'd say definitely pulls away from the "optional" aspect. As for rerolling rng having a recurrent presence throughout the series, while it did exist I'd disagree in spirit, aside from prep screens or the very few first turns of a chapter. Of course there's a difference in tedium much as described above, but most importantly it was never something the player was directly encouraged to do(and many are largely clueless to the concept I'd assume), unlike either forms of DP we've had thus far, which are 100% about such an incentive. It's not reality reminding you in so many ways that failing in a video game isn't an actual dead end, it's a bona fide game mechanic, with potentially growing presence in the plot to boot... though I digress again. I really don't think there's much of a resemblance.
  3. Well now your point of contention feels oddly specific to me, though, since Divine Pulse is relevant during active gameplay and strategization, and the optional argument feels neither here nor there ever if we're discussing things that make the enemy powerless, which it does. With that being said, if its existence doesn't bother you, good. As others have said giving the enemies the strong disruptive tools we have can easily turn the gameplay into a chore on several levels(I'd say unfair but with the player having DP very few things are anymore), which something like Conquest Lunatic(an overall simpler game mechanics wise) gets very close to at times. That's the risk. But I can agree that it sometimes feels like the enemy has their numbers and nothing else(heck, even that is untrue in a logical sense, since our units each command a battalion and most of theirs are alone, but I digress). It's not an easy thing to balance. At least demonic beasts exist, yay?
  4. I think the worst offender is by far Divine Pulse, personally, but sure, we could certainly make do without stuff like Impregnable wall. I'm not necessarily in agreement that the solution is to give our busted options to the enemy, though.
  5. Again I feel this wish to help you even though I probably can't, let's try anyway: It's okay. I mean it, you can chill here, things don't matter to others as much as you seem to think they do. People here are mostly just casually conversing to kill time, and most of those exchanges are forgotten within weeks. Nobody hates you, nobody will hunt you and try to make you leave. People can be snarky but they aren't judging you in that way, there's no need for this pressure you're putting yourself under. It's okay. ... and on topic, I feel pretty confident that support for Three Houses is done and they've moved on to whatever's coming next. Plus, developers very rarely wait over a year between dlc waves, especially with zero announcements or teasers to keep players invested. So I wouldn't get my hopes up.
  6. Yeah, they changed it when Cindered Shadows released iirc...?
  7. Wait, but you've been on this section for almost a year... ... in any case, sure there's plenty to do in 3H without the dlc.
  8. Catherine's is pretty useful for the purpose of sending her in the arena with your eyes closed iirc. Same for Felix. That happens almost immediately honestly. What takes a while is for there to be enough of them for your whole squad more or less. As for losing a battalion mid battle, can't say I see it happen all too often, but eh.
  9. I mean, yeah, at first glance they mathed it wrong(+10% to +15% is a 50% increase while 15,000 to 20,000 is 33%, etc) Though if there's some kind of limitation on the quantity you can buy, or the quantity you get to use on a character in any way, then that's fine
  10. Iirc, Maddening destroys exp gains if the target isn't 7 or 8 levels above your unit's(don't quote me on that, it's been a while). As you saw, this cannot really happen until a few chapters in. This gives the false impression that maddening exp gains are worse, when really they only are when you're trying to pass the current chapter's recommended level, for the most part.
  11. Limiting the tedium of the monastery in general is definitely a very important change. I thought they'd actually give us a qol update at some point, but, nope. Really hope that's not a sign of things to come.
  12. Man, a year and half ago I could have thrown a ton at you, but I'm kinda drawing a blank right now. Hmmm... ... guess I'll go with discouraging save scumming, but rebalancing the greenhouse, certification and fishing so that they don't reward it so much. Fishing doesn't need to be this random, we have several types of lures and several types of fish icons, that's enough to cover every fish in the game. Certifications shouldn't consume the seal if you fail. The greenhouse does not need to be so convoluted, and similarly, we have so many seed types, randomness is completely unnecessary.
  13. I'll point out that Brawler shares the mobility advantages of Grappler. Class doesn't get used much so I assume it's not that well known.
  14. He is, yeah. I believe the setup was a 100% crit vengeance with Cyril, but a mere Luna crit works too.
  15. It's definitely possible, you just have to brute force it. With Ashera there's no real way around it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PELCHxak-C0&lc=UgxIsPhfz2BuHHOoJ014AaABAg.99OeQ68asb_9C39wO2VT48 ... she does auto refill a lifebar once, so she technically has five, but you don't have to deplete the first one completely either.
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