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  1. I always hate that I can't give proper credit to even a fraction of them in those. I'll go with what comes to mind. "When couples spend many cold days together, their families will grow. Food will not last as long, so be careful!" - Random bookshelf in a random house, Shining Force III "Die like your father, you pinheaded son of an icecream maker!" - Geese Howard, Fatal Fury Special "Mm. Now if you'll excuse me, I must go set my own city on fire." - Selvan, Radiant Historia "I never cared about justice, and I don't recall ever calling myself a hero... I have always only fought for the people I believe in. I won't hesitate... if an enemy appears in front of me, I will destroy it!" - Zero, Megaman Zero 4 "But, I have to go... I don't have a choice. And every time I hear the word "impossible", it just makes me want to prove everyone wrong." -Vyse, Skies of Arcadia
  2. Would you believe me if I said I was going to include pretty much this exact first sentence but ultimately went "nah"? I blame Echoes swamps. I mean I blame myself and then Echoes swamps. They're the same color, too. Edit: Well some of them are, anyway.
  3. Brigand doesn't have range +1, but it does has a +2 str mod. That's also why people don't mind spending time in it. Beyond that, I'm not going to tell you how you should play the game(or at least not that directly, I like to hide that I'm actually a douche). It's more when it comes to a general discussion about how things work, that I couldn't really give you that it's cool to skip Deathblow. It's one of the best skills in the game for a very reasonable amount of investment, I mean it when I say it's pretty much universally expected for physical units to go for it. Does that make the earlygame a bit dull, arguably, yeah. Since people can use any weapon they want still, it's usually fine, though. Going back to your table, Ignatz does also have: +1 base strength if he went through brigand A Raphael damage support for +3 Hilda's passive to take advantage of, since he has flexible range; obviously that's if she's around Technically, access to the Failnaught on routes where it's available. So he can get by. It's just that the next two chapters get rough... and that not everyone is Ignatz. Honestly, I wish I could demonstrate but I kinda can't. In my head, if you have precisely a 1/2 chance for something to happen, on average it will happen half of the time, and in that case, half of 5 is 2.5. Maybe you took 3 as the center value as a result of it being precisely the middle between 1 and 5... but there's also 0 to consider? Idk. It's not impossible to have near perfect hit rates and it's 2 rn, so it doesn't always have to be a problem really... but yeah this would take a ton of work for sure. I mean, being a critic is the easier route, that's no secret. You put in the work and there's no taking that away, and yes, I'd definitely say those are valuable resources. Nope. That's a common question since the in-game description is unclear, but it doesn't. ------ Edits ------ But again, why would you want S+ rank if you don't want Death blow? Also, do you really make such a difference between Deathblow HV Ignatz, which you don't care much for, and Deathblow-less PBV Leonie, which you're defending? I just don't get your reasoning on that. But yes, as you said, Leonie's primary role is killing with PBV, so Deathblow solidifying that makes it an acceptable detour in general; you're also on a class with bowfaire, many people put her on a wyvern instead to get flight, which has a bit less damage and makes going through brigand a more... natural part of her growth. Either way, obviously one'd need to math it out(which is not my way of asking you to do it, please don't bother), but Im all but convinced that early PBV doesn't beat what Deathblow brings. For what it's worth. Finally, it's... it's not really a matter of preference(sorry, this is going to sound patronizing), I mean as I said, absolutely play however you like and screw me if I ever tell you not to. But the ability to kill more, it isn't advantageous in a subjective way; if one unit can kill more than another, and there's no other difference... the first one is better. This is true in easy FE games, but even more so in a context where not killing can easily mean dying. As for boosters, from my understanding we typically ignore them because it can't be assumed that any given unit will get them(outside of cases like Conquest!Xander or early FE5 Leif) and it's a genuine advantage not to need them in the first place; regardless of that, they do exist. If I'm not mistaken, people primarily fix the speed of a lot of characters so they remain competitive, and focus on maxing out the strength of one or two key units to take care of problematic enemies(such as endgame bosses), rather than spread them around. But full disclosure, I wouldn't know, I don't use them.
  4. I honestly recalled all foot units being slowed down a bit by the swamp(and mounted ones a lot). A'ight, I yield.
  5. I really don't get why you do that. Not only are you acting like he didn't provide proof when he very much did, but like, "bub"? Come on. Okay, stop me but (69 + 72) /2 = 70.5 +Sword prof = 90 +Keen intuition = 120 -Battalion = 110 Plus, getting three characters to act as support may not be a possibility. It's pretty much a given that people will have Claude as a flier so that's one, but yeah. ... not that this matters all that much. Reliability is nice, but only in an iron man DP-less run would her missing be that big a deal. And it's not like she's at <50 hit. That was dumb of me to even bring up.
  6. Thanks for the kind words! But frankly I think there's ample merit to both stances on this one, especially in a context where indeed, nothing stops you from just giving everyone strength/magic boosters, and indeed, you'll want S rank in your weapon. They also have limited enemy phase potential of course. Here's a list of the advantages the way I see it: - Killer weaponry durability is entirely sustained by money from very early on - There's an ample amount of 15 crit battalions; similarly, crit rings are in very low demand - Those builds don't really have weaknesses beyond very high def enemies, which are rarely dangerous or difficult to take down; they tend to deal with other generics fine with or without crits until lategame where they should have all of their tools - They shine brighter than any other when it comes to dealing with demonic beasts(since most have low luck and no proficiency, leading to easy 90+ displayed rates), and are also competent boss killers - They do not struggle with the final chapters the way many other builds do, since their ideal damage is consistently overkill - Just like in Echoes, you can abuse divine pulse to rig crits if needed, which gives them a reliability push as you have ample charges and there are few ways to use those offensively. Posting numbers for the sake of it. This is at level 30, enemies have around 25 crit avo at that point on Maddening. No S rank, it's possible but let's just not. Sniper: ~25 crit from (Dex+Lck)/2, + 35 from Killer+, + 5 from crit ring, +15 from battalion, +10 from HV = 90. 65 displayed, aka 88% chance. Grappler: ~20 crit from(Dex+Lck)/2, + 30 from Killer +, +5 from crit ring, +15 from battalion, +10 from FiF = 80. 55 displayed, aka 91% chance. Warmaster. ~20 crit from (Dex+Lck)/2, +30 from Killer+, +5 from crit ring, +15 from battalion, + Crit +20 = 90. 65 displayed, aka 88% chance. So yeah, them's the breaks. In practice, they're regular damage builds unless facing beasts or crit rigging for bosses, until the lategame where they've hopefully acquired their S rank and need to rely on crits to kill. As said, the good thing is that they're straightforward, and deal with problematic things well. But they do walk the reliability line a bit, and all of these classes are on foot as well. ------- Just as a disclaimer, haarhaarhaar did not repeat what I wrote, if anything it's the opposite(happened unwillingly, though) since everything under this is an edit. Wait, no, my argument never was that deathblow is indispensable, I was asking for a good reason to skip it. Though to be frank, guaranteeing kills on roughly half the maps, that doesn't sound awful, but then again, ch 20 has a lot of low def enemies. That's fair, though this is easy to calculate. It takes 50 rounds of combat to master Brigand, and Archer gets +2 bow exp per fight, so that amounts to a clean 100 Wexp loss. Added to the 180 *1.5(because boon) from earlier, that's 370 bow Wexp. Which isn't nothing, but still not that significant. Also, crit builds usually don't need S+ rank in the first place, as they deal enough damage already. Well, if they have Deathblow, anyway, but foregoing a +6 damage boost for most of the game in order to get a +5 one at the end... that just doesn't make much sense. Which I wish I brought up earlier. I agree, believe it or not. But wait, what was that about Deathblow getting in the way of getting S rank, then? Aaaaasutora And now I regret not looking lower earlier, because that's way more comprehensive than my walls of text... even though GD 22 isn't the kindest playground and she could easily have swordfaire² I mean she's goddamn Catherine too Out of curiosity, on what occasion did you screencap all of that? Just for research?
  7. Yeah, that's part of the general reason(though I won't pretend that I had the math in my head or anything, it very much was an estimation); ultimately if Ignatz is left with only his P.skill as an advantage and has to play catchup too hard on death blow, Ashe starts to dominate. Probably best not to make this about Ignatz too much, but I do consider it top 10 in the game myself. Or I did before the dlc characters anyway, I'd have to look at it again. It's extremely useful in the earlygame, and even later on where some builds have enough accuracy, most would certainly appreciate it and for bow using classes specifically, there are some pretty obvious advantages(there's even room for making use of +40 hit). This also goes for brave axe wyvern builds, but then again, yeah, neutral axes/lances, and weak flight, that's too much work to overcome. I guess the question is if Ashe is better on a wyvern or as a sniper. I think I've made it clear that it's sniper afaic, but that's definitely debatable. Well the bigger thing imo is, a few dex points do not a build make. His advantage is completely negligible compared to what others have.
  8. Yeah, that's fair, Imma edit that.
  9. That's an interesting combination... I think I'd still rather just go for FiF, though it's admittedly not hard to justify spending some time in cavalier for Dedue. Man, it's unfortunate that we still don't seem to see eye to eye on that... Yup. That's what it does. I wasn't saying those two classes were "middling" in that sense, I am a big advocate for Grappler/Sniper over WM/BK on any character that cannot double reliably after all; what I meant is that they aren't the greatest. Swordmaster is unfortunately a lower movement class specializing in one of the more limited weapon types in the game. It's true that statistically it isn't bad per se, but yeah, let's just say that if mastering made Astra useable on every class, there's be limited reason to stay in SM. Assassin on the other hand absolutely is better, with 6 move ignoring most terrain +shade for survivability, but any Astra build couldn't ultimately take advantage of those. It's also ultimately hurt by also specializing in a low damage weapon, combined with having no Str mod or for what it's worth, growth. I also need to rephrase about Death blow; I wasn't saying that it was enough to kill everything, just going against your idea that characters might not have it, because there's almost no reason for them not to. It's the most valuable thing they can get from intermediate, especially if they're male, and brigand is a good class to be in. It also doesn't go against crit builds at all since intermediate classes provide next to nothing in that regard beyond +10% Dex growth from archer. At best it competes with hit +20 to hit reliably from farther. To be clear, in a theoretical context where those characters would need to deal 4 times their damage to start ORKOing, dex would look a bit better, it's true. But even they aren't that weak, and 3H brings up anyone with class bases and all the direct stat boosts it provides. You did forget str +2 and bowfaire in that table. For better or for worse, that's not how the game is laid down for us. S to S+ is 1080 Wexp, E to D+ is 180, boons don't come close to compensating for such a difference. Getting S rank and Death blow isn't unreasonable at all either(it typically means not having it for a month, at worse two), and even if it was, I'd definitely argue that going for +10 crit is the wrong choice. Nnot taking into account that you'd have Death blow for a good 10 more chapters, 10 isn't the difference between completely reliable and dangerously luck based, not on HV anyway. 60 crit(so 84% with the brave effect) falls into luck based, 70(91% as you said) into fairly reliable, 80(96%) basically into completely reliable, though you'd probably want a bit more still. Well uh, yeah. I thought that's what you were doing yourself to be honest, since as far as class progression goes, going through archer as opposed to brigand amount to +1 dex in 10 levels and all. Not trying to be a stick in the mud btw. I mean it, I do appreciate the analysis. I just... disagree with your conclusions. Also, I run crit builds on these characters too, I can attest that they work, many others can as well. So I'm generally on your side of the bigger argument. ... well, one of the two bigger arguments, in any case, because when it comes to the value of Dex... yeah.
  10. Ashe is probably not keeping HP+5 equipped for the whole game though, and a +2 skill isn't enough to compensate for the difference in their P.skills and the fact that Ignatz has an authority boon, imo. As for a repo, well the better it is, the worst the +2 skill, so it evens out to an extent. Admittedly, on Annette route there is less of a use for rally speed, though. But yeah, I'd say Ignatz probably becomes worse if recruited post ch 7. Around that time. That's fair, even Ignatz isn't a high priority recruit exactly. Basically it's just a way to demonstrate that they are very much not equals. Frankly on the bench meter, Ignatz is probably only 3rd of his house(behind Raph and arguably Lorenz), while Ashe is probably first of his.
  11. Okay, on principle I like where your head's at. Crit builds can be made quite reliable in 3H(though I'm not going to lie to you, I think that's generally well known), and it's pretty fun. However, I have a few things to point out. - It's rare to have trouble killing without crits if you quad. The issue is that usually, you can't, or you die on counter, or it requires a ton of stat boosters. Also One-two punch doesn't autoquad(man, can you imagine?). What it does is make gauntlets perform a followup at +8 damage instead of a brave at +0. - The problem with Astra crits is that they compensate more than anything; it's like with your multiple hits example for rogues in mmos; it's nice, but 5 crits on 10 * 1000 damage is the exact same as 1 crit on 2 * 5000(assuming you don't get separate bonuses for critting, which granted, you often do... but that's not a thing in Fire Emblem, either way). Also Astra damage is rounded down for each hit, which doesn't help. The main issue really is that one or two crits do not guarantee a kill with Astra the way they would with everything else, which is what really matters at the end of the day. And assuming you need at least three to kill(which is far from impossible, after all that'd only result ~3.3 * damage, which isn't exactly crazy), suddenly what your Dex contributes to actually killing is lower than even for brave attacks. As for Lethality, the issue is that we're talking about mastering two middling classes to perform a combo that still doesn't give that good a chance at killing(and remember, if you don't kill at 1 range, you're likely in considerable danger). It could be a fun build, I'll give you that, but yeah. And for anything else, there's the issue of lethality actually not being needed to kill in the first place. I have to say, I don't know if lethality can trigger on 0 damage hits either. - Death blow is actually assumed on every physical unit basically. For physical units that aren't trying to maximize speed, there's hardly a better way to spend most of your intermediate tier time. Also, Bernadetta has Vengeance, she doesn't need crit builds to kill. - And the big one; while yes, Dex is made better by multiple hit attacks... well so is strength(or mag in some rare cases, or just mt in general). The reason crit is relevant regardless is as a result of being easy to raise in many cases(no thanks to Dex and Lck), and not having access to enough strength to compensate for typically lower base damage(which itself exists to limit multi-hit attacks); but if you actually have the choice, it's a bit of a no brainer. The only situation where this might be untrue is for Astra since it's the only one that actually nerfs strength... Outside of that, it's considerably more direct to buff a character's attack by 5 to 10 points to reach 2HKO thresholds, rather than stack dozens of points of dex and lck to raise crit chance.
  12. I'm inclined to disagree. Unless recruited past the point where getting Death blow is reasonable(which shouldn't really happen, he's universally an easy recruit), I'd say Ignatz is still better even on Blue Lions. Assuming you're going for Sniper on both, in any case. Worth noting, that doesn't work on combat arts.
  13. There's not much to say really. It has decent mt and having the option to hit farther if nothing's in reach of your HV is better than to do nothing, even if you miss; it's not like there's any real competition for one of Ashe's combat art slots, either, unlike with Bernie. And mages may eventually get range, but they sure don't get HV. It also has baiting utility, especially in ch 5. Although maybe people have figured a better way now, idk. As said it'd be inaccurate to say that I like it a lot. It just used to be brought up all the time during the early days of 3H, when people would try to figure out which of the "three archers" was the best. Nowadays even in a discussion about Ashe specifically we seem to gloss over it. It's interesting if nothing else.
  14. Ashe is extremely straightforward to build towards HV Sniper(which is likely his strongest build on maddening), I'll give him that. And while the above is true, when you introduce brave effects alongside crit builds, suddenly that 70% chance becomes a 91% chance to get at least one crit. Also Deadeye is decent utility(can't believe I'm defending it now when I used to think it was very overrated, my how the tables have turned). Until then it's mostly chip town for him, though, and people are right; Dex is a minor stat in 3H. It's unusual for FE(well, it rarely is a top end stat, but typically it's at least useful), but that's just the way things are this time. Basically it's tough to think of one thing Ashe does that Ignatz doesn't do better. He has a marginally easier road to Death Blow, and Deadeye..., that's pretty much all I can think of. And on the other hand, Ignatz gets a lot of useful tools, between better accuracy, better utility combat arts, his authority proficiency, and rally speed; they just didn't give enough to Ashe, even his personal skill could be neat if the economy wasn't so thoroughly broken in 3H. I'd argue 300 per chest isn't actually that cheap(especially since those do have a tendency to have nothing interesting in them), but who cares when you have almost infinite money the moment the shop with the lures is unlocked?
  15. Now you're just jumping to the extreme opposite, though. Bringing up 0% growths makes sense when it strictly involves stat thresholds, as opposed to crutches like vengeance and luna(say what you will about it, but no, there's no guarantee that people will use Lysithea, and he does have 110 m.avo from a distance), which are not necessarily representative of what people will have. And the logistics of bringing him down in one turn with a warper that cannot be Lysithea, while not insurmountable, aren't simplistic. Furthermore, all four bosses are easy in a regular playthrough with preparation. SS Rhea would be a problem, if she wasn't right in front of the player. CF Rhea could be tough but she's on Raging Storm route. Meanwhile AM Edelgard is on double dancing battalion route. Though with no planning, Nemesis is among the easiest for sure, since you can lower his stats, he only has one lifebar and he moves from his defense tile.
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