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  1. Someone postet on the Recrutement Thread that you can (supposedly) recruit anyone that legible with a B-rank support (like, take tea time with them etc). They will refuse you, when you ask them but come to you themselfs and ask to join later. At least the OP (linked below) could confirm this to happen 2 times on his game (with Marianne + Ingrid) despite having not having met the recuirements (even having E-Rank). Full post can be found here (just click on the arrow on the right or the quote):
  2. Omg thats so funny... and kinda fitting. I definitely have to try that! Is there a counterpart to that, is someone knows? just curious
  3. Sorry to maybe necro a thread (i dont think so but i can imagine some people do! so sorry to you :S) But this just in: https://www.rpgsite.net/news/8690-fire-emblem-three-houses-expansion-pass-detailed Costumes are coming back in the expansion pass it seems, and we got pictures of both genders of Byleth in alternative gear So yeah, for 30 bucks people that dont like the attire CAN change it (without changing the class?) I'm both kinda excited and a bit salty that its behind "a pay wall" but maybe i'm just judging to fast. (i mean we dont have any info on costumes at all rn, so maybe there are some free ones in the main game and stuff...) in any case i like both designs a lot - although i personally feel like M!Byleth is a bit to much haha ~ In any case, i guess i'm satisfied - since if this game will be as good as it looks currently, i'll definitely buy the expansion pass ๐Ÿ˜„
  4. No harm done! Plus i agree, i've ot nothing new to add.... except something i've been thinking about the last half of the day now... ^^^This. I've read some similar comments. I didnt pay mutch attention on it but after i came through my grumbling for a bit while working on an ad job for a client i actually think i understood something i forgot about: target group. It might be true that F!Byleth is indeed doing this attacks stance some people referenced, i think its a really, really bad pick bc of the things i mentioned beore/above but putting that aside... i actually feel like female Byleth might just not be fitted for me as a consumer. I.E. i am not the target group they are going for. It would make sense, if they were to try and get younger women/girls to buy the game. They'd need to present a female avatar + wich is in lower age to have a connection. Plus the games before has a lot of shipping etc wich IS usually a "girl-game"-mechanic (urgh, gonna wash my moth after this). What i mean is, someone in japan might have thought HEY THIS KINDA SOUNDS LIKE AN OTOME + TACTICAL RPG or something along these lines and they are trying to bring in all those girl gamers (or lets say, the next gen of consumers? consumers+?). BC the Oldtimers like me and (lets be honest, this whole forum mostly) will buy the game probably anyway, just bc the gameplay is great usually and this time even the storytelling might be on a FE level again xD So these sales are pretty much garanteed.... But with a school setting (at least for w while) + focus on relationships (while not as indepth as in the 2 games before?) IS a good seller for girls ... i think? Again, i think i might not be the target group for that paticular question... So it boils down to: male byleth, the usual FE Protagonist and female Byleth, the young, cute anime protagonist wich draws in mostly new (girl) gamers. this actually works for boys too, since they'd just pick male Byleth anyway.... so what would you loos in this plan? right, nothing. You risk absolutely nothing and might improve sales by a whole magrin bc you gained new costumers... well you do get some grumpy chicks flaming at SF but who cares about that right? xD Also, thx to everyone saying that Avatar clothes change with class change, this really gives me my hope back haha. When i first wrote this and for a long while until it was first pointed out in this thread, i actually didnt know - or well lets say, i didnt connect the dots, guess it was all that salt grinding my gears - that you too can change your classes freely and thuss change clothes. I dont like female byleths face if you compare it to male byleth, but ingame it will probably not bee so bad since you cant... and funny enough, i dont care about the hair stuff at all (style, bugs? and color dont matter to me - though i hope the color has some meaning since it changes?), although i've seen lots of people be really mad about it, haha ~ ...so theres only the clothes left. - Well that and posture - but i hope the gender-pick-screen is an exception, since usually she should stand like a normal person from what i've noticed in the trailers.... so, all's good? at least for me..... probably.
  5. I dont really want to answer to someone who at first asks me "are you okay" as if i'm insane... but since i always try to understand people and try to cobvery enough so that they understand (understand, NOT agree with) me, i'll answer anyway: i'm clearly not the only person up set by her design although everyone has their own ticks. And that guys are assosiated to be stronger over all is not misogynistic, i'm sorry if you feel threated or idk whats the problem, but its just like it is. its not fact that they are (although thats an discussion in its own wich i will not open here, bc why would i) but the fact simply is yes, guys are portrailed and associated around the wolrd to be physically stronger than woman wich means if you want it or not, you're using a certain kind of sign language. If its anything, its unfortunate that its also underlined in the art for example by male version holding the sword confindent and ready to attack (and if you think thats my projection, look at it again: 1 hand, other is free to do what ever, his look is clear, pose is ready to go etc) while the female version has it resting on the ground (look at the tip, its even below her feet. Her pose is not forward as his, its a step back, and straight, this is not how you go into a fight, more likely before or in the pause of an encounter. Her second hand is more towards the sword as if she either just let go or need to pick the sword up again etc). Its kinda confevying that she cant hold it properly, or shes tired from it -wich means she comes off as weaker than him.... thats simple sign/body language..... I dont say i'm an expert art designer but sign and bodylaguage are things all people can read and if you train your eye it gets easier. I did have some design / photography classes where we did do branding and such and what it means if you portrail things an people a certain way so maybe i'm overly critic, i'll grant you that. But imo i can just voice things i see, like and dislike more easily (and clearly, with the things its connected) than others.... its not making me an expert on anything but i do think its nice to have. Even if you might disagree with me here ๐Ÿ™‚ And for the rest of what you said, i already adressed and said that myself btw. I said, yeah i'm salty and i needed to let it out but then everyone talked about ther personal pet peves about it and i added mine - dont see whats the problem. I have my problems with the design and i argued why i think and feel like i do, nothing crazy here. And i did say i'm at least greatful we have some female avatar AND that realism is not an argument in this anymore.... kinda feels like you didnt really read all that i said but welp. Maybe just dont start with "are you okay?" next time? Also THIS to lighten the mood ๐Ÿ˜›
  6. OMG yes, please let the outfit change if we change jobs.... but on the other hand... the Avatar usually has a really strong class like Lord/Hero or something right? Idk how this will be affected in the new system, but man... i really hope we can change the outfit. it drives me nuts to see it xD Yes ("they're not going in class to do some maths and smoke weed with mates") but you know what? IT IS WAR and when there is war you dont leave you damn collarbone or BELLY BUTTON OPEN goddamit. (just like you said afterwards: " It's a military academy, they're training to be soldiers goddamn, IN THEORY this should be military training") The argument has passed of what is realistic imo and i think yourse is as invalid as theirs :S We dont have real armor rules and we have no real school rules, its fantasy, but theres still class and how something looks and the truth is: the protagonist SCHOULD look strong and like she has authroity both in school and on the battleflied but she doesnt. She looks yound, like the sword is way to big for her (wich is not that big of a deal for the male version bc they are associated to be stronger, thuss its more "Normal" to have an uber-sword... but she doesnt even look strong for a woman overall, so we have a double-bad on that side) and wierd (i dont slutshame the outfit but i understand people feeling like its skimpy) This is control: he doesnt even need both hands to hold it This just looks like a to big and heavy sword... and for the dead eyes & void expression, i actually dig it. a lot. Why not have a leader that emotionally unavailable? or at least not telling from his face. Do you know what hes seen? You never know what hes thinking, its a pokerface and thats actually not a bad quality to have in both war and as a tactician imo. I thought it was interessting having some other character / personallity type for a change. Not just stoic, lively or heroic.... he doesnt seem to look dumb, (maybe a bit bored at a time?), but some people just have a bad resting face right xD
  7. Well, technically it isnt what i want my female warrior to be wearing either but i guess after camilla that argument is gone for good xD I didnt think about the midriff much actually but yeah you're right. It seems odd, since the outfit is rather covered. Sure the skirt is mini, but she has "leggins" with so much pattern that it kinda doesnt count / coveres up enough. (although thats my opinion ofc) But the missing cleavage is noticable (although i didnt pay attention at first, cause the avatars/MU before didnt have it- wich was really good. Not bc cleavage is bad, but bc it dosnt need to be there, etc etc) and it feels like they were like "but we need to do SOMETHING with the design!" and thuss, since no boobs, they opend the midriff.... Maybe thats just from my perspective of "man, M!Byleth looks so cool" tho, but it just seems so uninspired. ....Although, i guess i could see why people would say that about the M!Byleth outfit too, both dont seem to have the same charme as the outfits from fates / awakening (i'm only counting these bc similar design and era) EDIT: i just noticed that the designs of the male and female version are really different actually! At elast compared to robin and corrin in their female and male version respectively, they are really similar just fitted to the gender - here its a complete different desgin with some overlapping stuff. Like the dagger, color and i guess the mantle. BUt i just looked at it and i was like: "woah, if they'd take M! Byleths armor and just cut out the shame at the nack to have cleavage, it would look female and good already.... take away the pants if you must but that alone would be so much better!" I wonder why they did that.... and why the female version has that wierd thing on her cleavage while he has nothing but a symbol, they dont even match wich probably means its unimportant anyway....? So why bother changing like that?
  8. i added what i meant i an edit, for example this: But i mean, even if you like that too - i do not mean to offend or anything. It kinda baffles me, but i'm kinda glad that this design bringt joy to at least one of us ^^" I just could ramble all day to myself about how much i hate it xD I'm just like... give the guy some boobs and i'll take it xD Anime style is female enough for me, just get that wide faced/eyed skirt away from me xD
  9. I get why its necessary (for beautiful cutscenes etc) but it kinda sucks... the design of female byleth is... horrible. I love when games (specially rmpg/jrpgs) give the option of playing a female charcter bc lets be real there are not enough of them out there, so i always pick them. I dont need costumization usually BUT MY GOD that skirt and design over all on f!byleth is just so... so offputting! idk what i would find worse: not having a female avatar at all or have her beeing the female avatar.... (but i guess, i'd take the female version since content and husbandos q.q) At first it didnt look so bad to me (like in the picture above), but with more time.... and moving pictures (and with beautifull M!byleth in the trailers...) this feeling got a hold in me... If you see the scenes rendered with male or female and compare you can see that male byleth has a much more strong air and statue than she has. Hes a leader, seems about to be the age of lets say 18-25 and knows where he stands in life - like he should as a teacher and next Leader of a merc group. Female Byleth is an anime girl with a way to wide face and eyes - like she hasnt hit puberty yet... she looks like about 14-16, maybe 18 with a stretch.... My god that armor, skit, proportions.... i just cant believe that they actually thought like "yes, this is the design we can put out there!" after they did such good a job... urgh, i really needed to say that. Feels good to let it out.... but i dont think it will ever go away while playing the main game.... IS you f-ed up this time ! ๐Ÿ˜ž
  10. Wow! I didnt find it when i searched for Crests and stuff tho O.O maybe i overlooked it in my frantic state WTF.... i couldnt believe nobody talked about it (and i guess i was right, you did at least :P) Anyhow, i never played genealogy (sadly, back when i didnt have the access and nowadays time is precious q.q) so i couldnt make a connection even tho i heared about a lot of people doing so in places. Glad you found your way over, so you could (enlighten me & ) theorize with us ๐Ÿ™‚ Also, i heared over where they speculate what the FE is this time around... and the more i read here the faint voice of some resonates more and more with me: *Quote is talking about the Crest in Mural: An about the father, when we are on topic atm... its a theory posted somewhere else but i think for FE standarts it sounds really realistic.... Maybe take out the hair color shenanigans but the rest sounds fair... idk about the orders by your "father" but him knowing of your identitiy is pretty solid, and thuss to protect you. If hes related... well i think it could go either way. Jerald beeing the real father or not, seems equally possible. I think adoptive might make more sense but i'd love to see someone actually related and in a genuine family-relationship again in a FE game... kinda miss this, this secretly-not-related-twist/trope has been milked enough haha!
  11. exactly! I think you might very well be very right with this, its sounds a lot like the FE-Style to me.... and like something i'd enjoy! This actually matches up really well with Edelgards word in the trailer "some believe the crests - tokens of a goddesses power - are necessary to maintain power. But they are wrong, teacher. The Crests are to blame." and i actually think that her lines later "do you dare to walk this path with me?" might actually be her asking if you'd be willing to fight against the crests and thuss the Church wich relies on them (possibly ~). So yeah, you're kinda the Anti-Church, second Liberator - maybe? Church is really likely to be the bad guy, covering up the Crest of Flames wich could oppose them YET keeping the others in their Art and Culture, Ruling Classes (although it depends on howmuch controll they have in the three lands. But keep in mind that the Crest reatio on royal/nobel characters is higher AND i think its higher in the more royal houses too? i.e. Red > blue > yellow i think, not sure about it tho?). This would actually be really interessting tho, since Edelgard - with this in regard - might be the main opposition of the Chruch while Drimitri might have no chance to oppose it, and thuss turn "evil" (if the MC does not help him?). Edit: Spoiler from the "Reddit Leak Thread" below... I've got this wierd feeling since i saw them dance in teh trailer - like its a set up for a cruel twist, that they just have to kill each other later, wich is why specially these two are shown dancing together in peace and no one else.... and since i noticed Edelgard saving the words above and the things around Byleths crest... this really looms over my head now xD
  12. Mind = Blown ๐Ÿ˜ง Honestly idk how to feel about this, but thx for posting xD I heard someone say that this guy has similar features with Byleths father (but i didnt compare myself).... maybe thats theory gets stronger now, bc the "father" of byleth might have some power like his son/daughter or something similar (wich would explain hair color change? as byleth has one too?) and he activates his power to protect him? (from the church maybe?) idk.... like i said, i'm not even sure their faces are that similar xD ....aaaaand i just read the post over mine statin that they do look similar, cool ๐Ÿ˜„ One thing that always struck me as odd was, that Byleth is not trying to dodge the darkness "claws" reaching for him in this trailer.... hes just staring it down, like as if he was bracing for it. It might make sense if the influence might not be evil but in fact an ally (though thats not proven by these pics or the discussion here). On the other hand it might just mean the "evil things" cant touch/hurt him bc hes stronger than they/it are at that moment in time....
  13. Oh i didnt know O.O thx for telling me, wont do it again. Might have forgoten about it... been a long time, last time i was on SF was on the height of the FE:Fates train haha... yeah... didnt age well xD But i found something interesting! In this post someone compared the trailers and found that the "framed" Villan guy, the plae one with the darkness isnt actually matching with the evil acts shown. In the Posts below people do match him (probably) with the MC/Byleths father jerald tho. They also talk about the name "the liberator king", wich nemesis was called - wich seems kinda odd to me tho, since when they "destroy" his crest and maybe even decendents and make him out to be the bad guy.... why let him keep such a name? its odd in universe..... like: 1- oh yeah you know that evil guy that our glorious, ruling church faced off against? 2- oh yes i heared of him, the liberator king nemesis right? 1- What? Liberator king? What did he liberate? That sounds like something good, no? Didnt they kill him? 2- Idk, yeah they killed him bc he faught the church or something 1- But why would someone like a liberator fight the Church of seiros? Isnt he suppost to be a good guy if people call him like this? You dont think....the Church is the bad guy in this scenario...right? It kinda sounds really bad... (x100 if they know the church might hunt down the Crest bearers of Flame / Nemesis Decendents) Kinda feels like its meant so that we (as audience) get a hint that he wasnt actually the bad guy or something xD
  14. Wich would not be uncommon, specially with religion envolved. The winners are the ones writing the records after all...
  15. OMG okay, wow yeah thats probably like the only article i didnt have in mind to check again O.O ...hmmm interessting, but still kinda wierd that its well - i kinda want to say its "hidden in plain sight" but is it really? Its in the composition - but the thing with "Under the paint" kinda underlines the wierdness and things i stated? Its technically not on it and i think that this fact probably has some deeper meaning, especially if its hidden in and/or beneath it. If you take it figuratively, it might even mean nemesis was an original ruler/leader of the bunch and somehow got replaced and his records overwrittern (or over-painted)
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