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  1. Hi, everyone! So I currently have a list of cards that I am looking for. You can find the following here at my google sheets. It's listed by card color (at the very bottom at the tabs), series, then card. Cards that have the asterisks (*****) are cards that I am missing from my collection/deck-building. Please send me a message if you have any in stock or would like to negotiate. I am also working on a selling/trading list for the future, so this current list is my want list, not selling/trading. I can PayPal directly and shipping in U.S.. Much appreciated! (^-^)
  2. +1 and more Sokloeum c': for being so patient with me.
  3. Happy birthday!

    1. Amethyst


      Thank you for the kind birthday wish! ^~^

  4. I totally understand you. I practically own most of them except for the first few. Kinu/Selkie from the last wave was just gorgeous. Out of this set, I have to say Lucina and Tsubasa are my favorite. I might even have to avoid buying two Tsubasa sleeve packs if I want to make two #FE decks (which will be a 100 card mixed deck, maybe...). XD
  5. ok i saw you looking at my profile and would like to make the awkward observation that your birthday is 9 months before mine

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    2. Lord Raven
    3. Amethyst


      Omg, how did SF not notify about this comment? This is like a month late, but yes 3 months, I stand corrected. XD

    4. Lord Raven

      Lord Raven

      lmao! happy birthday by the way, hope its a good one!

  6. After re-watching the reveal trailer for Kamui in Smash, I personally think Marx's/Xander's voice is Dan Green. Knuckles from Sonic and Yami Yugi from Yu-gi-oh are roles he's most recognizable for. I could be 50/50 on this, but I'm pretty sure it's him.
  7. F!Robin (Awakening), Elise (Fates) [just for my habit of loving magic], Sakura (Fates) [archery], or Aqua/Azura (Fates) [habit of singing], but mostly Aqua/Azura if I had to choose.
  8. February 19 for Fates. Now for Genei Ibun Roki ♯FE...

  9. I thought I should add the pricing for Desu Nation as well, in case anyone wants to know. c: Starter Decks: $25 Booster Packs: $5 Booster Boxes: $75 Cipher Sleeves: Prices varies, but they are roughly near the $20 range.
  10. 2016 is only 6 months away, I'll be hibernating...

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