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  1. Benny and Laslow are the ones that surprised me the most. Anyway, i think it is nice, i mean, it could work. Hope to find out about the other ones
  2. Ryoma and Xander because they are the leaders who are thinking, above all, on their nation. Moreover, they never forget their goal, managing to keep calm on right times. Aqua, as it seems to me she is the kind of person who would sacrifice absolutely everything to protect those she loves. In addition, she is very graceful, at least at first sight. Setsuna, she looks pretty clumsy, but at the time of the battle, I bet she becomes a true warrior goddess. Nyx, I do not understand exactly why I like Nyx, she just seems the kind of character which I would want to have a long talk about many things. I haven't read many spoilers about the game, so that's, more or less, a list of characters I liked at first sight , but perhaps with the game itself, I can end up disliking them and choosing others.
  3. Hello everybody, I'm new here, but I already love being part of this community. I hope to contribute in the best possible way. I would like to raise a theory about today's presentation: What if Garon is being controlled by Iago? What if Garon went through a lot of suffering and Iago appeared and little by little began to win the trust of the king, until, in the end, the only person who Garon could trust was Iago. Perhaps even the divine dragon voice that Garoncan hear is some form of manipulation by Iago. What do you guys think? Sorry if my english is bad.
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