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  1. the promos for the set! i think some of them haven't been revealed before.
  2. I'm totally in love of silque's card i will recurre to a friend of mine to turn them i foiled cards, of course when the set releases.
  3. Well, my acutal avatar pic indicates that im a sucker fot Gray X Clair , Faye x Silque is other one i really like. As for Alm x Celica i ended up disliking those 2 as a couple , they are too much "destined to be together" that become to me as a perfectly boring ship. It would be interesting to se them having more options like Eiwood and Hector even without making them the ultimate canon option for each other.
  4. Well here we go: Favorites so far: Gray: A really cool character! i enjoyed a lot his personality and character interactions. Clair: This highborn lady has interesting moments to offer. Silque: I like her sweet personality, her story with Jesse and her far from great support with Faye. Faye: I know she is very annoying and rude but her dialogue when Celica goes to Ram village make me see her in a more positive vision, she is far from being a good character but i'm having fun with her very simple self. Saber: The awesome cool old guy that celica's party needed in their journey. Celica: I have issues with her from time to time in the plot but still she is a nice character. I actually like her more for gameplay reasons than her plot participation i could call her my problematic fave. About least favorites i'm not disliking anyone so far.
  5. I totally forgot the livestream reveals! im very sorry fo confusing the facts =(
  6. Echidna And Elphin have more active roles in the manga, they have good chances for getting cards.
  7. miledy has very little screen time in Hasha no Tsurugi sadly
  8. are Kliff and Faye the only characters that can be recruited by the 2 armies?
  9. Definitely buying the season pass i nearly bought all Awakening DLC and all of Fates even an additional path since i usually lend my birthright copy to my friends that are more casual to play fire emblem. The price hurts my wallet but still im going for the season pass if i can't at least will buy the overclassesand challenges maps if they some.
  10. Totally agree, im gonna buy all of them just give a ultimate map to jave extra fun there
  11. going to the canon clases i recently beat Gaiden and was a good experience for me all messing up with their classes, this time i will go more canonic since the storytelling goes expanded in Echoes
  12. Personally i'm pretty fine with Faye as a unit and a character but at the same time i think she has the traits to fill the role of "Controversial Character" that we been experienced in the latest entries of the franchise.
  13. Silque becomes my MVP in my Gaiden run somehow made everything work to my success, but Celica's Upgrades got me completely rooting for her in Echoes she is my Favorite for Echoes and for least favorite i dont have one i think the cast is just fine.
  14. For those who tested the game, did the amiibo features are available for the old 3DS and 3DS XL modelsor are restricted for N3DS only?
  15. they were supposed to be jokes, but if you think they don't fit here i will delete them no problem
  16. Berkut! you are just a really amazing addition to the game story T_T
  17. i think that Faye has potential to become serial killer and her ending help my theory
  18. i think its a good effort to establish connections within games and detailed world building Gaiden itself does not have a lot to offer by the tech limitation of its origin release days this retcon and additions give a better flow of the lore.
  19. I'm going that the masked knight is celica's familiar it's definitely the best bet.
  20. I see those changes really necesary it help the characters look more fresh after 25 years forgotten in the shadows, still Gaiden was a very simplistic game an lot of characters not have what you could call "screentime" so i cannot say that they redesigns are bad just because they go outside their original styles. so im pro the change.
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