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  1. Dragon Lunge has so many uses, I like Corrin quite a bit.
  2. This is fine, I wasn't really interested in rubbing my units to maximum petting anyway.
  3. Sounds like bad luck on your part, I had no trouble leveling my Ike (I could almost solo a map with him. Almost).
  4. Unless I see a source other than Kotaku, gonna just buy the game and confirm for myself.
  5. Damn. Well, here's wishing that some from FE7 or the Tellius games would show up.
  6. Thanks for this, looking forward to it!
  7. Akaneia is the most popular in Japan, so we'll probably see most characters from there. The series that probably will have the least amount of representation is probably Jugdral.
  8. Hands down, Felicia. I like someone devoted as her.
  9. Radiant Dawn had the best soundtrack out of the two, my top 5 are: 1. A Grasping Truth 2. Ideals Clash 3. Bearer of Hope 4. The Devoted 5. Eternal Bond
  10. I felt like the Black Knight was surprised when he struck Greil. But judging how he treated Ike afterwards, I'm assuming he did mean to.
  11. Soro


    What's up guys. I'm Soro, and I've been liking Fire Emblem since 2009. I actually got into Fire Emblem through Super Smash Bros Brawl, back when I was in middle school. When I played with my friends, I've always liked Ike. Every time I see him, I wondered, "Gee, what game is he from?" I then looked it up and begun with Path of Radiance. It wasn't what I was expecting, but I also fell in love with the game and I have been a fan of the series ever since. So far, I've played FE9, FE10, FE12, FE6, FE7, and FE13. Out of those games, I haven't beaten FE6, FE7, or FE8 (6 and 7 because I've never got the time to finish it, and FE8 because I personally thought it was too boring). So hyped for FE14! Also I kind of suck at Fire Emblem but I hope to be a better tactician I'm also a fan of anime too. Hope to have fun with you guys!
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