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  1. I am trying to get the shading right for this dark elf animation (a GIF is included below), but I cannot find a pre-existing palette for what I need. I am a total moron when it comes to shading and colors/ect, and I am wondering if anyone can tell me of an existing palette (or if you can make a palette, but I am definitely not expecting anyone to do that for me) for my animation. I need a lot of grays/whites, and blacks/blues for this animation, but I also need a magenta like color for the eye (since the character is supposed to be a dark elf). I have already asked a very friendly moderator about this, but I am a little hopeless with this sort of thing, and do not want to bother them about this again. Thank you, Here is a GIF of the animation:
  2. Do you have any recommendations concerning how I should edit your mugs (I'd really hate to butcher your work, but I need a dark elf). ghast edit* you were including your response in Nickt's quote
  3. Dude, thank you this is just what I needed.
  4. I appreciate the quick and honest response! Lol, yes, I am aware that the game that I made was garbage, it was more of an idea pitch. I didn't make up ten-towns or Guenhwyvar, they are names from the forgotten realms series. But I completely see where you are coming from with the dialogue. If one isn't familiar with the series, I can see where they would have no idea what is going on. Also, yes, the writing is horrendous (as I said, I more or less threw it together in order to pitch the idea). Let's say that I replace Ephidel with something less lazy: What do you think of an actual narrator, or perhaps just a mysterious character that interacts with the tactician between chapters (if you have played Persona 3, someone like Igor/Elizabeth). Once again, thank you for the quick response, and I greatly appreciate the honesty.
  5. Greetings. I have always thought that the forgotten realms campaigns had perfect fire emblem storylines. The problem is, you really need a "dungeon master like" entity, because a third person omniscient voice is imperative [unless you want to compromise the structural integrity of the story]. I haven't spent a considerable amount of time on this yet, and there is a lot of room to nitpick, however, I am really looking for comments and suggestions concerning my idea to have an omniscient narrator between chapters. There are two custom animations included [Drizzt and Wulfgar]. I do realize that the Mugs and Animation need a bit of work, but as I said, I'm more interested in your thoughts on the idea. After I get some feedback [if], I'll be willing to invest a fair amount of time into this project. Here is a link to the video, it is only five minutes, and I would really appreciate your time!
  6. Great game, just finished it up [i was a little disappointed when Edward transformed into a rogue instead of an assassin (just because assassins are my favorite characters, and you have access to plenty of lockpicks in this game)]. One typo I found was the "ice cage" spell says that it is "effective against infantry", when it really is effective against cavalry. Once again, I really appreciate it ! (it took roughly 8 hours to beat for a casual emblem gamer like myself, and some of that was time spent in the arena (which I really enjoy abusing)).
  7. Thanks man, appreciate the quick reply (and I guess I related to the "black sheep" role, and I think a lot of gamers will). Once again, great job.
  8. Hey, Love the game [especially the family dynamic (I wonder if you based Ash off of your own familial interactions)]. I am stuck on chapter 11, I have defeated all of the enemies, but i do not see an "escape" square. Thank you!
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