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  1. Yeah, I didn't expect them to explicitly write a story about the "Roy's harem" thing, so that caught me off-guard hard too xD Same; it was nice to have that given so many people were complaining that she wasn't around for it but Cecilia was... Speaking of, Cecilia hinting that she was also interested in Roy was a bit... hmm.
  2. Yeah, those two brought me right to the cusp of summoning myself, so I can't blame you xD If the Paralogue is just as wholesome as the trailer implies it'll be, I'm doomed too 😛 Cherami Leigh is one of the best VAs. Ever. I don't blame you for liking her delivery either!
  3. Thank you very much! The name is still curious though, since it's still about getting benefits from the unit or their team's own abilities... Yeah xD Thank you for your post too, Ice Dragon!
  4. Winter Eirika has terrible speed when she and all her FEH incarnations typically have high speed. I believe OG!Dimitri is much slower than his variants too (which is doubly hilarious since that's the only one on a horse). But in general, yeah: they don't seem fond of messing with canon/ expected stats like that. Something I didn't see mentioned yet: we finally have a formal name for the Bladetome effect: Treachery! It's a weird choice considering you're using your own buffs for extra attack (I would have thought Laegjarn's buff-stealing or Gunnthra's "I get boosts equal to your penalties" would be a better fit), but there we are!
  5. I mean... how they did that was really dumb too, so... 😛 And while I think she has a unique dragon form, I was also referring to the idea of her being created to be a weapon but choosing to side against her father and gain friends along the way 🙂 I love it xD And hey, technically she's only Corrin's half-sister? Genetics are weird when you only have one parent yet aren't a clone for waifu reasons, but shared blood didn't stop being the de facto canon ship in the end...
  6. Actually it's the opposite in a way: heroes can't die. But they still feel pain according to the prologue and a castle quote from Anna. If you squint you could argue that that's what Anna is referring to in that FB, but that does seem to have been an oversight. Same! His gameplay dialogue is even worse, believe it or not. I didn't think anyone could make me feel guilty for using them well other than [3H] , yet here we are. I haven't listened to his voice lines, but if they're anything like those or his Lv 40 conversation... they're going to be quite painful. Same! While the narrative can be hit or miss, the lore has some neat little details that I appreciate as well! And yes, I wish we had a FB thread too; all the stories were quite good this time around. I particularly enjoyed the set-up for Lilith's, And as someone who always liked the idea of Lilith but not how she was executed in Fates, her dialogue was overall quite sweet to see as well.
  7. That was my takeaway too. I know IS un-retconned [Revelation Spoilers] a while back, but something tells me they won't do something openly incestuous like give him actual feelings for her. I hope not as well. On the other hand, Freyja had Triandra and Plumeria as morality pets (even if she only realized she cared for them at the end of Book IV) while Letizia has just been spiteful and manipulative from the very beginning. If they ARE going that route though, I hope they at least give her a redemption arc actually worth that treatment. Agreed. It's funny to think that Veronica used to think just as Letizia did back in Books 1 and 2 (even 3, to an extent). Also, it just hit me again that it's been five years since Book 1. Woah... You guessed right! It seems like we'll get a new trailer with the next chapter, and I fully look forward to seeing it!
  8. I see these updates, thanks Merky! That's a lot of ideas too, thank you! I'll try and find a shorter version of the song and see how many of these I can fit in! Thanks again!
  9. https://tenor.com/69qZ.gif Maybe in 2024. After the early years when we got multiples of... certain Heroes in a single year, I'm glad IS learned some restraint, even for one of the fan favorites. I would love a general "Cipher alts" banner though: that game had some really cool designs. Re. the leaks:
  10. Yeah xD Clearly being a goofball is the solution to all of life's problems in Askr~
  11. There's also the (kinda memed) Cav Sothis we may get at some point, who I forgot to mention earlier.
  12. We are getting Brave Tiki in a few months, and who knows: maybe we'll get another Rhea or other busted Dragon unit in the interim too?
  13. Spoiler-free version: that isn't a Revelation spoiler thankfully enough. This is based on one of the prequel DLCs and is more a Fallen Dimitri situation. I hope that helps! Oh, neat! Thank you very much for the explanation, Ice! It's a bit embarrassing that I completely forgot all about that... Thank you again! And you're right, clearly I did get F! and B!Edelgards mixed up! (To think the latter is getting a refine this year...) I think Edelgard is still going to be a bigger threat though, because of her inbuilt Distant Counter and Galeforce. Dragon killers are also more widespread than Beast ones, so Rhea has that against her too. I guess we'll see though. She could be really annoying if you doubled down on her tankiness...
  14. May I ask how you predicted Ninian, please? Fingers crossed for him and Tormod both! I was surprised to see Muarim in the notifications, but I'm looking forward to seeing him. I hope he's good! It's funny that og!Ninian still has no Prf, but this version has both a Prf AND a unique Dance, which is pretty nifty (AND B Duel Infantry 4!) Hopefully the dragon restriction on the extra Mov keeps things in check. I don't think she and Lilith make much sense here, since Ninian just had a burst of panic and Lilith was basically a mini-Camus, but whatever. Her still being able to teleport to an ally could be alluding to her wanting friends... but it's likely just because it's her "niche" in FEH. I didn't expect to see Gustav... ever, so it's nice to finally have him playable too. Fallen Fafnir for 2024? And Rhea: Absolutely. You can almost see the points in her skill descriptions where they likely took stuff out to avoid another Hegemon situation. For a second I thought True Dragon Wall was a Tier 4 skill, but thankfully it's a Prf. 60% DR once per turn and 40% after sounds better than F!Edel's 80% given she doesn't have a full kit's worth of other abilities crammed into both her weapon AND Prf skill at least - at least theoretically. As for Spd and Atk Smoke 4s: I like that they do different things, that's some nice creativity there, and it's nice to buff the OG Smoke skills, even if they may have gone a bit overboard. Agreed. As @Sentinel07 said, Cherami Leigh is an incredible actress, one of the best in the business! It's amazing that she got to portray Rhea in completely different atmospheres in each of her FEH alts too! So yeah, it's been a long time since we've gotten a banner that really caught my interest. I'm tempted to pull for Rhea and/ or Ninian and get the other with a spark depending on how long it takes to get them. Lilith's enhanced movement could be fun too, but I'm not going to test my luck that much. I think. We'll see. It was their own fault, but yes: I agree.
  15. This is YouTube gold just waiting to happen, thanks for putting this thought in my head!! Is there an abridged version of the song out there anywhere? I'm not good with this sort of thing but I may be able to cook something up with the FEH trailers...
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