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  1. Just wanted to pop in say thank you to @mental_offence for maintaining this thread for months on end and patiently answering/helping us all
  2. What MaMU did was nothing close to date rape. It wasn't consensual, yes, but the drug did not force her to fall in love with MU. In fact, MU was taken aback when Soleil revealed that she fell in love with the female version of him, meaning that that was not his intention when he gave her the potion. All he wanted to do is help her overcome her tendency to pass out, which could have proven fatal if it happened on the battlefield.
  3. Love for every savefile except for my competitive one. That one will be 100% Eugenics.
  4. Here's a video of Camilla's skinship and how far low you can touch. Looks like you can't.
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