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  1. Hi. My account was hacked between March 1st and March 23rd. Please disregard any communications in that period of time.

  2. Hi, I removed the files from my Mega account a while ago, since they are outdated and I'm not part of the team anymore. See the other thread I've linked below for updated contents. Please continue all conversation in this thread:
  3. Hey. I'm writing my Master's Dissertation on Video Game Localization and Fan Translation, and the game I'm researching is Fire Emblem Fates. As such, I'd like to ask whether you could provide me with the fan-translated script written by Team If; it would greatly aid my research, and you would contribute to promoting video game localization within Translation Studies. Of course, I'll be sure to credit the group accordingly, as your work deserves to be acknowledged.

    I'd like to thank you for reading my request.


    1. luyairis


      Hi Kyuzeth! 

      I've sent you a PM for further details. Thanks for messaging me!

  4. ? We finished all three paths. You might be mistaken, because of the 27 chapters in each path, chapters 0-6 are the same regardless of what path you choose.
  5. 1. Yes, but there should be a separate version of the patch files designed specifically for Fates to account for some minor and some major internal file structure changes. I'd ask on GBATemp since the team is probably busy with university right now. Since you have the special version of Fates, Revelations is already on-cart, so I'd definitely refer to GBATemp for some more advice. (Sorry, I don't remember the patching details anymore tbh..). 2. Not sure what you're asking since you said you had the special edition of Fates, so you should already have all 3 paths locally on your cart. Assuming you don't, yes, you can technically patch the digital downloads, but it's quite a bit more complicated. At least like, a year ago (lol) we didn't plan on using Treehouse's translation to "fill" in untranslated files. It's definitely an option that isn't technically too complicated to implement, lol. I'm not sure of the technical details of his patch, but from a high-level view I don't think it would be incompatible. His patch shouldn't have to alter any story-related files, moreso the internal game engine/system itself. We also were able to use the patch when one of our own turned Chrom/Lissa/Frederick into playable characters, so it definitely shouldn't be impossible, but may require a little more nuancing to patch. --Take all of this with a grain of salt, I don't work for the team anymore lol
  6. I do not speak for the team (as I am no longer with them), but I know many of the members should have recently or are just about starting university again. Last year this happened too, and we became incredibly busy with our own personal lives, so if the releases are delayed, likely it happened again. Just give them a bit of time! :)
  7. Ya my dude. Let's gooo: RELEASE: 4.1 https://github.com/TeamIf/FireEmblemIf-FanTranslation/releases/tag/v4.1
  8. In its simplest terms: If you don't already know how, and have no experience in 3DS hacking, then you won't be able to patch it. Now if you look around instead..
  9. Heya. We do, but it's only for current and former members of Team If. We do not take guests, but if you would like to work, send me a PM here. OP has been busy recently, but we're always recruiting! Send me a pm.
  10. It's possible to make HANS work on digital versions; that was discussed somewhere back (but it's pretty hard). A .cia is basically a rom that's as if you downloaded it from the eshop - you'll need to install it using something like fbi or bbm in your emunand (and then restore your game saves). (A .cia is NOT like an update file to an existing game). You can choose between using HANS (which is homebrew and doesn't require an emunand) and an emunand, but if you have a digital copy, installing a emunand and then the cia is basically the easier path to go. (You'll need to pick one if you want to use the undub). Make sure you backup your saves anyways.
  11. You don't have to unlink it, but it can be useful depending on what you'd need it for. Yes, you have to run from your emunand (Reinand) everytime to run the modified .cia of Fire Emblem: Fates.
  12. Team If doesn't publicly make available progress of the restoration beyond what's written in the OP / forums, but the new administration might be willing to make a public record. Ask ShandySheikah if you'd like a record.
  13. It should work with the EU version as long as you're using the patcher.
  14. Nope. Contact any of the current team members; they'd be happy to have you. (I'm no longer with them.)
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