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  1. Thanks for the advice, do you recommend any good places to read for up to date suggestions? It's kind of hard sifting through 200+ pages of the pairing thread, I already went through the first third when I stumbled on that post
  2. Hi all, I recently got Apotheosis and I'm the type of player who really wants to optimize their team and get the most out of it. I've lurked a ton on this site, reading up on pairings and suggestions (thank you czar_yoshi for the really helpful info), however there are a few fundamental things about pairings that I don't get. I'll mostly be referring to this post: Firstly, what makes one child a better support for someone than another child? And how do you decide which parent is better for which kid? Also what are good class pairings for physically oriented pairs? I know those pairs are meant to reach certain stat thresholds, but it seems overwhelming since there are so many different ways to pair up (and also what are those thresholds? I know some basic things like 220 Hit and 69/75 speed to double everything but I'm not really sure about Def/Res and how those calculations are made) Also I've started a draft of some children, but I'm not sure who they should pair with nor what they should class into. Sumia!Lucina X MaMu Lucina!Morgan X Ricken!Owain Virion!Severa X Vaike!Gerome (Physical) Stahl!Inigo X Henry!Nah (Physical) Donnel!Kjelle Gaius!Noire Gregor!Yarne Lon'qu!Laurent Libra!Brady Chrom!Cynthia Thanks for the help!
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