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  1. This looks fun! I'll give it a shot, since I've thought up a lot of Fates-verse versions of my original characters. (Under spoilers due to length.)
  2. I think that everyone needs to name Hinata and Hisame's swords this. I know I did, too.
  3. I really like both Micaiah and Corrin, actually, but I voted for Micaiah because she has more canon "character" than Corrin does. I won't even touch all of the reasoning behind how they justify their actions and how the narrative frames those actions since I really can't articulate my thoughts on it very well. But, from a character perspective, I do think Micaiah is more robust since most of the things I enjoy about Corrin's character are the things we have to imagine... like their everyday life or their reactions that just aren't given enough time to show in-game. tl;dr I like both but Micaiah's better as a character because she's not a self-insert like Corrin.
  4. I chose the red door the first time I played the chapter because I trusted Mikoto... and then I did a soft reset because I'd already moved all my healers and no one was in guard stance. I might chose the red door on purpose next playthrough just so I can see what happens if you open the blue door after triggering the trap.
  5. I can't be the only one who thought of this when I heard Ryoma's kiss line... In other news, Saizo's line about being ticklish makes me crack up every time.
  6. I just got the email saying mine is ready for pickup, too. Gonna swing by and see if I can get it. Update: Nope. The guys at my Best Buy are really professional and didn't break street release date.
  7. Do it. It's not like there aren't other people who are also counting down the hours 'til release. (points at self) Plus, it's really funny. XD
  8. Yukimura made it through unscathed, though. I can't really find any definite rhyme or reason to the changes they made with shortening names (although I'm glad for the Suzukaze -> Kaze change, as I find "suzu" hard to say repeatedly). To contribute to the topic, I don't think there was much they could do in localization, since several supports (and even paralogue premises) hinge on the children growing up with their parents being largely absent, and they'd have to change all of those if they changed how the children got there. It wouldn't be impossible by any stretch of the imagination (in my opinion, at least. I don't know much about the inner workings of game localization) but it may have been more work than they were willing to put in, considering all the other work they'd have to do to complete the localized version. Either way, I'm just rolling with it and using the Deeprealms as a springboard for fanfiction ideas.
  9. I will be on pins and needles until I see that charge go through for my Best Buy pre-order. I know I shouldn't have too much to worry about since there hasn't been any news about Best Buy canceling orders, but the worry is still present. Guess it's an irrational fear to have, but I'm glad I'm not the only one.
  10. It's probably too early to say anything about how well the Live2D animations translated into English, but at least the software means they didn't have to worry about matching lip-flaps. I'm just glad that they didn't go the route of "invite person over, person comes in and says hello, fade to black" because that would've had even more suggestive connotations than skinship. XD And I like that they kept the voiced dialogue, though only time will tell just how much of the dialogue made it to the English version.
  11. I'll take any excuse to abuse Photoshop, won't I? [spoiler=Birthright] [spoiler=Conquest] [spoiler=Revelations (or in respective routes if I just can't wait for this path to come out)]
  12. My team will probably consist of my favorite characters, with my favorite skills, holding some decent weapons plus some nice items for people to buy.
  13. I've got the same thing on my computer, but yeah, it does get tedious sometimes and there's no way to really interact with the models. I'm pretty sad that they removed the petting, though. I'll still enjoy the game no matter what, but I looking forward to stroking characters' faces. I wanted to poke Saizo in the eye.
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